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Thu Apr 29 1999

Calls: M4M final call, Logic colloquium

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  1. Methods for Modalities, M4M Final Call for Participation
  2. Maarten de Rijke, LC'99 Call for Participation

Message 1: M4M Final Call for Participation

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 17:43:51 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Methods for Modalities <>
Subject: M4M Final Call for Participation



Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
University of Amsterdam 
May 6-7, 1999


THEME The workshop `Methods for Modalities' (M4M) aims to bring
together researchers interested in developing proof tools and decision
methods for modal logic broadly conceived, including description
logic, feature logic, temporal logic.

SPECIAL FEATURES To stimulate interaction and transfer of expertise,
M4M will be centered around a number of long presentations by leading
researchers; these presentations will provide both the background and
inside information in a number of key areas. To complement these,
there will be short, focussed presentations aimed at highlighting new
developments, as well as system demonstrations.

Long presentations:
 * David Basin - Verification Based on Monadic Logic
 * Patrick Blackburn - Internalizing Labelled Deduction
 * Ian Horrocks - Tableaux Algorithms and Implementations
 * Hans de Nivelle - Resolution Implementations
 * Renate Schmidt - Using Resolution for Testing Modal Satisfiability and
 Building Models
 * Roberto Sebastiani - Eva luating the Efficiency of Decision Procedures
 for Modal Logics

Contributed papers:
 * Alechina and Immerman - Efficient Fragment of Transitive Closure Logic
 * Bleeker and Meertens - Knowledge in Security Protocols 
 * Cerrito, Mayer, and Praud - First-Order Linear Time Temporal Logic 
 over Finite Time Frames is not Semi-Decidable 
 * Van Eijk, de Boer, van der Hoek, and Meyer - A Modal Interpretation 
 of Quantification 
 * Farinas del Cerro and Gasquet - Tableaux Based Decision Procedures 
 for Modal Logics of Confluence and Density 
 * Governatori and Rotolo - Labelled Modal Sequents 
 * Horrocks and Patel-Schneider - Generating Hard Modal Problems for 
 Modal Decision Procedures 
 * Horrocks, Sattler and Tobies - Practical Reasoning for Description Logics 
 * Ohlbach - A Theory Resolution Style ABox Calculus 

System Demonstrations:
 * Cunningham and Pitt - KE 
 * Hendriks - Akka 
 * Horrocks - FaCT 
 * Marx and Schlobach - lc2
 * de Nivelle - Bliksem 
 * Patel-Schneider - DLP 

Please consult for full details.

The early registration fee for M4M is 100 Dutch guilders; the fee includes 2 
lunches, coffee and tea services as well as a copy of the informal 
workshop proceedings. To register, please visit the registration page

The preferred method of payment is electronically (see the
registration page for details), although it is possible to pay the fee
on the spot, this is strongly discouraged. The late registration fee
is 200 guilders.

Affordable accommodation is very hard to come by in Amsterdam; the
block of rooms reserved for participants of M4M has been fully
booked. If you still need help with your acccommodation, please get in
touch with the M4M secretary Marco de Vries ( asap.

 * Deadline early registration: May 1, 1999
 * Workshop dates: May 6, 7, 1999

PROGRAM COMMITTEE The program committee for M4M consists of Carlos
Areces (Amsterdam), Enrico Franconi (Manchester), Rajeev Gore
(Canberra), Hans de Nivelle (Amsterdam/Saarbruecken), Hans Juergen
Ohlbach (London), Maarten de Rijke (Amsterdam), Holger Schlingloff

SPONSORS M4M is generously sponsored by the Netherlands Organization
for Scientific Research (NWO), the Computational Logic Group at ILLC,
the Spinoza project `Logic in Action', Henry Chinaski Productions, and

RELATED EVENTS On May 10, 1999, ILLC will host a Workshop on Modal
Logics of Space. Please consult its home page at for

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Message 2: LC'99 Call for Participation

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 17:56:40 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Maarten de Rijke <>
Subject: LC'99 Call for Participation

This is to urge you to register as a participant of the European
Summer Meeting of the Association of Symbolic Logic.

Early registration period ends April 30. Please hurry to profit from
our early registration discount.

 August 16, 1999 
 University of Utrecht, NL 

European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic
Utrecht, the Netherlands, August 16, 1999

Wilfrid Hodges (chair, London), Erik Barendsen (Nijmegen), Jan van
Eijck (Amsterdam), Sergei Goncharov (Novosibirsk), Dick de Jongh
(Amsterdam), Alexander Kechris (Pasadena), Peter Koepke (Bonn), Manuel
Lerman (Storrs, Connecticut), David Marker (Chicago), Jaap van Oosten
(Utrecht), Andy Pitts (Cambridge), Albert Visser (Utrecht).

