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Confs: Theoretical Linguistics

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  1. msjihad, IATl 15: programme + conference details

Message 1: IATl 15: programme + conference details

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 19:00:07 +0300 (WET)
From: msjihad <>
Subject: IATl 15: programme + conference details

 IATL 15
 June 16-17 1999

INVITED SPEAKERS: Mark Aronoff (SUNY, Stony Brook)
 Laurence Horn (Yale)
Wednesday June 16th 

The meeting will be held at the Mitzpor, 30th floor, Eshkol Tower.

9.30-10.00 Registration
10.00-10.15 Opening remarks

10.15-11.15 Mark Aronoff (SUNY, Stony Brook)
Using Dictionaries to Study the Mental Lexicon

11.15-11.35 coffee 

11.35-12.15 Ivy Sichel (CUNY) 
Third person pronouns in Hebrew

12.15-12.55 Mark Aronoff, Irit Meir, Wendy Sandler (SUNY, Stony Brook
and Haifa University)
Universal and particular aspects of sign language morphology

12.55-14.20 lunch

14.20-15.00 Anna Roussou (University of Cyprus)
That-t phenomena and minimalism

15.00-15.40 Asya Pereltsvaig (McGill University)
Extent adverbials and structural accusative case

15.40-16.20 Michal Barak (Rutgers) 

16.20-16.40 coffee

16.40-17.20 Yoad Winter (Technion) 
DP structure and flexible semantics

17.20-18.00 Shalom Lappin (King's College, London)
An intensional parametric semantics for vague quantifiers

Thursday June 17th

10.00-11.00 Laurence Horn (Yale)
ANY and (-)EVER: Free choice and free relatives

11.00-11.20 coffee

11.20-12.00 Dimitra Kolliakou and Dwra Alexopoulou (University of
Newcastle and Hebrew University, University of Edinburgh)
On linkhood, topicalization and clitic left dislocation

12.00-12.40 Gerhard Jaeger and Reinhard Blutner (ZAS, Berlin)
Against lexical decomposition in syntax

12.40-14.00 lunch
14.00-14.30 business meeting for iatl members

14.30-15.10 Dafna Graf (University of Duesseldorf) 
Stress assignment in Modern Hebrew

15.10-15.50 Martin Kraemer (University of Duesseldorf) 
Positional faithfulness, positional markedness and underspecification:
Arguments from Breton voicing alternations

15.50-16.30 Jonathan Ginzburg (Hebrew University)
Clarification: evidence against modularity in ellipsis resolution

16.30-16.50 coffee

16.50-17.30 Ian Roberts (University of Stuttgart)
Relativized minimality, features and head movement

17.30-18.10 Tanya Reinhart and Tali Siloni (Tel Aviv University)
Reflexive reduction; lexical and syntactic operation


Richard Breheny (University of Cambridge)
Plurals, Negation and Pural Definites

Nila Friedberg (University of Toronto)
Poetic Meter and Constraint-based theories: the case of Russian verse

Carmen Dobrovie Sorin (University of Paris 7)
Definiteness and Genitives: from Rumanian to Hebrew

Yonata Levy (Hebrew University)
The Wug Technique revisited

Details about accommodation and travel follow; they will also be
available from
Further queries to:


Participants are asked to make their own reservations for accommodation.
Rates, where listed, are for singles, unless otherwise indicated. The
hotel rates listed are special university rates; be sure to mention you
are with a Haifa University conference when you make your reservation. The
country code for Israel is (972), and the area code for Haifa is (4) from
outside the country, (04) from inside. Bus routes are listed, with
estimated (net) travel time. Carmel Taxi Company: 838-2626, Neve Shaanan
Taxi Company: 823-7240


Holiday Inn (4 stars, special introductory rate) $108 Central Carmel
	neighborhood (overlooking the harbor), central
	shopping/restaurant area, 20-25 minute bus ride to the
	university (buses 37, 37A) Tel: 835-0835, Fax: 835-0836

Shulamit (3 stars) $70 Ahuza neighborhood, near shopping/restaurant
	area, 15-minute bus ride to the university (buses 24, 37, 37A,
	30) Tel: 834-2811, Fax: 825-5206

