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Mon Nov 29 1999

Qs: Lang Attitudes, GB Lexicon in Mandarin

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  1. sean wilcox, "Gatekeeper" Language Attitude
  2. Tom Emerson, GB Lexicon in Mandarin

Message 1: "Gatekeeper" Language Attitude

Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 05:05:36 PST
From: sean wilcox <>
Subject: "Gatekeeper" Language Attitude

I am currently working on my MA thesis dealing with language
attitudes. I was curious if anyone had any ideas where I might find
information on recent studies done assessing language attitudes of
"gatekeepers." Studies which utilize either a semantic differential
questionnaire or a matched guise technique would be extremely helpful.
If there are enough responses, I will submit a summary. I will also
add whatever resources I have found on my own. Thanks in advance.

Sean Wilcox
MA Student-TESOL
Portland State University
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Message 2: GB Lexicon in Mandarin

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 22:34:49 -0500
From: Tom Emerson <>
Subject: GB Lexicon in Mandarin


I am starting an investigation into the structure of the Mandarin Lexicon
within the GB framework and have had little luck finding any existing
research in this area. Indeed, the only reference I have in my collection
currently is

 author = {He, Yuanjian},
 title = {An Introduction to Government-Binding Theory in {C}hinese
 publisher = {The Edwin Mellen Press},
 year = {1996}

and this specifically avoids issues related to the lexicon. I am especially
interested in the projection of measure words and the interaction between
the plural suffix -men with classifier expressions.

Please respond privately and I will summarize to the list.

Thanks in advance,


Tom Emerson Basis Technology Corp.
Language Hacker
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