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Confs: Germanic Linguistics Annual Conf - 5

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  1. Mark L. Louden, Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference-5

Message 1: Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference-5

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 12:44:58 -0500
From: Mark L. Louden <>
Subject: Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference-5


This is an update on the Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference-5, to
be held at the University of Texas at Austin, April 16-18, 1999.
Below is a copy of the preliminary program. The deadline for early
registration has been extended to March 31, 1999. Our URL is: For more information,
please contact Mark L. Louden at

Thank you,

Mark L.

Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference-5
University of Texas at Austin
April 16-18, 1999

Friday, April 16, 1999

Session 1a:
8:30-9:10 1. A. Jacqueline TORIBIO (UC Santa Barbara): "Expletives and
Nominative Case"
9:10-9:50 2. Heike WIESE (Humboldt U/Brandeis U): "Empty Classifiers in
German: A Crosslinguistic Approach to 'Restaurant Talk'""
9:50-10:30 3. Elly van GELDEREN (Arizona SU): "Pro-drop, Features, and

Session 1b:
8:30-9:10 1. Miguel VZQUEZ-LARRUSCAN (U Chicago): "Icelandic
Preaspiration and Prepalatalization: Arguments for the Internal Complexity
of the
9:10-9:50 2. Meredith HASSALL (U Wisconsin-Madison): "The Role of Quantity
in Middle Bavarian Vocalization"
9:50-10:30 3. Jeannette M. DENTON (U Chicago): "Phonetic Evidence for the
Effect of Syllable Boundaries on the Acoustic Properties of /r/ and of
Vowels in Germanic"

Session 1c:
8:30-9:10 1. Amanda POUNDER (U Calgary): "Adverb Marking in German and
English: System and Standardization"
9:10-9:50 2. David FERTIG (U Buffalo): "Inflectional-Class Transfer
among Early
New High German Verbs"
9:50-10:30 3. Robert BLOOMER (SUNY-Stony Brook): "Linguistic Doublets:
What are They and Why are They Created?"

10:30-11:00 BREAK

11:00-12:30 Plenary Speaker I: Harald CLAHSEN (U Essex):
 "Words, Rules and Paradigms in the German Mental Lexicon"

12:30-2:00 LUNCH BREAK

Session 2a:
2:00-2:40 1. Werner ABRAHAM (U Groningen): "Preterite Participle and its
Alleged Passive Meaning -- Not Only in German"
2:40-3:20 2. Kleanthes GROHMANN (U Maryland): "West Germanic Clitics and
the C-Domain"
3:20-4:00 3. Peter HL (U Stuttgart): "Indo-European Languages and the
of Subordination"

Session 2b:
2:00-2:40 1. Anthony F. BUCCINI (U Chicago): "Language Contact and Causality
in Sound Change: The Cases of the OHG and Old French Diphthongisations
2:40-3:20 2. Garry W. DAVIS (U Wisconsin-Milwaukee): "The OHG Consonant
Shift, Corruption, and the Dialect of Wermelskirchen"
3:20-4:00 3. Francisco ESPRITO-SANTO (U Aveiro): "Phonological Variation in
a Late MHG Manuscript in the Light of Historical Dialectology"

Session 2c:
2:00-2:40 1. Jasmin HARVEY (UCLA): "The Effects of Frisian on Dutch"
2:40-3:20 2. Suzanne HILGENDORF (U Illinois-Urbana): "Contact and
Convergence: The Englishization of German"
3:20-4:00 3. Kristen REIFSNYDER (U Wisconsin-Madison): "The Nhesprache/
Distanzsprache Model on the Development of Letzebrgesch"

4:00-4:30 BREAK

Session 3a:
4:30-5:10 1. R. W. MURRAY (U Calgary): "Old Problems, New Approaches, and
Optimizing Preferences"
5:10-5:50 2. Gregory IVERSON (U Wisconsin-Milwaukee)/Joseph SALMONS (U
Wisconsin-Madison): "Markedness Effects in Coarticulated Sound Change"

Session 3b:
4:30-5:10 1. John DURBIN (Indiana U): "A Modern Syntactic Analysis of Old
Icelandic Meter"
5:10-5:50 2. Michael GETTY (U Toronto): "Poetic Metre as Constraint
The Case of Beowulf"

Session 3c:
4:30-5:10 1. Gabi LUNTE (U Kansas): "The Catholic Bohemian German of Ellis,
Kansas: A Bavarian Dialect on the Great Plains"
5:10-5:50 2. Peter WAGENER (Institut fr deutsche Sprache):
"Dialektologie des
Deutschen als moderne Korpuslinguistik"

6:30-8:00 Banquet

Saturday, April 17, 1999

Session 4a:
8:30-9:10 1. Bram ten CATE (U Groningen): "Temporal Auxiliaries in
Mood in German"
9:10-9:50 2. Sarah M. B. FAGAN (U Iowa): "Epistemic Modality and the
German Modals"
9:50-10:30 3. A. v.d. WOUDEN (U Groningen): "A Special Class of Germanic
Modal Auxiliaries or: Need We Say More about Negative Polarity Items?"

