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Tue Jan 12 1999

Calls: Labelled Deduction, Deixis

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  1. (Vigano Luca) ld98, Final Call: Book on Labelled Deduction
  2. pkuehnle, Second Call: Deixis

Message 1: Final Call: Book on Labelled Deduction

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 17:39:12 +0100 (MET)
From: (Vigano Luca) ld98 <>
Subject: Final Call: Book on Labelled Deduction



	 (An edited volume intended for the Applied Logic Series of 
			Kluwer Academic Publishers)



In September 1998, the University of Freiburg (Germany) hosted

 The First International Workshop on Labelled Deduction.

The participants of LD'98 reported on research, related to or based on
Labelled Deduction, in many areas of computer science, artificial
intelligence, mathematical logic, cognitive science, philosophy, and
computational linguistics. More information on LD'98 is available at
the URL of the workshop

Motivated by the success of the workshop, the members of the program
committee of LD'98 will edit a volume collecting original papers on
this topic and titled


	 (An edited volume intended for the Applied Logic Series of 
			Kluwer Academic Publishers)

Topics of interest

The title reflects the planned contents of this book: We welcome
original contributions on all theoretical and practical aspects of
Labelled Deduction, including but not limited to:

 * Logical modeling based on Labelled Deduction
 * Formal metatheory for, or based on, Labelled Deduction
 * Hybrid reasoners and combinations of logics based on labelling
 * Automated reasoning, implementation, and system support
 * Annotated logic programming
 * Applications


 * Authors are invited to submit full papers of at most 18 pages
 (formatted as described below) to be received by January 31st, 
 1999. Notification of acceptance or rejection of the papers will
 be sent by April 30th, 1999, and final versions of accepted
 papers will be due by June 15th, 1999.

 * Submitted papers must be original and not submitted for publication

 * The primary means of submission is electronic, in PostScript format.
 Papers should be e-mailed to
 If electronic submission is not possible, then 5 hard copies
 should be sent to the postal address given below.
 Regardless of the submission method, a letter or e-mail message
 accompanying the paper must contain the title, authors, and contact
 information (e-mail and postal addresses).

 * Authors are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX2e and the article
 document class with a4paper and 11pt as options. 
 (Basic dimensions for a4paper-11pt format are approximately: text
 height 300mm, text width 210mm, 11pt text with a 13.5pt leading
 (baseline skip).)

 * Submitted papers must be written in English.

Reception of submissions will be confirmed by e-mail after we have
succeeded in printing the paper.

Important dates

 Submission deadline: January 31st, 1999
 Notification of acceptance: April 30th, 1999
 Deadline for final papers: June 15th, 1999

Program Committee

David Basin, Institut fr Informatik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitt
	Freiburg, Germany
Marcello D'Agostino, Universit di Ferrara, Italy
Dov Gabbay, King's College, London, UK
Sen Matthews, Max-Planck-Institut fr Informatik, Saarbrcken, Germany 
Luca Vigan, Institut fr Informatik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitt
	Freiburg, Germany


 * The LABELLED DEDUCTION (LD'98) home page

 * Email:

 * By post:

 c/o Luca Vigan
 Institut fr Informatik
 Albert-Ludwigs-Universitt Freiburg
 Universittsgelnde Flugplatz
 D-79110 Freiburg

 Phone: +49 (761) 203-8243
 Fax: +49 (761) 203-8242

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Message 2: Second Call: Deixis

Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 10:22:53 +0100
From: pkuehnle <>
Subject: Second Call: Deixis

 ESSLLI-workshop on
 Workshop held in the section 'Language and Computation' as part of the
 'Eleventh European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information'
 August 9-20, 1999, Utrecht, The Netherlands
 Elisabeth Andr'e (DFKI, Univ. of Saarbruecken)
 Massimo Poesio (CogSci/HCRC, Univ. of Edinburgh)
 Hannes Rieser (Bielefeld Univ. & SFB 360)
 Questions concerning the workshop may be addressed to any of the organisers.
 Deixis has always been at the heart of reference research as widely known
 literature in semantics and pragmatics (H.H. Clark, S.C. Levinson, H. Kamp,
 D. Kaplan, W.V. Quine) demonstrates. Being fundamental, it is in the common
 focus of several disciplines: Cognitive science, linguistics, philosophical
 logics, AI, and psychology.
 Until recently, little was known about the role of pointing and demonstration
 in deixis, especially about the coordination of speech and gesture
 in deictic contexts. The situation has now changed due to research in
 linguistics, ethnomethodology, vision, neuro-computation, gesture analysis,
 psychology, and computer simulation.
 At present, research is going on at various places, aimed at the integration 
 of deixis information from e.g. the visual and the auditory channel.
 Relevant topics in this new field are e.g. saliency, focus-monitoring, types
 of gestures and demonstrations, and especially the emergence and structure of
 composite signals but it also has intimate connections with problems of long
 standing such as grounding, mutuality or agents' coordination in discourse.
 The workshop will integrate different methodologies, experimental paradigms,
 computer simulation including virtual reality approaches and formal modelling
 alike. It is addressed to Master-students, PhD-students and scholars working
 on philosophical, linguistic or computational aspects of deixis including
 The following publications might be of help to students looking for 
 information concerning reference, deixis, gesture recognition and similar 
 Clark, H.H.: 1995, Using Language. Cambridge: CUP
 Davis, St. (ed.): 1991, Pragmatics. A Reader. New York, Oxford: OUP.
 Chs II and III
 Levinson, St.C.: Pragmatics. Cambridge: CUP . Ch. 2
 McNeill, D.: 1992, Hand and Mind. Univ. of Chicago Press
 Recanati, F.: 1993, Direct Reference. From Language to Thought.
 Oxford UK & Cambridge USA: Blackwell
 Wachsmuth, I. and Froehlich, M. (eds): 1998, Gesture and Sign Language in
 Human-Computer Interaction. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer
 The workshop will consist of ten sessions (90 min. each) of presentation
 and discussion of contributed papers. It will take place during the
 ESSLLI-Summer School and will be open to all members of the LLI- community.
 All researchers in the area, but especially Ph.D. students and young
 researchers, are encouraged to submit a two-page abstract (hard copy or
 e-mail (plain ASCII or (La)TeX) to the following address:
 The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 15, 1999.
 Notification of contributors will be given around April 15, 1999.
 Contributors of selected papers will be asked to provide extended abstracts
 (six pages) in LaTeX-format to be edited as ESSLLI-workshop notes.
 The deadline for submission of extended abstracts is May 31, 1999.
 Workshop contributors will be required to register for ESSLLI-99, but they
 will be eligible for a reduced registration fee.
 Feb 15, 99: Deadline for submissions
 Apr 15, 99: Notification of acceptance
 May 31, 99: Deadline for final copy
 Aug 9, 99: Start of workshop
 To obtain further information about ESSLLI-99 please visit the ESSLLI-99
 home page at and the home page of this
 workshop at
 Elisabeth Andr'e (DFKI, Univ. of Saarbruecken):
 Massimo Poesio (CogSci/HCRC, Univ. of Edinburgh):
 Hannes Rieser (Bielefeld Univ. & SFB 360):

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