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Wed Apr 7 1999

Qs: Human Languages, Chilean Spanish, Lang Testing

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  1. HAROLD W. VADNEY, Human Language Groups
  2. Barbara Avila-Shah, Articles on Chilean Spanish
  3. Hlne Knoerr, Paper-pencil vs computerized testing

Message 1: Human Language Groups

Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999 21:56:37 +0200
From: HAROLD W. VADNEY <bmtconsultATT.NET>
Subject: Human Language Groups

Dear Collegues: 

Can anyone provide a website URL that will give information on
conventional grouping systems for human languages. Actually, I am
looking for a source that will help to classify languages by
complexity and by linguistic group. Any help will be much

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Message 2: Articles on Chilean Spanish

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 04:33:57 -0500
From: Barbara Avila-Shah <>
Subject: Articles on Chilean Spanish

One of my students is writing a paper on the use of the labiodental
fricative in Chilean Spanish. Nevertheless, he has encountered
several difficulties in obtaining some of the references. If you
have/wrote the articles listed below, could you send me via mail,
e-mail or fax a copy? We will greatly appreciate your help.

Wagner, Claudio, Rodriquez, Gustavo, Roldan Y, Eduardo Tecas V. 1994.
Chile en el Atlas Linguistico de Hispanoamerica. Estudios Filologicos 
29(1) 15-24.

Ludwig, Ralph. 1995. Functional linguistics, Markedness Theory, and
American Spanish: the Case of Chilean Speech. Boletin de Filologia 
35 275-316.

Bartelt, Guillermo. 1992. Chileno: A Maritime Pidgin among California
Indians. California Linguistic Notes 23(2) 25-28.


 Barbara I. Avila-Shah, Ph.D.
 Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
 910 Clemens Hall
 Buffalo, NY 14260-4620
 Tel. (716) 645-2191 x1193
 Fax (716) 645-5981

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Message 3: Paper-pencil vs computerized testing

Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 19:20:35 -0400
From: Hlne Knoerr <>
Subject: Paper-pencil vs computerized testing

Dear fellow linguists,

Would anyone know of any research that has been conducted on comparing
non-adaptive paper-pencil versus computerized language testing? We are
working on a computerized version of our French placement test and
have a limited sample, so we would welcome any input and
suggestions. We will post replies if we receive enough feedback.

Thank you,
Helene Knoerr
University of Ottawa

Hlne Knoerr
Institut des langues secondes
Universit d'Ottawa
600 King Edward
OTTAWA, Ontario K1H 7P7
(613) 562-5800/ 3475
(613) 562-5126 (fax)
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