LINGUIST List 10.1949

Fri Dec 17 1999

All: LINGUIST Vacation, LSA Invitation

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  1. Helen Aristar Dry, LINGUIST Vacation
  2. Helen Aristar Dry, LSA

Message 1: LINGUIST Vacation

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 23:02:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Helen Aristar Dry <>
Subject: LINGUIST Vacation

	LINGUIST will be on vacation from December 22 through January 9, 
	2000. Any messages we receive before midnight on December 21 
	will be posted before we shut down for the holidays. Except for 
	emergencies, any we receive after that will be posted when we 
	return from the annual meeting of the LSA. (see message #2) 
	We'll post urgent messages even during the break, but since we 
	won't be logging on to the LINGUIST account every day, you need 
	to call our attention to your posting. Please put "URGENT" in the 
	subject line, send the message to, and 
	also send a copy to a moderator. 
	We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a successful New 
	The LINGUIST staff:
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Message 2: LSA

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 23:06:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Helen Aristar Dry <>
Subject: LSA

	No, we are not virtual people...
	The LINGUIST crew will materialize, in the flesh, at the annual 
	meeting of the LSA. We'd like to talk with you and listen to your 
	comments about LINGUIST. We'd especially like to hear your 
	suggestions about 2 exciting new projects. 
	The first of these enterprises, for which we recently received 
	funding from the NSF, is the archiving of multiple linguistics- and 
	language-related mailing lists on our site. We want to set up one 
	central site where all, or most, of the lists relevant to the discipline 
	will be available, and where a researcher will be able to search all 
	of them at once, tracking down in one operation all mailing list 
	postings that might be relevant to his or her research. We already 
	archive some 56 linguistic lists, which you can see at the URL: but we would like to have your 
	suggestions for making the archive as comprehensive and useful 
	as possible. 
	We would especially like to hear from list owners who might wish 
	to participate in this project. We'd like to emphasize that joining 
	this archive will entail no extra work on your part, nor will you have 
	to change the way your list is run, or where it is run from. All that is 
	required is your permission to subscribe our site to your list. 
	The second and perhaps most important of our projects, however, 
	is to produce a single search facility which ranges over ALL the 
	information on the LINGUIST site. We intend to categorize all the 
	information we store by linguistic subfield and language treated 
	(where relevant), so that anyone working on, say, Russian syntax, 
	would be able to type in either "Russian" or "syntax" and access at 
	one click all the dissertation abstracts, book or journal 
	announcements, calls for papers, course syllabi, names of 
	linguists or programs specializing in these areas, etc., which are 
	listed on the LINGUIST site. We also intend to begin collecting 
	other types of information, e.g., on talks and papers delivered, 
	bibliographies, unpublished grammars, and sound files. Our hope 
	is to produce a truly comprehensive, truly international archive of 
	electronic information and meta-information. But it's a very 
	ambitious project! And we need your ideas and your support to 
	make it successful.
	We would welcome the chance to discuss these in person. We 
	would also like to introduce our excellent student crew. If you have 
	appreciated their hard work this year--as we certainly have! -- 
	please take a moment to stop by and make their acquaintance.
	We will be in PDR #1 on Friday, January 7th from 9-10 am, and 
	from 2-4 pm on Saturday, January 8th. We hope to see you then. 
	Helen, Anthony, Andrew
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