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Fri Apr 16 1999

Calls: Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics

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  1. HASIDA Koiti, ICCS/JCSS call for participation
  2. Bernhard Schroeder, CfP: Multilingual Corpora

Message 1: ICCS/JCSS call for participation

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 02:04:50 +0900
From: HASIDA Koiti <>
Subject: ICCS/JCSS call for participation

********************** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ************************

 The Second International Conference on Cognitive Science
 The 16th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society
 Joint Conference (ICCS/JCSS99)

 July 27-30, 1999.
 International Conference Center, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. 

 Early registration by May 31.

 Sponsored by The Japanese Cognitive Science Society.
 Co-sponsored by Media Network Center, Waseda University.
 Supported by
	 The Korean Society for Cognitive Science
	 National Natural Science Foundation of China
	 The Japanese Psychological Association
	 Information Processing Society of Japan
	 Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
	 Association for Natural Language Processing
	 Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
	 Society of Instrument and Control Engineers of Japan
	 Human Interface Society


The joint conference ICCS/JCSS99 will be held through July 27-30,
1999, at International Conference Center, Waseda University, Tokyo,
Japan. In hope of bringing new challenges to the growing
interdisciplinary research field of cognitive science, ICCS/JCSS99
features varieties of presentations and discussions concerning broadly
defined studies of cognition, which encompass cognitive psychology,
artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, cognitive
anthropology, social cognition, neuroscience, brain studies and
comparative cognition.

===TECHNICAL PROGRAM==================================================

- -Oral and Poster Sessions-------------------------------------------

More than 250 presentations will be given in oral and poster sessions.
A detailed program will be announced soon.

- -Interdisciplinarity-Awareness Talk---------------------------------

Speaker: DAN Marina (Osaka City University)
 `Hierarchical Analysis of Living Phenomena and Emergence of New

Discussant: NAKASHIMA Hideyuki (Electrotechnical Laboratory)

- -Expansion of Cognitive Science: Plenary Talks----------------------

LEE Chungmin (Seoul National University)
 `Contrastive Topic and Focus: What's on Our Minds?'

Charles Ling (The University of Western Ontario)
 `Artificial Intelligence and Child Learning'

CHEN Lin (University of Science and Technology of China)
 `The Theory of Topological Structure and Functional hierarchy of Form
 Perception and Its Relation to Foundations of Cognitive Science'

Kevin Dunbar (McGill University)

Charles A. Perfetti (Pittsburgh University)
 `The Cognitive Science of Reading: Comparisons Across Writing Systems'

Bonnie John (Carnegie Mellon University)

Peter Slezak (University of New South Wales)
 `Representation and Reality: Symbols, Computation and the 'Cognitive

DOYA Kenji (ERATO Kawato Dynamic Brain Project)
 `Multiple Representations and Algorithms for Sequence Learning'

SAYEKI Yutaka (The University of Tokyo)
 `We Learn from Each Other, Because We Don't Agree: A Proposal for
 Computer-Supported, Non-Conformative Collaborative Learning'

Josep Call (Max Planck Institute)

- -Symposia-----------------------------------------------------------

Trends in Comparative Cognitive Science.

 MATSUZAWA Tetsuro (Kyoto University)
 TOMONAGA Masaki (Kyoto University)
 FUJITA Kazuo (Kyoto University)
 OKANOYA Kazuo (Chiba University)
 JITSUMORI Masako (Chiba University)
 Josep Call (Max Planck Institute)
 WATANABE Shigeru (Keio University)

Nature of human concepts and categories.

 IMAI Mutsumi (Keio University)
 Edward Wisniewski (University of North Carolina)
 Paul Bloom (University of Arizona)
 `But is it art? A Case-Study of Naming and Categorization'
 YAMAUCHI Takashi (University of Pittsburgh)
 `How do People Learn Categories Composed of Varying Instances?'
 Steven Sloman (Brown University)
 `Categories from the Inside and Out'
 Edward Wisniewski (University of North Carolina)
 `The Role of Context in Conceptual Combination'
 IMAI Mutsumi (Keio University)
 `What Kind of Similarity Do Young Children Use in Word
 Extension and Property Inference?'
 SUZUKI Hiroaki (Aoyama Gakuin University)

- -Workshop-----------------------------------------------------------

Cognitive Re-definition of Literature:
The First International Workshop on Literature in Cognition and Computer.

