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TOC: Turkic Languages

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  1. Eva Csato, Turkic Languages

Message 1: Turkic Languages

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 20:13:02 +0100
From: Eva Csato <>
Subject: Turkic Languages

TURKIC LANGUAGES. A new periodical on Turkic linguistics.

Subscription orders can be placed by any booksellers and agencies. For
further information, please contact Harrassowitz Verlag:, in Turkey: "eren"

The Publishing House HARRASSOWITZ (Wies-baden) has started to publish a new
scientific journ-al TURKIC LANGUAGES edited by Lars Jo-hanson (University
Mainz) in cooperation with rpd Berta, Hendrik Boeschoten, Bernt
Brende-moen, va . Csat, Emine Grsoy-Naskali, Irina Muravyova, Dmitri M.
Nasilov, Sumru A. zsoy, with the editorial assistance of Vanessa Locke and
Sevgi Agcagl.

TURKIC LANGUAGES aims at presenting work of current interest on a variety
of subjects and thus welcomes contributions on all aspects of Turkic
language studies.

TURKIC LANGUAGES contains articles, review articles, reviews, discussions,
reports, and surveys of publications.

TURKIC LANGUAGES is published in one vo-lume of two issues per year with
approximately 300 pages. The first volume was published in 1997.

TURKIC LANGUAGES is devoted to descriptive, comparative, synchronic,
diachronic, theoretical and methodological problems of linguistic Turcology
including questions of genetic, typological and areal relations, linguistic
variation and language acquisition.

The journal uses a referee system in selecting articles for publication.
The preferred language of publication is English.
Manuscripts for publication, books for review, and correspondence
concerning editorial matters should be sent to Lars Johanson:

TURKIC LANGUAGES contains articles, comprehensive review articles, reviews,
contribu-tions to discussions (remarks and replies), reports, surveys of
publications, lists of publications receiv-ed, and addresses of

Original contributions. As a rule, only original contributions are
accepted. Submission of a ma-nuscript implies that it has not been
previously pub-lished and that it is not under review elsewhere.
Language. The preferred language of publica-tion is English. Authors not
writing in their mother-tongue are asked to have their manuscripts checked
with respect to language and style.

Length of contributions. The suggested length of articles and review
articles is 10-20 pages. Contri-butions to discussions (remarks and
replies) should be limited to a maximum of four pages.

Submission of manuscripts. Authors are request-ed to send a double-spaced
hard copy of any ma-nuscript submitted for publication. Please ensure that
you retain a copy for yourself. The text should be written on one side of
the paper only, with gene-rous left margins, and with double-spacing
throug-hout, including footnotes and references. Manus-cripts should have a
separate title page with the author's name and full mailing address.
Whenever possible, the text should also be submitted on a diskette
(preferably Apple Macintosh) along with the hard copy. Manuscripts and
diskettes containing contributions accepted for publication will not be

Style sheet. Contributors are requested to com-ply with the style sheet.
Permissions. It is the author's responsibility to request any permission
required for the use of mate-rial owned by others.

Abstracts. Authors submitting articles and re-view articles are requested
to include an English abstract of about 100 words.

Referee system. The journal uses a referee sys-tem in order to ensure a
high standard. The anony-mous reviewers will only read copies of the
contri-butions without any identification of the author. While they may
give suggestions for improve-ments, the reviewers are not obliged to
specify the motivations for their decision to recommend or not to recommend
publication in each case.

Proofs. Authors will receive one copy of the first proof, which, duly
corrected, should be re-turn-ed within the specified time. Changes in the
origin-al manuscript must be avoided.

Offprints. 25 offprints of each contribution will be supplied free of
charge. Authors of articles (including comprehensive review articles) will
also receive a free copy of the issue in which their ar-ticle appears.
Additional offprints are available at cost and must be ordered in advance.

