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Wed Feb 10 1999

Confs: Terminology Co-operation

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  1. Penny Labropoulou, Terminology Co-operation

Message 1: Terminology Co-operation

Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 14:04:38 +0000
From: Penny Labropoulou <>
Subject: Terminology Co-operation

MAY, 17,18 AND 19, 1999

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Most importantly, the discipline of terminology deals with all aspects
of the communi-cation process. Its products are indispensable tools in
the transfer of knowledge.

It is becoming more and more important that terminology is recognised
as a scientific discipline in its own right and that a Pan-European
infrastructure is established which allows for discussions, the
definition of concrete actions and the implementation of transnational
forms of co-operation between terminologists and European specialists,
which is the main objective of the "Conference on co-operation in the
field of terminology in Europe". This Conference is organised at the
initiative of the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) in
co-operation with the following terminology associations: AETER,
ELETO, BriTerm, DTT, TermRom-Bucarest, TermRom-Moldova, DANTERM,
Termip, Ass.I.Term, NL-TERM and Pro-TLS.

On December 6, 1998, the members of the Board of the EAFT and
representatives, or Presidents, of the above-listed associations met in
Paris to prepare the organisation of the Conference. They discussed the
objectives of the event, as well as its possible results.

In order to obtain maximum results of the Conference, an inquiry is
being conducted among the members of the European national terminology
associations. Its analysis will help to carefully determine the topics
of the various thematic sessions. In these sessions, experts will
address problems that are specific to the activities of
terminologists. Simultaneously, demonstrations of terminological
tools, websites, etc., will be organised.

It was decided that this meeting will take place on May 17, 18 and 19,
1999, in Paris, or in the region of Paris. The local organiser is the
Union Latine. The morning of May 19 will be dedicated to a round table
presentation of the conclusions of the Conference. This session will
be followed in the afternoon by the annual General Assembly of the

The purpose of the Conference is not meant to discuss scientific
matters. Its objectives are manifold: among other things, the meeting
will deal with problems that terminologists and experts encounter
during their work in the field of terminology; to find solutions for
these problems and to discuss the establishment of a terminological
infrastructure in Europe.

The Conference will be concluded by the drafting of a Plan of Action
of decisions to be taken with regard to the requirements defined by
terminologists and to establish various forms of co-operation.

In the near future, a Call for Papers will be distributed. The papers
of the Conference will be published in the Proceedings.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Helmi Sonneveld
A. van Duinkerkenlaan 39
Tel: +31 20 685 11 94
Fax: +31 20 453 75 83
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