LINGUIST List 10.486

Fri Apr 2 1999

FYI: Translation Studies, NLP Conf Update, Comp Ling

Editor for this issue: Karen Milligan <>


  1. Louise Brunette, Masters in Translation Studies
  2. Liu Xiaohu, Notice regarding electronic Paper Submissions for EMNLP/VLC-99
  3. Paul King, Summer School in Computational Linguistics and Represented Knowledge

Message 1: Masters in Translation Studies

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 07:17:39 -0400
From: Louise Brunette <>
Subject: Masters in Translation Studies

New program :

Beginning in September 1999, Concordia University (Universite 
Concordia), in Montreal will offer a Masters degree in Translation 
Studies. The teaching languages will be French and English. For 
further information, go to :

Louise Brunette

tudes franaises
Universit Concordia
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Message 2: Notice regarding electronic Paper Submissions for EMNLP/VLC-99

Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 20:59:53 +0800
From: Liu Xiaohu <>
Subject: Notice regarding electronic Paper Submissions for EMNLP/VLC-99

 Electronic Submission for

 (EMNLP/VLC-99) Joint SIGDAT Conference
 Empirical Methods in Natural Language
 Processing and Very Large Corpora

 June 21-22, 1999
 University of Maryland

As an optional alternative to hard-copy submissions, EMNLP/VLC-99 will
also accept email submissions of postscript or MS Word files of the
paper to (do not send to any other email
address), with the subject line "EMNLPVLC99 submission", to arrive no
later than midnight, Monday, April 5, Hong Kong time.

Authors take full responsibility that their electronic submission is
portable and printable on the first try in Hong Kong. We will not
return or process unprintable files.

Portability is best assured by using the standard fonts of the ACL
latex stylesheet and ensuring that all other font definitions are
embedded in the postscript. If an author uses
non-standard/non-portable fonts or has doubts about their document's
portability or viewability in ghostview, they should submit their
paper by hard-copy as specified in the call for papers, before the

Authors who have already sent in their hardcopy submissions need not
send in another electronic version.

Submissions received in hardcopy or printed out will be acknowledged
after the deadline.

Pascale Fung
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
University of Science & Technology
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon
Hong Kong
tel: +852 2358 8537
sec: +852 2358 7087
fax: +852 2358 1485
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Message 3: Summer School in Computational Linguistics and Represented Knowledge

Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 09:36:34 +0200 (CEST)
From: Paul King <>
Subject: Summer School in Computational Linguistics and Represented Knowledge

	 The Tuebingen-Sofia Graduate Programme in
	 Computational Linguistics and Represented Knowledge

		 is pleased to announce the

		 1999 CLaRK Summer School

		 22nd August - 4th September, 1999

	 Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet, Tuebingen, Germany

 % %
 %	 We particularly wish to encourage %
 % the participation of students from %
 % the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe %
 % %
 %	 See below for stipend information %
 % %

Computational linguistics and knowledge representation are two
distinct disciplines that share a common concern with what knowledge
is, how it is used, and how it is acquired. However, though knowledge
representation and computational linguistics clearly address broadly
similar research problems, research within each of these fields has
hitherto been largely ignorant of research in the other. Moreover,
the ignorance the two fields have of each other both fosters and is
fostered by a wide gulf between the educations received by students of
knowledge representation and students of computational linguistics.
The goal of the summer school is to help bridge this gulf by
introducing the summer school students to recent developments in the
interdisciplinary field of computational linguistics and knowledge
representation. The summer school programme currently includes the
following seminars:

Guest lecturers

	Connectionist Perspectives on Language Acquisition
		Ronan Reilly (University College Dublin)

	*Title to be announced*
		Suresh Manandhar (York University)

CLaRK and host lecturers

	Declarative Knowledge Representation
		Kiril Iv. Simov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
		Atanas K. Kiryakov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

	Computational Morphology
		Kiril Iv. Simov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
		Guergana D. Popova (Tuebingen University)

	Implementation of HPSG Grammar Fragments in ConTroll
		Erhard W. Hinrichs (Tuebingen University)
		W. Detmar Meurers (Tuebingen University)

	The Mathematical and Philosophical Foundations of Head-Driven
	Phrase Structure Grammar
		Paul J. King (Tuebingen University)

	Introduction to Mathematical Logic
		Paul J. King (Tuebingen University)

Additional seminars are being considered. If sufficient demand
exists, there is also an opportunity for students to present their own
work. The language of the summer school is English.

In order to encourage a rich interaction between lecturers and
students, the number of students attending the summer school is
strictly limited to a maximum of 25. The summer school is housed in
the Leibnizkolleg, Tuebingen, located close to the historic centre of
Tuebingen, the Mensa (the university dining hall) and the Brechtbau
(the main building of the Faculty of Philology). The Leibnizkolleg
provides 25 single-occupancy study bedrooms, a seminar room, a
communal lounge and a communal kitchen. Most seminars take place in
the Leibnizkolleg, though some may take place in the Brechtbau or
elsewhere in Tuebingen.

Summer school students should be studying for a master's or doctor's
degree (though applications from advanced baccalaureate students will
be considered) in one or more of computer science, linguistics,
mathematics, philosophy and related subjects. All students must be
proficient in English and at least one relevant discipline. The
summer school is free, and all summer school students are allowed
subsidised meals in the Mensa. Accommodation in the Leibnizkolleg for
the duration of the summer school is available to students for 390
DEM, which is extremely cheap for Tuebingen. Though open to students
from anywhere in the world, CLaRK especially welcomes students from
Central and Eastern Europe. To this end, the Volkswagen-Foundation is
generously providing support for 6 students from Bulgaria and 6
further students from the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Support comprises travel costs (up to 600 DEM), and room and board for
the duration of the summer school. In special circumstances, students
may apply for additional support with travel costs.

Applications with completely filled in registration forms must be
submitted to the Office of the International Centre at

	Internationales Zentrum
	Wilhelmstr. 20 B
	D-72074 Tuebingen


Students seeking Volkswagen-Foundation support must additionally send
a curriculum vita, a one page summary of their relevant past and
present research and education, and a letter of recommendation.
Students wishing to make a presentation should include a short
abstract of their presentation. The deadline for receipt of
application at the Office of the International Centre is 30th April,
1999. Filled in applications received by email will be accepted,
provided the email arrives by the deadline and the originals are sent

All other enquiries should be addressed to

	Paul John King
	Seminar fuer Sprachwissenschaft
	Wilhelmstr. 113
	D-72074 Tuebingen

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