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Confs: American Indigenous Languages

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  1. Fiona Whalen, Workshop on American Indigenous Languages

Message 1: Workshop on American Indigenous Languages

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:07:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fiona Whalen <>
Subject: Workshop on American Indigenous Languages

 Santa Barbara, CA
 May 14-16, 1999

The linguistics department at the University of California, Santa Barbara
announces its second annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages
(WAIL), a forum for the discussion of theoretical and descriptive
linguistic studies of indigenous languages of the Americas.

 ** Invited Speaker: Sara Trechter **

 * Roundtable Discussion led by Wallace Chafe and Marianne Mithun
 * Presentation by the UCSB American Indian Student Association
 * Reception and dinner

Registration: $20 (see form at end of message)

For further information check out our web site at:

or contact conference coordinator at: or (805) 893-3776


Session 1
Matthew Gordon				Intonational properties of

Eugene Buckley				On the naturalness of unnatural

Graham Horwood				Anti-faithfulness and Subtractive

Session 2
Loretta O'Connor			Classificatory verbs of transfer
					in Lowland Chontal

James Copeland				Marking of Semantic Roles and
					Grammatical Relations in Tarahumara

Robert Cromack				Simple Forms and Multiple
					Functions in Cashinawa Narrative

UCSB American Indian Students Association


Session 3
William Weigel				Referential Tracking in Yokuts

Anna Berge				Preliminary Studies of the
					Distribution of Aamma in West 

Timothy Thornes			Demonstratives in Northern Paiute

Session 4
			Keynote Address
			 Sara Trechter

Session 5
Pilar Maritza Valenzuela		Transitivity, Case-Marking, and
					Switch-Reference in Shipibo-Konibo

Nancy Mattina				Toward a history of the
					inflectional future in 
					Colville-Okanagan Salish

Session 6
Rosa Yanez Rosales			Language Replacement in a Nahuatl
					Speaking Community: Testimonies of
					the Speakers and Their Children

Fred Field				A quantitative look at borrowing
					patterns in Malinche Mexicano

John Nichols		 Incorporative and Hyperbolic
 Variation in Severn Ojibwe

Session 7
Roundtable Discussion



Session 8
Randy Rightmire				Native vs. borrowed grammar:
					Relative clauses in Santa Maria 
					Chimalapa Zoque

Jeff Rasch				The grammaticization and
					lexicalization of Yaitepec Chatino 

Sergio Meira de Santa Cruz Oliveira	Nominalizations in Tiriyo

Session 9
Ellen Courtney				Child Acquisition of the Quechua
					Affirmative Suffix

Connie Dickinson			Mirativity, Evidentiality and
					Semantic Verb Classes in Tsafiki

Session 10
Rosemary G Beam de Azcona		Ablaut in Coatlan-Loxicha Zapotec,
					a diachronic explanation

Darin Howe and Patricia Shaw		Prosodic Faithfulness: Vowel
					Syncope and Reduction as Output-Output

Suzanne Wash				Immitative Sound Symbolism in
					Miwok Languages


Workshop on American Indigenous Languages Registration Form

Name: _____________________________________

Affiliation: _____________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________

Would you be interested in purchasing a copy of
the conference procedings?

Yes ___ No ___


Registration for the conference is $20 per person.
Make checks payable to WAIL. Send check or money
order and form to:

Workshop on American Indigenous Languages
Department of Linguistics
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

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