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Tue Feb 16 1999

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  1. M.Groefsema, Linguistics Association of Great Britain Spring Meeting

Message 1: Linguistics Association of Great Britain Spring Meeting

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:32:08 GMT
From: M.Groefsema <>
Subject: Linguistics Association of Great Britain Spring Meeting

LAGB Spring Meeting 1999: University of Manchester

Second Circular

The 1999 Spring Meeting will be held from 8 to 10 April at Manchester
University, where the Association will be the guests of the Department of
Linguistics. The Local Organiser is Philippa Cook
( Enquiries about the meeting should be
addressed to: Phillipa Cook, Department of Linguistics, University of
Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL.

Accommodation: Accommodation as well as all talks, book displays etc. will
be in Hulme Hall, a Hall of Residence, less than ten minutes walk from the
main University campus. All bedrooms are single, and there is a choice
between rooms with en suite facilities and rooms with shared

Registration: will begin at 12 noon on Thursday the 8th of April in the
Foyer at Hulme Hall.

Bar: a bar will be available every day during the conference.

Food: please indicate vegetarian and any other dietary requirements on the
booking form below.

Childcare: If you require childcare during the conference, please contact
the Local Organiser for further details.

Travel: The University of Manchester is about five minutes drive from
junction 9 of the ring road M60 which is accessible from the M6 (north or
south) and the M62 (north east). There are frequent (and often direct)
trains to Manchester Piccadilly (or Manchester Victoria) from most big
cities in Britain. The train journey from London takes about two and a half
hour. The airport is less than half an hour's drive from the Hall of
residence and it also has excellent train connections with the city centre.

Parking: free parking will be available for all delegates.

Events: The Linguistics Association 1999 Lecture on Thursday evening will
be delivered by Professor John McCarthy of the University of Massachusetts
Amherst, and is entitled: Rules, Constraints, and Derivations.

Professor McCarthy, together with Wiebke Brockhaus (University of
Manchester), will also be organizing a workshop on Optimality Theory:
Insights on Prosody and Morphology. The workshop is intended to acquaint
interested non-specialists with some of the main ideas and results of this
framework in the areas of stress, tone, and the
In addition to Professor McCarthy, participants include Caroline Fery
(Tuebingen) on Truncation, Rene Kager (Utrecht) on Stress, Nick Sherrard
(Essex) on Reduplication, and Moira Yip (Irvine, California, and UCL) on

There will be a Language Tutorial on Turkish, given by Jaklin Kornfilt
(University of Syracuse).

On Friday there will be a special session entitled "Language at school: A
place for linguists?", with talks by Alastair West (Qualification and
Curriculum Authority) and Chris Brumfit (Univ of Southampton).

The new ESRC officer with responsibility for linguistics, Chris Godwin,
will be present for consultation.

There will be a Sherry Reception before dinner on Thursday, courtesy of the
University of Manchester, and a Wine Party on the Thursday evening,
sponsored by the Department of Linguistics.

On Friday evening, there will be a Wine reception hosted by Cambridge
University Press.

Bookings: should be sent to the Local Organiser, address above. There is a
10% discount on bookings received by Friday 19th March. Cheques should be
made payable to "University of Manchester".

Abstracts: are available to those who are unable to attend the meeting.
Please order using the booking form below.

Internet home page: The LAGB internet home page is now active at the
following address:

Electronic network: Please join the LAGB electronic network which is used
for disseminating LAGB information and for consulting members quickly. It
can be subscribed to by sending the message "add lagb" to:


Thursday 8 April 1999

1.00 LUNCH

2.00 Workshop on Optimality Theory:
 Insights on Prosody and Morphology

Organisers: Wiebke Brockhaus (Manchester University) and John McCarthy
(Massachusetts Amhurst). With Caroline Fery (Tuebingen), Rene Kager
(Utrecht), Nick Sherrard (Essex), Moira Yip (Irvine, California, and
UCL), and John McCarthy (Massachusetts Amhurst).

4.00 TEA

4.30 Workshop continues

6.00 Sherry Reception


8.00 Linguistics Association 1999 Lecture

 Professor John McCarthy
 (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

 "Rules, Constraints, and Derivations"

Friday 9 April 1999

Session A
9.00 John Payne (Manchester) "The double object construction in
 Categorial Grammar"
9.40 Toshiko Yamaguchi and Magnus Petursson (Essex and Hamburg)
 "Icelandic auxiliaries hafa and vera: A semantic account"
10.20 Vidal Valmala (Basque Country & LEHIA) "Pro in VP"

Session B
9.00 Thea Cameron and Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy (Canterbury, NZ.) "Stem
 alternation and 'blur avoidance' in Polish nouns"
9.40 Andrew Spencer & Louisa Sadler (Essex) "Syntax as an exponent of
 morphological features"
10.20 Andrew Hippisley, Greville Corbett, Dunstan Brown & Paul Marriott
 (Surrey) "Frequency, regularity and the paradigm"

Session C
9.00 Montserrat Pericot (West of England) "Bilingual first language
 acquisition and the Minimalist Program: the case of adjective-noun/
 noun-adjective sequences"
9.40 Manuela Schonenberger (Stuttgart) "Verb-placement errors in the
 acquisition of Swiss German"
10.20 Yaron Matras (Manchester) "Fusion and the cognitive trigger
 for bilingual discourse markers"

