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Sun Apr 4 1999

TOC: Chinese Historical Syntax and Morphology

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  1. Suzanne CHANE-KON, New Journal: Studies on Chinese Historical Syntax and Morphology

Message 1: New Journal: Studies on Chinese Historical Syntax and Morphology

Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 10:50:42 +0200
From: Suzanne CHANE-KON <>
Subject: New Journal: Studies on Chinese Historical Syntax and Morphology

Collection des Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale (N3) In Honor of
Mei Tsu-Lin; Studies on Chinese Historical Syntax and Morphology Edited
by Alain PEYRAUBE and SUN Chaofen (1999). 362 p. ISSN 1246-7367 ISBN
2-910216-02-0 Prix (Price) : 150 FF - 22,87 euros - US$ 27 + Postage
charge surface mail = 30 FF (4,58 euros - 5US$)

Table of Contents :
1. Viviane ALLeton : "You et Zai sont-il vraiment en opposition en chinois
2. Cao Guangshun : "Shi lun hanyu dongtai zhuci de xingcheng guocheng (in
3. Redouane Djamouri : "Evolution of zhi in Archaic Chinese"
4. Ho Dah-an : "Lun Guo Pu jiangdong yu mingyi" (in Chinese)
5. Jiang Lansheng : "Hanyu shiyi yu beidong jianyong tan yuan" (in Chinese)
6. Lien Chienfa : "Place Deixis in Taiwan Southern Min"
7. Lin Ying-chin : "Lun shanggu hanyu ge ji yu hui bu de xiangdui guanxi"
(in Chinese)
8. Liu Jian : "Shitai zhuci de yanjiu yu "'V O guo'" (in Chinese)
9. Victor H. Mair : "Reflections on book language and the vernacular
prompted by a passage in the History of Sui"
10. Alain Peyraube : "Les deplacements de constituants en syntaxe
historique du chinois"
11. Edwin G. Pulleyblank : "Jiajie and Xiesheng"
12. Laurent Sagart : "The Chinese and Tibeto-Burman words for 'blood'"
13. Sun Chaofen : "The origin of the Chinese verbal suffixes"
14. Benjamin K. T'sou : "Some remarks on the entomological terms in Chinese
and the Austroasiatic link revisited"
15. James H.-Y. Tai and Marjorie K.-M. Chan : "Some reflections on the
periodization of the Chinese language"
16. Ting Pang-Hsin : "Ruguo fangyan li wanchengmao ciwei de ciyinwei
bianhua" (in Chinese)
17. William S.-Y. Wang : "Language emergence and transmission"
18. Wei-Pei-Chuan : "Lun xian-Qin hanyu yunfu de weizhi" (in Chinese"
19. Yang Hsiu-Fang : "fangyan benzi yanjiu de tan yi fa" (in Chinese)
20. Anne O. Yue : "The so-called pivotal construction in pre-Qin Chinese".

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