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Confs: Greek Linguistics

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  1. Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou, 20th Annual Meeting on Greek Linguistics

Message 1: 20th Annual Meeting on Greek Linguistics

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 16:06:05 +0300
From: Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou <>
Subject: 20th Annual Meeting on Greek Linguistics

20th Annual Meeting of the Department of Linguistics
April 23 to 25, 1999
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
School of Philology, Faculty of Philosophy

Invited speakers: Antonin Bartonek (Brno), Brian Joseph (Columbus),
Thomas Gamkrelidze (Tbilisi), William Labov (Philadelphia), Michalis
Setatos (Thessaloniki).

Program Committee: Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou and Christos Tzitzilis


THURSDAY 22-4-1999


FRIDAY 23-4-1999

Ceremony Hall- Faculty of Philosophy, Old Building
08.00-09.00 	REGISTRATION
09.00-09.30	Opening Ceremony
Invited Speakers
09.30-10.30 	Michalis Setatos Epistemological and sociological remarks
		on Greek linguistics in Modern Greek reality
10.30-11.30	Thomas W. Gamkrelidze The Indo-European "glottalic theory"
		and the system of Ancient Greek consonantism

11.30-12.00 	Coffee break

Parallel Sessions
Hall A
12.00-12.30 	A. Christofidou Word formation types and language change
12.30-13.00	E. Sklavounou The adjectives of Modern Greek in -menos
13.00-13.30 	E. Mela-Athanasopoulou The pseudosystem X(o,) as in
		-foro, -volo,-dhoto, etc. of karpoforo, rizovolo,
 dhaniodhoto, etc. in Modern Greek
13.30-14.00 	A. Anastassiadis-Symeonidis The suffix - iari(s)

Hall B
12.00-12.30 	Ch. Tzitzilis Romanes und mittelgriechische Dialekte in
12.30-13.00	J. Redondo Le bilinguisme helleno-catalan dans le Moyen Age
13.00-13.30	D. Kyriazis Remarks on the morphology of Greek loans in
13.30-14.00 	V. Cvetkovic-Kurelec The description of Modern Greek
		pronunciation in the handbooks of Greek Enlighteners

Hall C
12.00-12.30 	V. Kella Les objectifs communicationnels et les finalites
12.30-13.00	A. Papafragou Talk about mental states: A developmental
13.00-13.30	R. Pita Language power and gender: The concept of
		"active" and "passive" in children's verbal code
13.30-14.00 	R. Liveriadou, S. Stavrakaki, I.-M. Tsimpli Word finding
		difficulties in object naming tasks

14.00-16.30 Lunch break

Parallel Sessions
Hall A
16.30-17.00 	G. Drachman Checks and balances in Greek morphology: the
		emergence of the unmarked
17.00-17.30 	D. Theophanopoulou-Kontou Patient oriented constructions
		in Modern Greek and the -o/-me alternation
 anticausatives and passives
17.30-18.00 	K. Zombolou Das Medium des (Neu)Griechischen. Die
		Abgrenzung des griechischen verbalen Form und
 Diathese-Systems von

		dem Schema: Aktiv vs. Passiv
18.00-18.30 	M. Papastathi The morphosyntactic properties and
		interpretation of middle constructions in Modern Greek and
 English: a comparative study

Hall B
16.30-17.00 	G. Giannakis Reduplication as a morphological marker of
		the verbal system of Ancient Greek and Indo-European
17.00-17.30 	S. Tsolakidis Prepositions and verbal aspect in Cretan of
		7th-4th century B.C.
17.30-18.00 	I. Philippaki-Warburton, V. Spyropoulos A change of mood:
		the mood system of hellenistic and roman koine
18.00-18.30 	M. Karali Reflexive or personal?

18.30-19.00 	Coffee break

Hall A
19.00-19.30 	A. Malikouti-Drachman Remarks on dialect regression in
19.30-20.00 	S. Pagoni-Tetlow Analytic Morphology and NC Sequences: a
 Government Phonology Approach
20.00-20.30 	I. Szigeti
		A propos! Morphosyntax! What is it?

Hall B
19.00-19.30	M. Rautopoulou Ares, Hares, brotoloige, miaiphone,
		teikhesipleta: Words with internal inflectional morphemes
 in the Iliad and Odyssey
19.30-20.00	A. Koliadis Die Entwicklung des irrationalen Nasals in
		der griechischen Sprache
20.00-20.30 	G. Papanastasiou Aiks, aiges, Aigaios, etc. An
		interesting word family of Ancient Greek

SATURDAY 24-4-1999

Invited Speakers
Ceremony Hall- School of Philosophy, Old Building

09.30-10.30 	Antonin Bartonek The present situation and future tasks
		of Ancient Greek Dialectology
10.30-11.30	William Labov What is happening in History

