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Wed Apr 7 1999

Qs: Communication, Gist-reading

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  1. Doris Van Kampen, Computer Mediated Communication
  2. Natalya Lukashevich, Gist-reading

Message 1: Computer Mediated Communication

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 17:38:52 -0800
From: Doris Van Kampen <>
Subject: Computer Mediated Communication


I am a docotoral student at the University of Central Florida, in C&I.
In order to receive credit for a class in qualitative research we must
conduct a survey on a topic of interest to ourselves. It should have
some connection with our conception for our dissertation. My
dissertation topic is going to be in the area of technology and
gender; therefore I would like to get some feedback on how this is
impacted in Computer Mediated Communication.

My survey questions are brief; there are eight questions, and narrow-
only focusing on the thread dealing with ASL and choclear implants.

If you feel that you have the time to complete this survey, (including
those persons who did not actually participate in the discussion)
please contact me for the complete survey at

Thank You

Doris Van Kampen
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Message 2: Gist-reading

Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 01:04:14 PDT
From: Natalya Lukashevich <>
Subject: Gist-reading

Dear colleagues,

I am writing a work concerning gist-reading. I take an interest in the
way people read a text in a foreign language without a dictionary,
especially the way they guess the meaning of unknown words in the
context. In the focus of analyses are the features of the text which
influence the possibility to guess the meaning of a word in a text. I
would like to get acquainted with some existing works about the
previous study of the matter. The problem is that I have not found
much yet. I would be thankful to anybody who could name any works
concerning the question.

Thank you for the answer in advance.

Lukashevich Natalya
Moscow State University
the department of theoretical
and applied linguistics 
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