11.00 COFFEE

11.30 Language Tutorial: Turkish
 Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse)

1.00 LUNCH

Session A Language at school: A place for linguists?
2.00 Alastair West (Qualification and Curriculum Authority)
 "The Curriculum"
2.40 Chris Brumfit (Univ of Southampton) "Teacher preparation"
3.20 Discussion

Session B
2.00 Claudia Felser (Essex) "Aspectual complements and the
 (un-)availability of verb raising in German and Dutch"
2.40 Odile Cyrille (Salford) "A syntactic account of Guadeloupe Creole
 yes/no interrogatives"
3.20 Nigel Duffield (McGill) "Vietnamese clause structure"

4.00 TEA

4.30 LAGB Annual General Meeting

5.30 Language Tutorial continues


7.45 Language Tutorial continues

WINE RECEPTION hosted be Cambridge University Press

Saturday 10 April 1999

Session A
9.00 Ricardo Berm dez-Otero (Manchester & Santiago deCompostela)
 "Opacity: evidence from West Germanic gemination"
9.40 Patrick Honeybone (Edge Hill) "Affrication and laryngeal
 specifications: diachronic evidence in phonology"
10.20 April McMahon (Cambridge) "Plus a Change: Optimality theory and

Session B
9.00 Paul Rowlett (Salford) "French ne really is Neg 0"
9.40 Robert Borsley (Bangor) "Negation and NegP in Welsh"
10.20 Richard Breheny (RCEAL, Cambridge) "Plurals, negation and plural

Session C
9.00 Andrew Spencer and Marina Zarestskaya (Essex) "Stative middles in
9.40 Anna Siewierska (Lancaster) "Referent accessibility and person
 agreement paradigms"
10.20 Wilhelm Geuder (Konstanz) "Resultative adverbs"

11.00 COFFEE

Session A
11.30 Kuniya Nasukawa (Tohoku Gakuin and UCL) "The melodic structure of
 prenasalised plosives"
12.10 Glenn Frankenfield (East Wilton, Maine) "Constraints on consonant
 speech errors"

Session B
11.30 Nigel Vincent (Manchester) "On the personal gerund in Old Neapolitan"
12.10 Richard Hudson (UCL) "English gerunds"

Session C
11.30 Christine Czinglar (Vienna) ""Pure" existentials as
 individual-level predicates"
12.10 William McClure (Queens College & CUNY) "The syntax of incremental

1.00 LUNCH

Session A
2.00 Leung Wing Pik (Bella, Hong Kong) "The use of imperatives in a
 bilingual child: achieving politeness?"
2.40 Ayumi Matsuo & Nigel Duffield (Connecticut & Quebec & McGill) "What
 children leave out that (L2) adults can't: ellipsis and anaphora in
 first and Second Language Acquisition."

Session B
2.00 Ricardo Etxepere and Kleanthes Grohmann (LEHIA and Maryland)
 "Subjunctive "Root Infinitives""
2.40 Ad Neeleman & Hans van de Koot (UCL) "The configurational matrix"



Please return this form, with your remittance, to: Phillipa Cook,
Department of Linguistics, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL.
Please make cheques payable to "University of Manchester". (All prices are
in pounds sterling ("stlg")).



I enclose remittance as indicated (select appropriate package):

Conference fee at 20 pounds:

1. Complete conference package in en suite bedroom:
(a) including Thursday lunch preceding workshop
 (i) if sent to arrive before 19 March 123.30 stlg ..........
 (ii) if sent to arrive after 19 March 137.00 stlg ..........

(b) excluding Thursday lunch
 (i) if sent to arrive before 19 March 116.10 stlg ..........
 (ii) if sent to arrive after 19 March 129.00 stlg ..........

(c) Surcharge for non-members, 5.00 stlg ..........

 TOTAL: ..........

2. Complete conference package in standard bedroom:
(a) including Thursday lunch preceding workshop
 (i) if sent to arrive before 19 March 97.20 stlg ..........
 (ii) if sent to arrive after 19 March 108.00 stlg ..........

(b) excluding Thursday lunch
 (i) if sent to arrive before 19 March 90.00 stlg ..........
 (ii) if sent to arrive after 19 March 100.00 stlg ..........

(c) Surcharge for non-members, 5.00 stlg ..........

 TOTAL: ..........

3. Selected items:
 (a) conference fee (OBLIGATORY) to cover cost of
 abstracts, tea and coffee, room bookings,
 speakers' expenses etc. 20.00 stlg 20.00 stlg
 (b) Thursday lunch 8.00 stlg ..........
 (c) Thursday dinner 8.50 stlg ..........
 (d) B&B Thursday/Friday (en suite) 38.00 stlg ..........
 (d) B&B Thursday/Friday (standard) 23.50 stlg ..........
 (e) Friday lunch 8.00 stlg ..........
 (f) Friday dinner 8.50 stlg ..........
 (g) B&B Friday/Saturday (en suite) 38.00 stlg ..........
 (g) B&B Friday/Saturday (standard) 23.50 stlg ..........
 (h) Saturday lunch 8.00 stlg ..........

 SUB-TOTAL: ..........

 Deduct 10% if sent to arrive before 19 March ..........
 (i) Surcharge for non-members, 5-00 stlg ..........

 TOTAL: ..........

4. Abstracts only, for those not attending:
5-00 stlg UK.................... 6-00 stlg




BY TRAIN ..... BY CAR ...... OTHER ........

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