 Organizing Committee (tentative):
 TOKOSUMI Akifumi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
 FUJITA Yoneharu (Oita University)
 OGATA Takashi (Yamanashi University)
 AKAHOSHI Tetsuya (Nihon Bunri University)
 MORITA Hitoshi (Nagasaki Seebold University)
 OHTA Kyuzaburo (TMR)
 HAJIRI Koichiro (ATR)
 KATANUMA Jun (Sapporo International University)
 AKAMA Hiroyuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
 IWAYAMA Makoto (Hitachi BRL)
 Kim Binsted (Sony CSL)
 Greame Ritchie (University of Edinburgh)


 Conference Chair:
 SAYEKI Yutaka (The University of Tokyo)

 Advisory Committee
 Chair: ISHIZAKI Shun (Keio University)
 Co-chair: LEE Chungmin (Seoul National University)
 Co-chair: OTSU Yukio (Keio University)

 Program Committee
 Chair: MIYAKE Naomi (Chukyo University)

 Organizing Committee
 Chair: HASIDA Koiti (Electrotechnical Laboratory)
 Co-chair: SUZUKI Hiroaki (Aoyama Gakuin University)

===CONTACT ADDRESSES==================================================

 General inquiry:
 HASIDA Koiti at
 or Fax: +81-298-54-5930
 Student volunteers:
 or Fax: +81-3-5800-6818 (till April 29)
 +81-3-5841-3994 (after April 29)
 Registration and Payment:
 TAKAGI Kotaro at
 or Fax: +81-42-329-7726


The conference banquet will be held on the evening of July 28 at Rihga
Royal Hotel Waseda. The fee is JPY 4,000 (though it actually costs JPY
10,000). Please indicate whether you plan to attend the banquet on
your registration form.


Rihga Royal Hotel Waseda, which is close to the conference venue, will
accommodate ICCS/JCSS99 participants for the following discounted
rates per night:

 single: JPY 18,000
 twin/double: JPY 26,000
Both include breakfast, tax and service charge. They apply through
July 26 to 31. To get these rates, please directly contact the hotel
at one of:

 Tel: +81-3-5285-1121
 Fax: +81-3-5285-4321

Be sure to mention that you are coming for ICCS/JCSS99. Also note
that only the above addresses handle the discounted accommodation.

A shuttle bus service is provided from Rihga Royal Hotel Waseda to JR
Takadanobaba Station and vice versa, every 30 minutes. Further
information on the hotel is available from:

If you prefer economy to luxury and convenience, try the following
page, among others.

Hotels in Shinjuku-ku and Toshima-ku listed there are less than one
hour to/from the conference site.

===COMMERCIAL PARTICIPATION===========================================

The following types of commercial participation are offered:

 Sponsorship: Sponsors will be advertised in the proceedings
 for the rate of JPY 50,000/page.
 Exhibits: A space for a commercial exhibit is provided
	 for JPY 10,000 per unit slot*day.

Please contact the following address for further details:

 NOMOTO Tadashi
 Tel: +81-3-3785-7131
 Fax: +81-3-3784-8875

===STUDENT VOLUNTEERS=================================================

About 20 student volunteers are solicited to take care of on-site
setups of the conference, such as preparation of presentation
facilities. Each volunteer will engage in the work for eight hours in
total during the conference to obtain a free copy of the proceedings
and free participation in the conference including the banquet.
Students who will present a paper/poster at the conference can
volunteer under the same condition.

If you want to volunteer, contact the following address to register by
June 10, 1999:

 Fax: +81-3-5800-6818 (till April 29)
 +81-3-5841-3994 (after April 29)

Please state when you can work and which languages you speak ---
fluency in English is preferred, and fluency in Japanese is helpful.
Whether you are registered as a student volunteer will be notified by
June 20.

