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Sun Dec 19 1999

Calls: Italian Ling/SILFI, Cognitive Ling/COGSCI

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  1. Elisabeth Burr, Italian Linguistics: SILFI 2000 - Deadline Extended
  2. Colleen Seifert, Cognitive Ling: COGSCI 2000/ Philadelphia, PA USA

Message 1: Italian Linguistics: SILFI 2000 - Deadline Extended

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 02:17:18 +0100
From: Elisabeth Burr <>
Subject: Italian Linguistics: SILFI 2000 - Deadline Extended

Societa' Internazionale di Linguistica e Filologia Italiana (SILFI)
 VI Convegno Internazionale
 �Tradizione & Innovazione�
Linguistica e filologia Italiana alle soglie di un nuovo millennio
 28 Giugno 2 Luglio 2000
 Gerhard-Mercator-Universitaet GH
 Duisburg, Germania

Having been urged by many people, we herewith announce that the
deadline for the submission of abstracts for comunications/ pannel
sessions has been extended to the morning of the 30th of December.
Abstracts have to reach us before 12 o'clock (am) our time because
afterwards we have to spend our PC' s in order to prevent any damage
by an eventual millennium bug. We will then be online only the 3rd of
January 2000.

We remind you that information about form and contents of the
abstracts can be found on the www-pages of the congress. It should be
clear that electronic/multimedial projects, corpora etc. can be
presented also in form of a comunication.

We ask you to do your best and let us have your abstract in
electronic form (e-mail, www, diskett).

In order not to cause any delay for people who need to know as
soon as possible whether their abstract has been accepted by
the scientific committee, revision/evaluation of the many abstracts
which have reached us already will start directly after Christmas.

With my best wishes for a very good christmas and a happy new

Elisabeth Burr

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
PD'in Dr. Elisabeth Burr
FB 3/Romanistik Gerhard-Mercator-Universitaet
Geibelstrasse 41 47048 Duisburg
+49 203 3791957

Editor of:

President of SILFI and organizer of SILFI2000:
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Message 2: Cognitive Ling: COGSCI 2000/ Philadelphia, PA USA

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 20:25:51 -0500
From: Colleen Seifert <>
Subject: Cognitive Ling: COGSCI 2000/ Philadelphia, PA USA

 The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 
	 13-15 August 2000

 Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
	University of Pennsylvania
	 Philadelphia, PA USA 	 

We are pleased to announce CogSci2000, the twenty-second annual
meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, and its inaugural meeting
for the twenty-first century. The conference will take place August
13-15, 2000 at the Inn at Penn located near the Institute for Research
in Cognitive Science, in the heart of the University of Pennsylvania
campus. As is fitting for this turn-of-the- century meeting, we hope
that the complement of contributions will draw the boundaries of
cognitive science as broadly as possible.

Six page submissions presenting new research findings will be reviewed
and, if accepted, published as 6-page papers in the
Proceedings. Maximum word count depends on how many figures are
included and other details, but without figures about 5000 words will
fit into 6 pages of the proceedings. Accepted papers will be assigned
to 20-minute spoken presentation or a poster session.

Full and student members of the society are invited to submit research
abstracts. These one-page abstracts will be reviewed by the program
committee, and if accepted, will be published in the proceedings and
presented in poster sessions.

These will consist of 2-hour sessions each consisting of three or more
presentations of well-integrated talks on a common topic. There may
also be a discussant and there will be time reserved for audience
discussion. A summary of the symposia will be published in the
proceedings. Please submit all proposals for symposia to Bonnie
Webber, Symposia Chair, at

Proposals are solicited to present tutorials at CogSci2000. The
tutorials will provide conference participants with the opportunity to
gain new insights, knowledge, and skills from a broad range of areas
in the field of cognitive science from an instructional
setting. Tutorial topics can come from any area of cognitive
science. Tutorials can be 1 day or 1/2 day, and computer labs will be
available. Tutorials will be held on the days immediately preceding
the conference. Please submit all tutorial proposals to Toby Mintz,
Tutorial Chair, at

During the main conference, there will be a session 
dedicated to Cognitive Science education. Please send your 
ideas for this session to Mark Steedman, Education Session 
Chair, at 

DEADLINE: All submissions must be received by February 15, 

All submissions must be sent electronically for review. 
However, we require camera-ready copy of the accepted papers 
or abstracts for the proceedings.

For detailed information on acceptable formats, procedures, 
addresses, etc., please see: 

Conference Co-Chairs: Lila Gleitman and Aravind Joshi 
Institute for Research in Cognitive Science 
University of Pennsylvania 
400A 3401 Walnut Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228 

Fax: +1-215-573-9247
Phone: +1-215-898-0357

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mind. We promote scientific interchange across disciplines, 
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Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and 
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