11.30-12.00 	Coffee break

Parallel Sessions
Hall A
12.00-12.30 	M. Karyolemou Realite chypriote et description
12.30-13.00	P. Pavlou Principles of Language Planning with special
		reference to the linguistic situation on Cyprus
13.00-13.30 	S. Chatzissavidis La variete morphologique du verbe au
		discours grec des journaux
13.30-14.00	N. Cristodoulou-Ierides Phonics or the "look and say"
		approach in teaching reading in the first grade? What is
 being applied in elementary schools in Cyprus

Hall B
12.00-12.30	Th.-S. Pavlidou Between politeness and impoliteness: boys
		and girls in the classroom
12.30-13.00 	P. Politis, A. Archakis Discourse meanings of "ne ala"
		(='yes but')
13.00-13.30	D. Papazachariou Factors determining the meaning of
		one-word polar questions in dialogue
13.30-14.00 	A. Kalokerinos Observations on folk metalinguistics(III):
		simasia and simainei

Hall C
12.00-12.30 	G.Henrich Epirotische Dialektspuren in der Tocco-Chronik
		(3. Jahrzehnt des 15. Jhs)
12.30-13.00 	N. Katsanis The dialect of Thessaloniki at the end of
		the17th century
13.00-13.30 	II. Manolessou, Ch. Nifadopoulos Verbal augment in
		Medieval Greek: A first approach
13.30:-14.00	G. Giannoulopoulou, E. Karantzola Semantic elements of
		composition and derivation in late-byzantine texts

14.00-16.30 	Lunch break

Parallel Sessions
Hall A
16.30-17.00 	V. Tokatlidou	The technology "text hybrids" in language
17.00-17.30 	I. Marmarinos, E. Papadimitriou, V. Balassi, E. Renzoula
		The role of metacognitive strategies in the improvement of
 the writing expository texts by secondary education students
17.30-18.00	A. Efthimiou La didactique des noms derives: le cas du
		suffixe -ia
18.00-18.30 	D. Koutsogiannis Internet and language education:
		potential and limitations

Hall B
16.30-17.00 	G. Drettas Marques de focus en grec commun et en
17.00-17.30	S. Lambropoulou The role of otan-clauses in the
		development of discourse topic
17.30-18.00 	K. Nikiforidou Subjective subordination: the marker pu
18.00-18.30	K. Raptis	Wishes and curses: Problems on the
 taxonomie of speech acts

18.30-19.00	Coffee break

Hall A
19.00-19.30 	E. Hodolidou The process towards literacy: students'
		feedback at their written tasks
19.30-20.00 	A. Charalambopoulos Can language teaching activate and
		further develop childrens' intuitions about language?
20.00-20.30 	T. Kostouli On academic listening: some empirical

Hall B
19.00-19.30 	G. Kalogirou From image to discourse: art and
		intertextuality in Yannis Ritsos's Iconostasio Anonymon Agion
19.30-20.00 	Th. Nakas L'oeuvre de papadiamantis a l'ordinateur

SUNDAY 25-4-1999

Invited Speakers
Ceremony Hall- School of Philosophy, Old Building

09.00-10.00 	Brian Joseph
		Typological perspectives on Modern Greek

Parallel Sessions
Hall A
10.00-10.30 	Blanco Xavier, Buvet Pierre-Andre, Gavriilidou Zoe
		Analyse comparee des modifieurs figes en grec moderne,
 francais, espagnol. Vers un dictionnaire electronique
10.30-11.00 	V. Kordoni Annotating large corpora of spontaneous speech
11.00-11.30 	S. Markantonatou, E. Efthimiou Linguistic analysis and
		natural language processing

Hall B
10.00-10.30 	E. Lamprou La diversite semantique des verbes supports
10.30-11.00 	M. Poulopoulou "Additive" and "substractive" readings of
		ektos: A first approach
11.00-11.30	S. Klidi, A. Tsokoglou Negation and small clauses

11.30-12.00 	Coffee break

Hall A
12.00-12.30 	Ch. Alexandri Syntactic analysis and preprocessing of
		German participles for Machine transalation applications
 with Greek as the target-language
12.30-13.00 	X. Kanelliadou Traduction automatique et traitement des
		prepositions: l'exemple de la preposition me (=avec)
13.00-13.30 	G. Orphanos, P. Gakis, A. Iordanidou Morphosyntactic
		ambiguity in Modern Greek: The case of Adjective-Noun-Verb
13.30-14.00	G. Androutsopoulos Spelling variation in latin
		alphabetical Greek email messages

Hall B
12.00-12.30 	E. Koutoupi-Kitis General and specific remarks on
		subordinating connectives of Modern Greek
12.30-13.00	F. Kavoukopoulos Substantifs et phenomenes diathetiques
13.00-13.30	I. Fykias On the nature of prepositional phrases in Modern
		Greek. Some typological remarks and a unified syntactic account
13.30-14.00	A. Tsangalidis What is the subjunctive? Verbal categories
		in Modern Greek dictionaries and grammars

14.00	Lunch at a tavern in Ladadika

17.00	Visit of the Museum of Byzantine Culture
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