===REGISTRATION AND ORDER=============================================

The technical program fees listed below each cover a copy of the
proceedings and all the technical program described above, including
the symposia and the workshop.

 till May 31 after May 31
 regular JPY 18,000 JPY 23,000
 student JPY 9,000 JPY 11,000
 JCSS regular member JPY 10,000 JPY 15,000
 JCSS student member JPY 5,000 JPY 7,000

The proceedings feature all the technical program. A copy of the
proceedings may be purchased for JPY 8,000, apart of participation. An
extra carriage cost (JPY 2,000 for surface and JPY 4,000 for air) is
charged on an order from outside of Japan.

Registrations and orders of the proceedings should be sent to the
following address:

 TAKAGI Kotaro
 Fax: +81-42-329-7726

Residents of Japan are requested to:

 1. pay to the following bank account:

 Sanwa Bank Iidabashi Branch
 normal account, no. 5046285
 name: ICCS99

 Note: In case of a remittance from an ATM, one might be asked
 to input the name in KATAKANA, which is:
 aisi-si-esukyuuzyuukyuu (- is the letter for long vowel).

 2. send the ICCS/JCSS99 REGISTRATION/ORDER FORM below to the
 above address by either e-mail or fax.

Overseas residents should pay by a credit card (VISA or MASTER only)
by sending the ICCS/JCSS99 REGISTRATION/ORDER FORM to the above
address by FAX. Avoid e-mail for the sake of security. Please
contact the above address if you cannot pay by a credit card.

Cancellations of registrations for the technical program and the
banquet will be accepted until June 30, 1999. The total amount will be
refunded minus JPY 2,000 for administrative expenses.

Note that reservations, cancellations, payments and inquiries for
accommodations will all be handled directly by the hotels, including
Rihga Royal Hotel Waseda.

*************** ICCS/JCSS99 REGISTRATION/ORDER FORM ******************

To: TAKAGI Kotaro (Fax: +81-42-329-7726)

Name: Dr./Mr./Ms. ____________________________________________________

Affiliation: _________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: ________________________________

Postal Code: ___________ Country: __________________

Tel: ____________________ Fax: _____________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________

Payment: (check in slots below)

 Technical Program (including a copy of the proceedings)

 Early (till May 31) Late (after May 31)
 regular JPY 18,000 [ ] JPY 23,000 [ ]
 student JPY 9,000 [ ] JPY 11,000 [ ]
 JCSS regular member JPY 10,000 [ ] JPY 15,000 [ ]
 JCSS student member JPY 5,000 [ ] JPY 7,000 [ ]

 Proceedings: JPY 8,000 [ ] 
 overseas carriage (surface): JPY 2,000 [ ]
 overseas carriage (air): JPY 4,000 [ ]

 Banquet: JPY 4,000 [ ]

 Total: JPY ______________

Payment by bank remittance (from Japan)

 Payment date: ____________________________________

 Payer's name: ____________________________________

Payment by credit card (from overseas)

 [ ] VISA or [ ] MASTER

 Expiration date: _________________________________

 Card number: _____________________________________

 Cardholder's name: _______________________________

 Signature: _______________________________________

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Message 2: CfP: Multilingual Corpora

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 19:46:50 +0200
From: Bernhard Schroeder <>
Subject: CfP: Multilingual Corpora

GLDV '99

 | |
 | C A L L F O R P A P E R S |
 | |

 "Multilingual Corpora: Encoding, Structuring, Analysis"

The 11th Annual Meeting of the Society for Computational Linguistics 
and Language Technology (GLDV) will take place in July 8-10, 1999. 

Main topic: "Multilingual Corpora: Encoding, Structuring, Analysis".

The meeting will be hosted by the Institute of Comparative Linguistics 
of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet, Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

- --------------------------------------------------------------------

 C A L L F O R P A P E R S

Papers can be offered for plenary sessions as well as sessions of the
Special Interest Groups (Arbeitskreise) of GLDV. Papers that are NOT
related to the main topic (e.g. Computational Linguistics, Language 
Technology, Linguistic Data Processing, etc.). are ALSO welcome!

Extended abstracts must be sent in by April 30 via mail to

 * Size: 2-3 pages (2000 words maximum);
 * Format: RTF, HTML, ASCII.

The program committee will decide about acceptance of the papers on 
May 28, 1999.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------

For details go to:

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