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Fri Feb 19 1999

All: Windows computer needed

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  1. hdry, Theft at the LINGUIST office

Message 1: Theft at the LINGUIST office

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:40:33 -0500
From: hdry <>
Subject: Theft at the LINGUIST office

Alas, our Gateway Solo laptop computer was stolen from the LINGUIST
office at Eastern Michigan several days ago. (Three other computers
were stolen from the building at the same time; it seems to have been
a general break-in and is clearly not due to carelessness on the part
of our student editors.) But it turns out that the university is not
insured and the English department has no funds to replace our
equipment. So this leaves LINGUIST without a Windows machine in the
office. Three student editors are now having to share a 5-year-old 
60 Mhz MAC. And that makes for very S-L-O-W webwork.

It occurred to me that, with the new 333+ Mhz machines on the market,
some subscribers or their companies might be upgrading to faster
machines and might have an older Windows computer that they would be
willing to donate to LINGUIST. Anything faster than 100 MHz would 
work for us--and would be received with sincerest gratitude. 

Either a desktop machine or a laptop would be great. Ideally we'd
like to have both--a desktop to use in the office and a laptop that
the student editors can take with them when they travel. LINGUIST
doesn't stop during the summer, and many of our editors are willing to
continue editing year round (even though they're only paid for 9
months) if we can provide them with equipment that allows them to
combine job and vacation. However, using a laptop as a desktop
machine in the LINGUIST office turns out (sigh) to be an invitation to

If there is anyone out there who has a Windows machine they might be
willing to donate--or one you or your company would be willing to sell
us CHEAP--would you please contact me (Helen) at The LINGUIST crew would be most grateful, and
we would be delighted to credit your company conspicuously on our

Many thanks,


BTW, the LINGUIST office is technically a part of Eastern Michigan U.,
so a donation is tax-deductible.
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