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Wed Mar 24 1999

Confs: Generative Grammar

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  1. ilftd, Generative Grammar

Message 1: Generative Grammar

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 17:20:32 +0100
From: ilftd <>
Subject: Generative Grammar

9th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
Barcelona, April 7-9 1999


Wednesday, April 7th

9:00 Registration
10:00 Opening speaches by the Rector and the Dean
10:20 C. Dobrovie-Sorin (CNRS/Paris 7): Spec, DP and Indefiniteness Spread
11:00 J. Quer (UAB): Mapping the Syntax of 'Non-logical if' onto
 Quantificational Structures
11:40 coffee break
12:00 J. Mateu & L. Amadas (UAB): Extended Argument Structure:
 Progressive as Unaccusative
12:40 S. Gumiel, I. Nieto & I. Prez (UAM): Some Remarks on Deadjectival
 Verbs and Resultative Secondary Predicates
13:20 lunch
15:00 C. Kennedy & L. McNally (Northwestern U./UPF) : Deriving the Scalar
 Structure of Deverbal Adjectives
15:40 J. Costa & A. Goncalves (U. Lisboa): Minimal Projections: Evidence
 from Defective Constructions in E. Portuguese.
16:20 coffee break
16:50 F. Martinez-Gil (Ohio SU): Resolving rule-ordering paradoxes of
 serial derivations: A constraint-based...
17:30 P. Prieto (U. Vic): Patrons d'associacio de l'estructura tonal en 
18:10 pause
18:30 Invited Speaker: M.L. Zubizarreta (USC): The Cl(itic) Projection
 and its Interaction with the Assertion Structure of the Clause

Thursday, April 8th
9:20 G. Matos (U. Lisboa): Negative Concord and the Scope of Negation
10:00 O. Miseska Tomic (U. Novi Sad): Negation and Imperatives
10:40 coffee break
11:10 V. Bianchi (SNS Pisa): Antisymmetry and the Leftness Condition
11:50 M. Sanz (Kobe City U.): Logically Speaking
12:30 M. J. Arche (I.U. Ortega y Gasset): SSDD sujeto y anclaje temporal
13:10 lunch
15:00 M. Vigario (U. Minho): Pronominal Cliticization in European
 Portuguese: A Postlexical Operation
15:40 P. Crisma (U. Padova/Trieste): Syntactic Optionality and Article
 Omissions in Child Language
16:20 coffee break
16:50 X. Villalba (UAB): Nihil est in FL quod prius non fuerit in ES

17:30 C. Aguero (MIT): On Pair-List Readings in Questions with Quantifiers
18:30 pause
 Organisation meeting of the 10th Colloquium

Friday, April 9th

9:20 A. Alexiadou & E. Anagnostopoulou (ZAS, Berlin/U. Crete): Multiple
10:00 P. Cabredo Hofherr (Paris 7): Two German Impersonal Passives and
 Expletive pro
10:40 coffee break
11:10 N. Marti (U. Oxford): En Preceding Direct Objects in Galician: An
 Indefiniteness Marker
 Invited Speaker: A. Belletti (U. Siena): "Inversion" as Focalization
13:10 lunch
15:00 O. Fernandez Soriano (UAM): Unaccusative se and Quirky Subjects
15:40 E. Raposo (UC S. Barbara): Towards a Minimalist Account of Nominal
16:20 coffee break
16:50 F. Drijkoningen (U. Utrecht): Antisymmetry and the Lefthand in
17:30 D. Bouchard (UQAM): Formal Universals Deriving from Physical
 Properties of the Human AP System
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