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Wed Apr 7 1999

Qs: Negation, Crisma articles

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  1. Jonathan Centner, A Natural History of Negation
  2. Richard Epstein, Article references

Message 1: A Natural History of Negation

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 22:43:04 -0400
From: Jonathan Centner <>
Subject: A Natural History of Negation

I am looking for a book, _A Natural History of Negation_, by Laurence
Horn; University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1989.

It's hard to come by, it seems; should someone have a copy they could
spare I should like to have it.

Jon Centner
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Message 2: Article references

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 99 16:36:41 EDT
From: Richard Epstein <>
Subject: Article references

I'm trying to find out if written versions of either of the following
two talks, both presented in 1995, have appeared in print (or if
they're scheduled to appear anytime soon):

(1) "The Diachronic Development of the Article in English"
 (presented at DIGS 4)

(2) "The Use of Articles in Old English Prose"
 (presented at the 11th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop)

Both talks are by Paola Crisma (who apparently, is not a subscriber to
LINGUIST). Any help in locating these papers or their author would be
appreciated. Thank you very much.

Rich Epstein
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