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Books: Sociolinguistics & Anthropological Linguistics

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  1. Mike Groseth, Sociolinguistics & Anthropological Linguistics (6 titles)

Message 1: Sociolinguistics & Anthropological Linguistics (6 titles)

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 09:45:23 -0500
From: Mike Groseth <MJGOUP-USA.ORG>
Subject: Sociolinguistics & Anthropological Linguistics (6 titles)

Cecil H. Brown, Northern Illinois University

(Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics 20)

Lexical acculturation refers to the accommodation of languages to new
objects and concepts encountered as the result of culture
contact. This unique study analyzes a survey of words for 77 items of
European culture (e.g. chicken, horse, apple, rice, scissors, soap,
and Saturday) in the vocabularies of 292 Amerindian languages and
dialects spoken from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego. The first
book ever to undertake such a large and systematic cross-language
investigation, Brown's work provides fresh insights into general
processes of lexical change and development, including those involving
language universals and diffusion.

February 1999 272 pp.
0-19-512161-9 $55.00
Oxford University Press
(Albanian) and Greek in Contact
Lukas D. Tsitsipis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

(Oxford Studies in Language Contact)

This book explores a case of linguistic shift in the Balkans by
focusing on Arvanitika, an Albanian variety spoken in Greece which is
under threat through a process of attrition. The author looks in
detail at the various factors relating the linguistic to the
non-linguistic aspects of the shift.

January 1999 176 pp.
0-19-823731-6 $72.00
Oxford University Press
Edited by Joshua A. Fishman, New York University

This volume presents a comprehensive introduction to the connection
between language and ethnicity. Since the "ethnic revival" of the last
twenty years, there has been a substantial and interdisciplinary
change in our understanding of the connection between these
fundamental aspects of our identity. The distinguished sociolinguist
Joshua Fishman has commissioned over 25 previously unpublished papers
on every facet of the subject. The volume is divided into two
sections, the first examining disciplinary perspectives on the
subject; the second uses the prism of geography, looking at the
subject in the context of Africa, Scandinavia, Germany and the rest of
Western Europe, North America and elsewhere. The volume is truly
interdisciplinary and the contributors are all distinguished figures
in their fields. Each chapter is followed by thought provoking
questions and essential bibliography, and Fishman pulls together the
various views that have been expressed and shows how they differ and
how they are alike.The volume is useful as a scholarly reference, a
resource for the lay reader, and can also be used as a text in
ethnicity courses.

April 1999 480 pp.; 11 maps
0-19-512428-6 $65.00
Oxford University Press
Among the Lardil of Mornington Island
David McKnight, London School of Economics

(Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics 12)

The Lardil, an Australian Aboriginal tribe, have a rich and complex
cognitive culture and are native speakers of three different
languages, each used for separate occasions. McKnight examines their
systems of classifying the world, and creates the first inventory of
the cognitive aspects of an Aboriginal tribe's social structures
(including kinship, myth, and ritual).

January 1999 280 pp.; 21 linecuts, 5 halftones, 3 maps
0-19-509621-5 $75.00
Oxford University Press
THE POWERS OF GENRE: Interpreting Haya Oral Literature
Peter Seitel, Smithsonian Institution

(Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics 22)

The Powers of Genre describes a method for interpreting oral
literature that depends upon and facilitates dialogue between insiders
and outsiders to a tradition. Seitel illustrates this method with
lively examples from Haya proverbs, folktales, and heroic verse. He
then focuses on a single epic ballad to demonstrate, among other
things, why stanzas need not rhyme, and how significance needs time in
oral poetry and narrative. Making a controversial claim that an heroic
age, similar to that of Ancient Greece, existed in Sub-Saharan Africa,
this work will intrigue anyone who works in oral literature and

March 1999 264 pp.
0-19-511700-X $55.00
Oxford University Press
TALKING ABOUT TREATMENT: Recommendations for Breast Cancer Adjuvant Treatment
Felicia D. Roberts

(Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics)

Clear and accessible, this book is the first qualitative analysis of
the complex conversations that occur between breast cancer patients
and their oncologists. Roberts focuses on discussions about possible
avenues of treatment, and shows them to be an active and mutual
collaboration of information on the one hand, and a subtle delineation
of the roles of "expert" and "novice" on the other. Her work
highlights how doctors achieve a delicate balance between promoting
one particular treatment option while not guaranteeing a cure.
January 1999 144 pp.

0-19-512191-0 $35.00
Oxford University Press

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