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Confs: Formal Linguistics (WCCFL18)

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  1. WCCFL18, West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 18 (WCCFL)

Message 1: West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 18 (WCCFL)

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 18:38:35 -0700 (MST)
From: WCCFL18 <>
Subject: West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 18 (WCCFL)

 West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

The West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 18, will be held at
the University of Arizona, in Tucson, April 8-11th. All talks will
be held on the second floor of the Student Union Building, which is
located on the Main Mall (University Avenue) of the University.


Thursday April 8th
7-9pm Registration, Plaza Hotel

Friday April 9th
7:00am	Registration, Student Union
8:15 am	Welcoming remarks, Tom Bever. Senior Ballroom

Session A: Senior Ballroom(chair:Mario Montalbetti)
8:30	How to get a free ride? Additional scrambling effects and the 
	principle of minimal compliance.
	Cedrix Boeckx & Koji Sugisaki, UConn
9:00	Resurrecting scrambling
	John F. Bailyn, SUNY at Stonybrook
9:30	Evidence for feature-driven A-scrambling
	Martha McGinnis, UPenn

Session B: Rincon Room (chair: Diana Archangeli)
8:30	Phonetic basis of coronal phonotactics
	Yoonjung Kang, MIT
9:00	Consonant clusters in Tsou and their theoretical implications
	Tien-Hsin Hsin, UConn
9:30	Obstruent neutralization in Andalusian Spanish
	Chip Gerfen, UNC at Chapel Hill

10:00-10:15 Break

Session C: Rincon Room (chair: Michael Hammond)
10:15	Compensatory lengthening as coalescence: analysis and 
	Meghan Sumner SUNY at Stonybrook
10:45	Object asymmetries and their morphophonological reflexes
	Amanda Seidl, UPenn
11:15	The inadequacy of the root: output-output correspondence in 
	Modern Hebrew
	Adam Sherman UCSC

Session D: Senior Ballroom (chair: Antxon Olarrea)
10:15	Structural markedness and minimalist checking theory
	Susana Bejar, UToronto
10:45	Phrase-linking meets minimalist syntax
	Hans-Martin Gaertner UPotsdam
11:15	Right node raising and the LCA
	Chris Wilder, ZAS Berlin

11:45-1:15 Lunch Break

Session E: Senior Ballroom (chair: tba)
1:15	Modal verbs must be raising verbs
	Susi Wurmbrand McGill & UQAM
1:45	Stripping and 'sluicing' in Japanese and some implications
	Teruhiko Fukaya & Hajime Hoji USC
2:15	Temporal adjectives and the structure of possessive DPs
	Richard Larson & Sungeun Cho, SUNY at Stonybrook 

Session F: room 256 (chair: Daniel Everett)
1:15	Reduplication and prosodic misalignment
	Liina Pylkknen, MIT
1:45	Unfaithful bases and syncope in Tohono O'odham reduplication. 
	Colleen Fitzgerald, SUNY at Buffalo
2:15	A-Templatic reduplication in Thompson River Salish
	Gail Coelho, UTexas at Austin

2:45-3:00 Coffee Break

Session G: Room 256 (chair: Ted Fernald)
3:00	Psych-adjectives and semantic selection
	Idan Landau, MIT
3:30	Extraposition and scope: a case for overt QR
	Danny Fox, Harvard, and Jon Nissenbaum, MIT
4:00	Durative adverbials for result states
	Christopher Pinon, UDuesseldorf
4:30	Tough movement and semantic connectivity
	Mike Calcagno, Tuebingen

Panel Disc: Is language derivational? Part 1
3-3:45	T-to-C Movement: Causes and Consequences 
	David Pesetsky, MIT and Esther Torrego UMass, Bos.
3:45-4:30	Additional WH effects and the direction of tree 
	Norvin Richards, Kanda University
4:30-5:15	Decomposition and combination in the mental lexicon: 
	psycholinguistic perspectives 
	William Marslen-Wilson, Cambridge U,
5:15-5:45	Commentary on afternoon talks
	Robert May, UCI

5:45-7:15 Dinner Break

Session H: Room 256 (chair: tba)
7:15	Predicative and non predicative verb particle constructions and 
	the role of aspect
	Mikael Vinka, McGill.
7:45	Raising without infinitives and the nature of agreement
	Artemis Alexiadou, ZAS Berlin
	Elena Anagnostopoulou, UCrete
8:15	Multiple I-checking, the EPP and inverse voice in Innu-aimn
	Phil Branigan & Marguerite MacKenzie, MUN
8:45	A syntactic derivation of Semitic verbs
	Edit Doron, UCSC & Hebrew U of Jerusalem 

