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Thu Apr 8 1999

Confs: Semantics & Pragmatics of Dialogue

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  1. Noor_van_Leusen, Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue

Message 1: Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue

Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 17:13:04 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Noor_van_Leusen <>
Subject: Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue


Amsterdam Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue

 May 7-9, 1999
 University of Amsterdam.


Amstelogue '99 will be a sequel to the successful dialogue workshops
Mundial'97 (Muenchen) and Twendial'98 (Twente). Like its predecessors,
Amstelogue '99 aims at bringing together researchers from different
fields on the topic of semantics and pragmatics of dialogue. These fields
include artificial intelligence, formal semantics/pragmatics and
computational/applied linguistics.

The workshop will be organised around three themes: Formal Semantics of
Dialogue, Dialogue Systems, and Dialogue Analysis. The first theme covers
topics such as models of common ground/ mutual belief, the semantics of
goals, intentions and commitments in communication, treatment of dialogue
moves in a formal semantic framework, the semantics of cross-speaker
anaphora. The second theme, Dialogue Systems, covers e.g. knowledge
representation for multi-agent interaction, dialogue management in
practical implementations, semantics and pragmatics of natural language
in automated dialogue systems. Finally, the theme of Dialogue Analysis
covers topics such as turn-taking, categorisation of dialogue moves or
speech acts in real (i.e., non-constructed) dialogues, aspects of
institutional interaction, characteristics of multi-participant
conversations, the role of nonlinguistic interaction in communication.


Invited speakers:
			Hans Kamp (Stuttgart, Germany)
			Hannes Rieser (Bielefeld, Germany)
 			Munindar Singh (North Carolina, USA)
			David Traum (Maryland, USA)

- ---------------------------------------------------------------
Friday 7th (location: UB, Room `Doelenzaal'):

 9.00 Registration

 9.50 Opening 

*** Theme III: Dialogue Analysis ***

10.00 "Speech Acts and Dialogue Control in Task-oriented Spontaneous
 Masahito Kawamori & Akira Shimazu 

10.40 "Dialogue Acts, Synchronising Units and Anaphora Resolution"
 Miriam Eckert & Michael Strube 

11.20 Break

11.40 "Annotating Conversations for Information State Updates" (theme III)
 Massimo Poesio, Robin Cooper, Staffan Larsson, David Traum & Colin

12.20 (to be announced) 
	 David Traum 
13.05 Lunch

*** Theme II: Dialogue Systems ***

14.20 "Towards a Robust Semantics for Dialogue using Flat Structures"
 David Milward 

15.00 "Editing Speech Acts: A Practical Approach to Human-Machine Dialogue"
 Paul Piwek, Roger Evans, Richard Power 

15.40 Break

16.00 "Belief Dynamics in Cooperative Dialogues"
 Andreas Herzig & Dominique Longin 

16.40 "Communication as a Public Phenomenon: Toward a Social Semantics" 
 Munindar Singh 
17.25 Drinks (location: PC Hoofthuis)

- ------------------------------------------------
Saturday 8th (location: Roeterseiland, building A room D):

*** Theme III: Dialogue Analysis ***

 9.30 "Indirect Speech Acts, Politeness, and the Civilizing Process"
 Herman Hendriks 

10.10 "Symbolic Power, Illucutionary Force, and Impoliteness: A Critical
 Look at the Foundations of Speech Act Theory" 
 Michiel Leezenberg 

10.50 Break

11.10 "Acknowledgement Acts in Dialogue Openings" 
 Martine Hurault-Plantet & Cecile Balkanski 

11.50 "Capturing Differences between Social Activities in Spoken Language"
 Jens Allwood 

12.30 Lunch

14.00 "Understanding Mathematical Discourse"
 Claus Zinn 

14.40 "The Structure of Task-oriented Dialogue and the Introduction of 
 New Objects" 
 Hannes Rieser 

