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Mon Mar 15 1999

TOC: Pennsylvania WPL Vol. 5.2

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  1. Alexis Dimitriadis, PWPL volume 5.2 (Current work in linguistics)

Message 1: PWPL volume 5.2 (Current work in linguistics)

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:37:27 -0500 (EST)
From: Alexis Dimitriadis <>
Subject: PWPL volume 5.2 (Current work in linguistics)

	* * * PWPL v.5.2: Current work in linguistics * * *

 1. GERHARD JAEGER. A Multi-Modal Analysis of Anaphora and Ellipsis. 
 2. ANTHONY KROCH. Amount Quantification, Referentiality, and Long
 3. JEFFREY LIDZ. Valency in Kannada: Evidence for Interpretive
 4. ROLF NOYER. Vietnamese 'Morphology' and the Definition of Word. 
 5. ANOOP SARKAR. The Conflict Between Future Tense and Modality: The
 Case of Will in English. 
 6. ALEXANDER WILLIAMS. Predemonstrative Modifiers in Mandarin.

* PLEASE NOTE: This volume has been available since December, but has not
* been announced on this List before.

Volumes are $15 US, pre-paid. Subscriptions are available at the reduced rate
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Volume 5.2 was edited by Alexis Dimitriadis, Hikyoung Lee, Christine Moisset
and Alexander Williams.
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