Marom (3 stars) $50 Romema, residential neighborhood, 15-20 minute
	walk to Ahuza shopping/restaurant area (Merkaz Horev),
	20-minute bus ride to the university (bus 24 only, or, from
	Ahuza, lines 24, 37, 37A, 30 ) Tel: 825-4355, Fax: 825-4358


Beit Rotenberg (3 beds to a room; rates are per person, at least two
	to a room) $24 with breakfast Central Carmel neighborhood,
	30-minute bus ride to the university Tel: 838-7958 Ask for

Stella Carmel. This is a guest house in the Druse village Usfiya
	which is suppposed to be open by the time of the conference.
	The picturesque village is about 15 minutes from the
	university by car or taxi. Buses 191 and 192 also go there,
	but schedules should be checked. Tel: 839-1692


Gavrieli Carmel Ahuza, 11 Sinai Street (see Hotel Shulamit for
	information about the area) Tel: 824-3106

Shderot Aba Khoushi (close to university -- 5-7 minute bus ride, see
	Hotel Shulamit for line numbers)) Tel: 824-3564

Hemda Tochler Tel Mane 20, Ahuza (see Shulamit for information about
	the area, but check distance from bus line when you call) Tel:
	825-3426, Mobile Phone: 050-400-920


Dora Makov Keller Street, Central Carmel (see Holiday Inn for
	information about the area) Tel: 838-2680


PARKING PERMIT: If you will be travelling by car, please print out this
message and present it to the guard so that you can be admitted to the
campus for parking.


There is a 'sherut' taxi or van service which departs whenever the car
fills up, and takes you to Haifa for a reasonable rate. In June, they
should fill up fairly quickly. Travel time, about an hour and a
quarter. The bus is not very frequent and takes longer. Once in
Haifa, it is recommended to take a taxi to your lodging, for
convenience ($6-$10). Private taxis from the airport to Haifa cost
$60-80 dollars, but can be shared, and the price split, with a fellow
participant. If you would like to be met at the airport by a private
taxi, let us know by email. Car rentals are cheapest if arranged from


a) by public transportation: 

 There are direct buses to Haifa from Tel-Aviv (both from central bus 
 station, and from the Arlozorof terminal, which is right next to the train 
 station - there are also trains from there every hour or so), from
 Beer-Sheva (passing by Bar-Ilan), and Jerusalem.

 From the Haifa Central Bus Station (which is right next to Bat Galim 
 Train Station, if you take the train), take bus 24 or 37A to the 
 University of Haifa (last two stops on both lines), and get off at the FIRST
 stop in the University, right next to the Eshkol Tower (30 stories high, 
 you cannot miss it).

b) by car from Tel-Aviv and parts south:

 * Take the Coastal Road to Haifa, taking first exit in Haifa 
 (called "Haifa South" - it is near the MATA"M hi-tech center). 
 * The road hooks back south (i.e. to the right). At the first 
 traffic light (in front of MATAM) turn left (there are signs to 
 the University, Technion, and Merkaz Horev) and head up the hill, 
 past the Haifa International Convention Center. 
 This road begins as Flieman Street, then turns into Avraham 
 Weinshal Street and towards the top changes its name to Sigmund Freud 
 Street, which leads to the Horev Center. 
 * Take a sharp right at the top onto the main road along the Carmel ridge, 
 leading southeast to the University (the road is known as Sderot Horev, 
 and later changes its name to Sderot Abba Hushi). 
 * Continue along this road, which winds towards the University, past
 Ramat Begin, Ramat Golda, Ramat Almogi, and Ramat Denya (Hod Ha-Karmel)
 until you have the Carmel Forest on your right, and a dark tall building 
 (the Eshkol Tower of the Haifa University) higher up on your left.
 There is a small turnoff to the left off the main road, which is marked
 "No Entry except for Public Transportation and University Staff".
 Do NOT take this road.
 * Continuing past the Eshkol tower for a few hundred meters until the 
 turnoff (also to the left) to the main entrance to the University.
 * Take another left back towards the Eshkol Tower. 
 Present this letter to the attendant at the barrier. 
 Park as near to the tower as you can get (there are parking lots 
 beyond the tower to the northwest, where are usually empty spaces).

c) once you get to the University

 Upon entering the main building, ask for the elevator to the Eshkol Tower 
 (which can be entered either from the first or fourth floor). The
 three elevators on the left will take you up to the 29th floor; walk 
 one flight up to the Mitzpor.

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