15.25 Break

*** Theme I: Formal Semantics of Dialogue ***

15.45 "Cognitive States, Discourse Structure and the Content of Dialogue"
 Alex Lascarides & Nicholas Asher 

16.25 "Location Identification Dialogues"
	 Peter Krause 

17.05 End

- ---------------------------------------------------------
Sunday 9th (location: Filmmuseum, room `Grolsch-zaal'):

9.30 Coffee and Tea

*** Theme I: Formal Semantics of Dialogue ***

10.00 "Clarification in Dialogue: Meaning, Content and Compositionality"
 Jonathan Ginzburg 

10.40 "Truth Conditional Discourse Semantics for Parentheticals"
 Nicholas Asher 
11.20 Break

11.40 "Utterances as Transitions between Attitudinal States."
 Hans Kamp 

12.25 Closing

- ---------------------------------------------------------

- The collected *abstracts* will be available for participants at
the start of the workshop. (Deadline for revised abstracts is April 12th) 
Proceedings (with all papers) will be sent out at the end of
the summer. We will attempt to publish a selection of the workshop papers
as a special issue of the Journal of Semantics.

- Note that the workshop will take place at a different *location* each day.
Friday's location is Singel 425, in the library of the university
(UB), room `Doelenzaal'.
Saturday's location is Roeterstraat 15, in building A room D.
Sunday's location is Vondelpark 3, in the Filmmuseum (next to the
bridge in the Vondelpark), room `Grolsch-zaal'.
The drinks on Friday take place in the building `PC Hooft-huis', Spuistraat 134.

All locations are in the city-centre. Amsterdam is not very
large and any centrally located hotel is within half an hour's walk
of the workshop locations.


(Non-invited) speakers at the workshop, and others who would like to
attend Amstelogue '99 are kindly invited to register. Please, register as
quickly as possible! You can do this either via the Internet
or by filling in the form below, and sending it to us by email:


This is really urgent. You will find that the tourist season has already 
started in Amsterdam, and that it is very very difficult to find a room.
So if you decide to come to Amstelogue, and you are not one of the four 
invited speakers, then arrange this as quickly as possible, yourself.

You can do this via the Internet: 

Or you can make a phone call to the Netherlands Reservation Centre: 
Tel: +31 70-4195500 
Fax: +31 70-4195519

- ------------------------------------------------------------------
REGISTRATION form Amstelogue '99, May 7-9,



Day of Arrival:

Registration Fee (includes lunches on 7/8 May and proceedings)

	Scholar Dfl 150,-
	Student Dfl 75,-

Going to TRINDI on May the 6th? (yes/no)

Interested in recreative program on Sunday afternoon? (yes/no)

Mode of Payment?
	Giro or Bank Transfer

Payment in Dutch Guilders can be made as follows (Note that we do
not take credit cards)

1. Giro or bank transfer, to 
 5032231 (Postbank, the Netherlands)
 University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities
 mentioning nr. 1036008, Amstelogue '99
2 Cash, at the conference.

- -----------------------------------------------------------------

Program Committee:

Laila Dybkjaer (Odense, Denmark)
Herman Hendriks (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Gerd Jaeger (Berlin, Germany)
Hans Kamp (Stuttgart, Germany)
Jan van Kuppevelt (Stuttgart, Germany) (Chair)
Hannes Rieser (Bielefeld, Germany)
Candy Sidner (Cambridge MA, USA)
Munindar Singh (North Carolina, USA)
David Traum (Maryland, USA)
Bonnie Webber (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Jan van Kuppevelt, IMS, Stuttgart, kuppeveltIMS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
Noor van Leusen, Dept. of Computational Linguistics, U.v.A,
Robert van Rooy, Dept. of Philosophy, U.v.A,
Henk Zeevat, Dept. of Computational Linguistics, U.v.A,

Visit our website:

Post Address:
Computational Linguistics,
University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 134
1012 VB Amsterdam
fax ++31-20-5254429
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