LINGUIST List 10.590

Fri Apr 23 1999

Disc: Possession in Hebrew

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  1. Lidia&Baruch, RE: 10.530, Qs: Hebrew, Italian

Message 1: RE: 10.530, Qs: Hebrew, Italian

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 22:22:18 +0400
From: Lidia&Baruch <>
Subject: RE: 10.530, Qs: Hebrew, Italian

Regarding Simona Herdan's query about expression of possession in

There are many languages in the world which have no verb 'to have' and
express possession by means of something like 'a thing is to/with/at
me'. All Semitic, Turkic, some Finno-Ugric languages belong to this
type, as well as Hindi and Russian: u menja jest' brat 'at me is
brother' (I have a brother). Hebrew 'yesh li akh', Arabic 'andi akh'
( stands for voiced pharyngeal fricative), Amharic 'wandemm alle-ny'
= 'brother is-(to)-me'.
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