Panel Disc: Is language derivational? Part 2
7:15-8:00	Reduplicative identity in Chaha
	Michael Kenstowicz and Degif Petros MIT
8:00-8:45	 Phonological opacities
	William Idsardi, Delaware
8:45-9:30	title TBA
	Paul Kiparsky, Stanford 
9:30-10:00 Commentary on evening talks
	Stephen Anderson, Yale

Saturday, April 10th

Session I: Arizona Ballroom (chair: David Pesetsky)
9:00	On multiple Wh-movement: weak crossover, D-linking, and the 
	third wh-phrase effect.
	John D. Lewis, McGill
9:30	Cyclic spell-out and the Comp-T effects
	Toru Ishii, Kitami Inst Tech
10:00	What is the true nature of successive cyclic Wh-movement?
	Maire Noonan, YorkU
10:30	Indexical pronouns as bound variables
	Murat Kural Inquizit Tech. & Georges Tsoulas UYork

Session J: Room 256: (chair: Jane Hill)
9:00	A unified mora account of Chuukese
	Jennifer S. Muller, OSU.
9:30	Where and why do CVC syllables count as heavy?
	Mee-Jin Ahn, UIUC
10:00	The phonology of foot and _ structure: evidence from Amazonia
	Daniel Everett, UPitt
10:30	At-will spoonerisms and vowel length in Finnish
	Heli Harrikari, UMass/UHelsinki

11:00-11:15 Coffee Break

Session K: Arizona Ballroom (chair: Martha McGinnis)
11:15	Long-distance agreement in Tsez
	Eric Potsdam, Yale & Maria Polinsky, UCSD
11:45	A reconsideration of unaccusativity in ergative alternations
	Mikinari Matsuoka	 McGill
12:15	Case features and case particles
	Dong-Whee Yang, Seoul NatU

Session L: Room 256 (chair: Andrew Barss)
11:15	Two views of Polish reflexives
	Anna Lubowicz, UMass
11:45	Unified semantics of mosts
	Katsuhiko Yabushita, UTexas at Austin, Naruto UEduc
12:15	Manner in dative alternation	
	Manfred Krifka, UTexas, Austin
12:45	Properties as arguments
	Miriam Englehardt, MIT

1:15-1:20 Business Meeting
1:20-2:30 Lunch Break

Session M: Arizona Ballroom (chair: Andrew Carnie)
2:30	Language change and the verb second position in Early Irish
	Cathal Doherty, Univ College Dublin 
3:00	Expletives and existentials in Early Middle English
	Alexander Williams, UPenn 
3:30	Binding domains and minimalist features
	Elly van Gelderen, ASU

Session N: Room 256 (chair Keren Rice)
2:30	Same edge alignment with opposite edge effects
		Nathan Sanders UCSC
3:00	Interaction of tone and stress in Seoul and Chonnam Korean
	Eon-Suk Ko, UPenn
3:30	A multiplanar account of voice-tone interaction
	Mary Bradshaw, OSU

4:00-4:15 Coffee Break

Session O: Arizona Ballroom (chair: Judith Aissen)
4:15	Verbal classifiers as heads of functional projections: Evidence 
	from ASL
	Diane Brentari & Elena Benedicto, PurdueU.
4:45	Inflection is syntactic: Evidence form Salish possessives
	Henry Davis, Martina Wiltschko, UBC
5:15	The morphosemantics of object case in Kannada
	Jeffrey Lidz, UPenn

Session P: Room 256 (chair: Terry Langendoen)
4:15	Subject and object coordination in HPSG
	Michelle Moosally, UHouston-Downtown
4:45	Combien-extraction in dynamic montague grammar.
	Martin Honcoop, UCLA
5:15	A comprehensive LMT analysis of three Hungarian participles
	Tibor Laczk, Stanford/KossuthU

4-6:15 Poster Session Arizona Gallery
8:00 -? Party, Gentle Ben's Brewpub. University Ave. 

Sunday April 11

Special Session -Arizona Ballroom
The Importance of the Study of Native American Languages to 
Linguistic Theory: 
The Contributions of Ken Hale
8:00-8:30	 Coffee; brief opening remarks, Jane Hill, UArizona.
8:30-8:50	 Navajo conditional interpretations Theodore Fernald, 
	Swarthmore; Ellavina Perkins, NLA, and Paul Platero, Navajo Nation.
8:50-9:10	 Person and point of view in Navajo discourse complements 
	Margaret Speas, UMass
9:10-9:30	 Individual and stage level predication and the Navajo 
	classificatory verbs	MaryAnn Willie, UArizona
9:30-9:50 	 The Navajo prolongative in lexical structure Carlota 
	Smith, UTexas, Austin
9:50-10:10	 Head-internal relative clauses in Dogrib Leslie Saxon, 
10:10-10:25 Break
10:25-10:45 Another look at the Athapaskan y-/b- pronouns, Keren 
	Rice, UToronto.
10:45-11:05 Another perspective on Navajo inverse, Judith Aissen, 
10:45-11:05 Datives and argument hierarchies, Eloise Jelinek, 
11:05-11:25 On the nature of switch reference, Lynn Nichols, Harvard
11:25-11:45 The features LABIAL and ROUND in Tohono O'odham, Jane 
	Hill, UArizona
11:45-12:05 Reading words: efforts in American Indian language 
	literacy development, Ofelia Zepeda, U Arizona
12:05-12:45 Concluding remarks, Kenneth Hale, MIT