Session 4b:
8:30-9:10 1. Laurie M. BOWMAN (U Wisconsin-Madison): "S-Clusters and
Coronal Obstruents: A New Syllabic Template for German"
9:10-9:50 2. Neil JACOBS (Ohio SU): "The Syllable in Yiddish:
of Prosodic Structure and Phonemic Inventory"
9:50-10:30 3. Thomas BECKER (U Munich): "Syllable Cut in German and Other

Session 4c:
8:30-9:10 1. Curt RICE (U Troms)/Donald STEINMETZ (Augsburg C): "Early
England and the Great Gender Shift: Old English and Old Norse Straddling the
Horns of the Default Dilemma"
9:10-9:50 2. Donald STEINMETZ (Augsburg C): "German and Dutch in the Wake
of the Great Gender Shift: The Wandering Ways of Neuter"
9:50-10:30 3. Frederick SCHWINK (U Illinois-Urbana): "Reconstructing
Germanic Gender"

10:30-11:00 BREAK

11:00-12:30 Plenary Speaker II: Geoffrey RUSSOM (Brown U):
 "A Bard's-Eye View of the Germanic Syllable"

12:30-2:00 LUNCH BREAK

Session 5a:
2:00-2:40 1. Carlee ARNETT (U Arizona): "A Diachronic Approach to the
2:40-3:20 2. Thomas F. SHANNON (UC Berkeley): "Testing Hawkins'
Performance Predictions in English"
3:20-4:00 3. Michael B. SMITH (Oakland U): "How Verb Prefix Separability
(Discontinuity of Form) is Iconic for a Path: A Spatialization Metaphor in
and its Semantic Extensions"

Session 5b:
2:00-2:40 1. B. Richard PAGE (Pennsylvania SU): "Prokosch's Law in West
2:40-3:20 2. Paul JOHNSTON (Western Michigan U): "In Pursuit of an Early
Germanic Vowel Raising Chain: Anglo-Frisian Brightening and Lass's 'Stage I'
3:20-4:00 3. Orrin W. ROBINSON (Stanford U): "A Modest Little Proposal
Concerning German Diminutives"

Session 5c:
2:00-2:40 1. Barbara FENNELL (U Aberdeen): "An Interim Report on Interim
Aussiedler German"
2:40-3:20 2. Gz KAUFMANN (U Rio Grande do Sul): "'If You Speak Spanish,
I Will Learn English': Gender Differences in Linguistic Behavior among Low
German-Speaking Mennonites in Mexico and Texas"
3:20-4:00 3. Phillip E. WEBBER (Central C): "Resuscitation and Revival:
Studies among Iowa's Speakers of East Frisian"

4:00-4:30 BREAK

Session 6a:
4:30-5:10 1. Gwang-Yoon GOH (Ohio SU): "The Genitive in Deor:
Morphosyntax and Beyond"
5:10-5:50 2. Claudia FELSER (U Essex): "Aspectual Complementation in German
and Dutch"

Session 6b:
4:30-5:10 1. Ewa JACEWICZ (U Wisconsin-Madison): "Phonotactic Sequences in
Syllable Onsets in the Acquisition of L2 German Vowels"
5:10-5:50 2. Paul HOUSEMAN (U Wisconsin-Madison): "A Declarative Analysis
of 3 Consonantal Processes"

Session 6c:
4:30-5:10 1. Daniela GATTO (U Alberta): "Attitudes towards the 1998 German
Spelling Reform: From the Perspective of German-English Bilingual Teachers in
Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)"
5:10-5:50 2. Jennifer DAILEY-O'CAIN (U Alberta)/Terry NADASDI (U Alberta):
"'If Schler unerfolgreiche Erfahrungen haben': German-English Code-Switching
by Advanced Students of German"

6:00-7:30 Business Meeting of the Society for Germanic Philology

Sunday, April 18, 1999

Session 7a:
9:30-10:10 1. Ann WILKE (U Iowa): "Existential and Locative
Interpretations of
Existential Constructions: Es gibt vs. es ist"
10:10-10:50 2. Ulrike DEMSKE (U Jena): "How to Split in German"
10:50-11:30 3. Enrique MALLEN (Texas A&M U): "Null Expletives and
Agr-in-Comp in Germanic"

Session 7b:
9:30-10:10 1. William E. GRIFFIN (U Texas-Austin): "A Minimalist View of
Clause Structure in Early Child German"
10:10-10:50 2. Maria-Luise BECK (U North Texas)/Lynn EUBANK (U North
Texas): "(Vorlufig?) beschrnkte Kompetenz: L2 Acquisition of be-"
10:50-11:30 3. Linnea WAHLSTROM (U Iowa): "Verb Placement in Interrogatives
by Second Language Learners of German"

Session 7c:
9:30-10:10 1. Anne CURZAN (U Washington): "When It Became All Things: The
Diffusion of Natural Gender Agreement in Early Middle English Anaphoric
10:10-10:50 2. Stephen ISRAEL (U Pittsburgh): "Codeswitching and
from a Post-Literary Language: Early New Low German and High German in the
10:50-11:30 3. Bruce SPENCER (U Michigan): "Standardization of Linguistic
Features in Early Modern Lbeck"

11:30 Closing Remarks

Mark L. Louden
Associate Professor, Co-Organizer, GLAC-5
Department of Germanic Studies
EPS 3.102
Austin, Texas 78712
(office) (512) 471-4123
(fax) (512) 471-4025
(home) (830) 672-2392

visit the GLAC-5 website at:
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