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Tue Mar 30 1999

Confs: Language Acquisition and Breakdown

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  1. Angeliek van Hout, Language Acquistion & Breakdown

Message 1: Language Acquistion & Breakdown

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 23:48:33 +0200
From: Angeliek van Hout <>
Subject: Language Acquistion & Breakdown

May 28-29
UiL OTS, Utrecht University


THURSDAY MAY 27, UiL OTS, Trans 10, room 0.07

5-7		Reception & registration

FRIDAY MAY 28, room to be announced

8.45 - 09.15	Registration 
9.15 - 09.30	Opening and welcome by Eric Reuland (Direcetor of UiL
		OTS, Utrecht University)
9.30-10.30	"The Vulnerable C-domain"
		Christer Platzack, Lund University

10.30-11.10	"The Italian determiner system in normal acquisition,
		specific language impairment, and childhood aphasia"
		Piero Bottari, Paola Cipriani, Anna Maria Chilosi &
		Lucia Pfanner,
		University of Perugia, Scientific Institute Stella
		Maris & University of Pisa

11.10-11.30	coffee

11.30-12.10	"Functional categories and syntactic operations in
		(ab)normal language acquisition"
		Celia Jakubowicz & Lea Nash
		CNRS, Universit Paris 5 & CNRS, Universit Paris 8

12.10-12.50	"The acquisition of event structure in normally
		developing and language impaired children in German" 
		Petra Schulz, Karin Wymann & Zvi Penner, Konstanz

12.50-2.30	lunch

2.30-3.30	"Compounding and Inflection in Language Impairment"
		Harald Clahsen, University of Essex

3.30-4.10	"Controversies on CP: A comparison of language
		acquisition and language impairments in Broca's
		Martina Penke, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt Dsseldorf

4.10-4.30	tea

4.30-5.10	"Root infinitives and finite sentences: child language
		versus agrammatic speech"
		Esterella de Roo, HIL, Leiden University

5.10-6.10	"Grammatism: What language breakdown tells us about
		language development"
		Stephen Crain, University of Maryland

Evening	Conference dinner


9.30-10.30	"The Unique Checking Constraint and Morphological
		Parameters as an Explanation of Variation over Time
		and Language of a Variety of Syntactic Constructions
		in Language Acquisition, both Impaired and Normal"
		Kenneth Wexler, MIT

10.30-11.10	"The acquisition of complex predicates in Japanese
		specifically language-impaired and normally-developing
		Shinji Fukuda & Suzy E. Fukuda, McGill University

11.10-11.30	coffee

11.30-12.10	"Comprehension of reversible relative clauses in
		specifically language impaired and normally developing
		Stavroula Stavraki, Aristotle University of

12.10-12.50	"Morphosyntactic features in the verbal and nominal
		domains: a comparison between specifically language
		impaired and normally developing Greek children"
		Ianthi Maria Tsimpli, University of Cambridge

12.50-2.30	lunch

2.30-3.30	"The use of ellipsis in aphasic and child
		Herman Kolk, Nijmegen University

3.30-4.10	"Verb inflection and verb diversity in three
		populations: agrammatic speakers, normally developing
		children and children with specific language
		Roelien Bastiaanse & Gerard Bol, Groningen University

4.10-4.30	tea

4.30-5.10	"Language acquisition and breakdown in Zulu"
		Susan Suzman & Heile Jordaan, University of the

5.10-6.10	"The neurology of syntax"
		Yosef Grodzinsky, Tel Aviv University
Alternate papers:

"Radical economy in deviant grammar: Deleted Formal Features [Agr and
Relational prep]"
Lamya Abdul-Karim, Eliane Ramos, Thomas Roeper & Harry Seymour
University of Massachusetts

"Verb movement in acquisition and aphasia: Same problem, different
solutions. Evidence from Dutch"
Shalom Zuckerman, Roelien Bastiaanse & Ron van Zonneveld, Groningen University


Pre-registration fee till May 15th 1999:
	participant 		fl 60	(approx. 27.50 euro)
	student		fl 20	(approx. 9 euro)

Registration fee at conference venue:
	participant		fl 85	(approx. 39 euro)
	student		fl 30	(approx. 14 euro)

Pre-registration can be done on-line on our web site, or by requesting a
registration form by sending an email to:

Conference venue

UiL OTS is located in downtown Utrecht. Exact location to be announced. 


Information on hotel accommodation in Utrecht can be found on our web site.

Conference web site


Sergey Avrutin (Yale University), Marco Haverkort (Groningen University &
Boston University), Angeliek van Hout (Utrecht University), Maaike Verrips
(Utrecht University)

For further information

UiL OTS, Utrecht University
Trans 10
NL-3512 JK Utrecht
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