Subject and adjunct island asymmetries: evidence from syntactic 
	Kazuko Hiramatsu, UConn
Constructions and the distribution of predicative idioms
	Susanne Riehemann & Emily Bender, StanfordU

Typology of consonantal weakening in a constraint based approach.
	Seung-hoon Shin, DongseoU.`
Noun faithfulness and accent in Fukuoka Japanese.
	Jennifer L. Smith, UMass

Non-logical if and the syntax-semantics mapping of restricted 
	Josep Quer, UAutonoma Barcelona


Subject and adjunct island asymmetries: evidence from syntactic 
	Kazuko Hiramatsu, UConn
Constructions and the distribution of predicative idioms
	Susanne Riehemann & Emily Bender, StanfordU
Sluicing as PF deletion
	Sandra Stjepanovic, UConn
Possessor raising and causatives: a minimalist account of structural 
and inherent case.
	Juan Carlos Castillo, UMaryland
On adjunct Wh-NPs
	Masao Ochi & Tien-Hsin Hsin, UConn
What diachrony tells about English tough-constructions
	Gwang-Yoon Goh, Ohio State U.
Syntax, Semantics, chicken and egg: remarks on the development of 
English modal auxiliaries
	Kieran Snyder, UPenn
Raising in Icelandic
	Dianne Jonas, YaleU
Reconstruction and linearity in long-distance cleft constructions
	Mika Kizu & Hidekazu Tanaka, McGill
The Yes-No question clitic li placement in Russian
	Elena Rudnitskaya, CUNY
Clitic Combinations
	Francisco Ordonez & Arhonto Terzi, UIUC
Locative inversion and optional featuers
	Jeong-Seok Kim, KoreaU
That-trace effects: a minimalist approach
	Adam Szczegielniak, HarvardU

Typology of consonantal weakening in a constraint based approach.
	Seung-hoon Shin, DongseoU.
Noun faithfulness and accent in Fukuoka Japanese.
	Jennifer L. Smith, UMass
The behavior of the velar nasal and syllabification
	Chin Wan Chung & Byung Jin Lim, Indiana
Constraining a constraint-based theory
	Daniel Currie , UToronto
Not-so-fixed segmentism in reduplication: dissimilation and 
prespecification in the Turkish emphatic partial reduplication.
	Alan Yu, UCBerkeley
Bare-consonant reduplication in Yokuts
	Sean Hendricks, UArizona
Diminutive bare consonant reduplication in Stl'atl'imcets
	Sonya Bird, UArizona
Featural Optimality Theory: a computational model
	Andrea Heiberg, UArizona
Empty C-slots revisited: the case of the verbal agreement system of 
Panthare Limbu.
	Matthew Richardson, YaleU
A correspondence theory of morpheme order
	Paul de Lacy, UMass
Size restrictors and prosodic structure in the acquisition of stress
	Suzanne Curtin, USC
Head-dependent asymmetries and the root-affix metaconstraint.
	Anthi Revithiadou, UMass

Non-logical if and the syntax-semantics mapping of restricted 
	Josep Quer, UAutonoma Barcelona
Determiner copulas in conditionals and relatives
	Barbara Citko, SUNY at Stonybrook/MIT
The effects of focus on argument structure: depictives. vs 
	Bokyung Noh, UTexas at Austin
The focusing negative mhaih in Cantonese-Chese: a look at 
contrastive and metalinguistic negation.
	Juliet Wai-hong Du, UTexas at Austin
Pair-quantificational operator Tokoro-clause
	Hironobu Hosoi, McGill



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Department of Linguistics
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oFaculty/Employed 		all sessions, including party		$45.00
oStudent/Unemployed 		all sessions, including party		$20.00
oFaculty/Employed 		Per-day fee (does not include party)	$15.00
		circle day(s)	Fri 	Sat	Sun

oStudent/Unemployed	 	Per-day fee (does not include party)	$7.00
		circle day(s)	Fri	Sat	Sun

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