Turkic Languages, Volume 1/1-2, 1997
Editorial note, 1
Editorial note by Lars Johanson, 157
Even Hovdhaugen: Kaare Thomsen Hansen (1924-1997), 159
Lars Johanson: An anchorage for Turkic language studies, 2
Karl Heinrich Menges: Der neuen Zeitschrift Turkic Languages zum Geleit, 5
Bernard Comrie: Turkic languages and linguistic typology, 12
Geoffrey L. Lewis: Turkish language reform: the episode of the Sun-Language
Theory , 23
Hendrik Boeschoten & Ad Backus: Code-switching and ongoing linguistic
change, 40
Marcel Erdal: Further notes on the Irk Bitig, 63
Rmy Dor: Counting-out rhymes of Turkey, 102
Claus Schnig: A new attempt to classify the Turkic languages (1), 118
Bernt Brendemoen: Some remarks on the -mIs past in the Eastern Black Sea
coast dialects, 161
Geoffrey Haig: Turkish relative clauses: A tale of two participles, 184
Talt Tekin: The first Altnkl inscription, 210
Gunnar Jarring: The toponym Takla-makan, 227
Stephen A. Wurm: Two Turkic-based hybrid languages in northwestern China, 241
Marc Vandamme & Hansje Braam: The Central Asian Languages Corpora project
(CALC). I: Modern Uzbek, 254
Claus Schnig: A new attempt to classify the Turkic languages (2), 262
Hans Nugteren & Marti Roos: The 39th meeting of the PIAC, 135
Jurij V. Shcheka: Present-day Turcology at Moscow University, 278
Ltfiye Oktar: The 8th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics, 283
Klra Agyagsi: Review of I. M. Agisev et alii, Basqort te`le`ne hdle`ge`
I-II, 143
Peter Bakker: Review of Otto Ladsttter & Andreas Tietze, Die Abdal (ynu)
in Xinjiang, 145
Ahmet Kocaman: Review of mer Demircan, Trkenin sesdizim, 148
Edhem Tenishev: Review of B. O. Oruzbaeva, Sz - Word, 149
Sumru A. zsoy: Review of Gerjan van Schaaik, Studies in Turkish grammar, 295
rpd Berta: Review of Lars Johanson, Strukturelle Faktoren in trkischen
Sprachkontakten, 302
rpd Berta: Review of Marek Stachowski, Studien zum Wortschatz der
jakutischen bersetzung des Neuen Testaments, 307
Fahrnnisa Bilecik Kahraman: Review of Emine Grsoy-Naskali (ed.),
Bozkrdan bagmszlga Manas, 309
Erdal Sahin: Review of Emine Ceylan, uvas ataszleri ve deyimleri, 312
Turkic Languages: Style sheet, 152

Turkic Languages, Volume 2, 1998, Number 1
Editorial note by Lars Johanson, 1
Gregory D. S. Anderson: Historical aspects of Yakut (Saxa) phonology, 3
rpd Berta: On the Turkic origin of the names of the Hungarian tribes, 32
Arienne M. Dwyer: The Turkic strata of Salar: An Oghuz in Chaghatay
clothes?, 49
Andrej L. Malchukov: Possessor ascension phenomena in Altaic languages in a
cross-linguistic perspective, 84
Wolfgang-E. Scharlipp: Two Eastern Turki texts about reading and writing, 109
Marek Stachowski: An example of Nganasan-Dolgan linguistic contact, 126
Claus Schnig: A new attempt to classify the Turkic languages (3), 130
zlem Ylmaz: Review of Hamza Zlfikar, Trkede ses yansmal kelimeler, 152
Victor A. Friedman: Review of Alf Grannes, Turco-Bulgarica. Articles in
English and French concerning Turkish influence on Bulgarian, 154

Turkic Languages, Volume 2, 1998, Number 2
Editorial note by Lars Johanson, 159
Gunnar Jarring: Nikolaj Aleksandrovic Baskakov (22.03.1905-26.08.1996), 161
Dmitrij M. Nasilov: In memory of Nikolaj Aleksandrovic Baskakov, 163
Christiane Bulut: Copied strategies of clause combining. Relativization in
Middle Ottoman Turkish, 171
Michael Dobrovolsky: The stressing of Russian loanwords in Asmarin's
Materialy, 198
Robert J. Ermers: Soviet opinions on the history of literary Qazaq, 215
Stphane Grivelet: An attempt to change the official script of Mongolia, 233
Sergej G. Kljastornyj: Al-Biruni's version of an old Turkic genealogical
legend. On the semantics of Turkic baraq, 247
Irina Nevskaja: The revival of the Shor literary language, 253
Klaus Rhrborn: Restrukturierte Lexeme in der trkischen Sprachreform, 270
Helga Anetshofer: Some remarks on Andreas Tietze's forthcoming Turkish
lexicon, 284
Geoffrey Haig: Review of Journal of Turkology 1-2, 308
Michael Hess: Review of Tlat Tekin & Mehmet lmez, Trk dilleri. Les
langues turques, 317
Mark Kirchner: Review of Hannah Neudecker, The Turkish Bible translation by
Yahya bin 'Ishak, also called Haki, 320
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