Jan van Eijck (chair), Peter Blok, Paul Dekker, Vincent van Oostrom,
Simone Panka, Maarten de Rijke, Frans Snijders, Yde Venema.

proof theory, model theory, set theory, recursion theory, and
computational logic, with computational logic as the topic of special
focus of the conference.

The scientific program consists of tutorials, invited plenary
lectures, special sessions, and contributed talks. The colloquium is
organized by the University of Utrecht, in collaboration with the
Centre of Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) and the Dutch
Research School in Logic (OzsL).

Group Actions and Countable Models, by Greg Hjorth (Los Angeles),
Ten Topics in Term Rewriting, by Jan Willem Klop (Amsterdam), 
Categories and Types, by Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht), 
Geometric Model Theory, by Anand Pillay (Urbana). 

Samson Abramsky (Edinburgh), Alessandro Andretta (Torino), Sergei
Artemov (Moscow), Lev Beklemishev (Moscow), Peter Cholak (Notre Dame,
Indiana), Deirdre Haskell (Worcester, MA), Dale Miller (Philadelphia),
Andrei Morozov (Novosibirsk), Jan Rutten (Amsterdam), Patrick
Speissegger (Toronto), Steve Todorcevic (Paris), Andreas Weiermann

`Computing With the Guarded Fragment of First Order Logic' and `Logic
Education and Dissemination.'

List of contributed talks to be announced. 

 | Morning | Afternoon | Evening
 Sun, Aug 1 | (arrival) 
 Mon, Aug 2 | Tutorials |Inv+Cont Talks| Reception
 Tue, Aug 3 | Tutorials |Inv+Cont Talks| Evening Session
 Wed, Aug 4 | Inv Talks | Excursion + Conf Dinner 
 Thu, Aug 5 | Tutorials |Inv+Cont Talks| Evening Session
 Fri, Aug 6 | Tutorials |Inv+Cont Talks| Conference Ends 
 Sat, Aug 7 | (departure)

Please note that the 11th European Summer School in Logic, Language
and Information (ESSLLI) will take place in Utrecht, August 920,
with several satellite events. See for
further information.

LC'99 will take place at the Campus of Utrecht University, `de
Uithof', on the skirt of Utrecht. There is a regular bus connection
from Utrecht Central Station to de Uithof; the bus ride takes about 20
minutes. De Uithof can also easily be reached by car. Closest airport
to Utrecht is Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport).

We have both student accommodation and hotel rooms available within
reasonable distance from the conference site. See below. 

The conference arrangement comes in two flavours, Bare (without
accommodation, for those who prefer to make their own accommodation
arrangements) and Simple (with student room accommodation). For those
who prefer more luxury, we have made a special conference deal with a
4 star hotel (see below). For this you should choose the `Bare'
conference arrangement, and arrange your accommodation directly with

Prices for early registration (until April 30, 1999) are: Bare (NLG 400
for students, NLG 500 for nonstudents), Simple (NLG 650 for students,
NLG 750 for nonstudents). Starting from May 1, we charge NLG 100 extra. 

The conference fee includes registration, conference handouts,
conference reception on Monday, conference lunches, tea and coffee,
excursion on Wednesday afternoon to the Kroeller Mueller museum in
Otterlo, and conference dinner on Wednesday evening.

CONTACT ADDRESS (for regular mail submissions and local arrangements): 
Logic Colloquium '99, 
attention of ms. Simone Panka 
CWI, P.O. Box 94079 
1090 GB Amsterdam NL. 
telephone: +31205924009 


Please fill out and return to us, either by email to
or in printed form by regular mail to 

Logic Colloquium '99, 
attention of ms. Simone Panka 
CWI, P.O. Box 94079 
1090 GB Amsterdam NL. 

Surname ______________________________________________

First Name(s) ________________________________________

MrMs + Title ________________________________________

Affiliation __________________________________________

Home or Work Address: homework

Street _______________________________________________

Code, City ___________________________________________

Country ______________________________________________

email _______________________________________________

http _________________________________________________

fulltime student: YESNO

Note: if you register as student you will have to send us proof of
your fulltime student status.

Conference arrangement (please tick one): 

[] Bare (Early Reg Student NLG 400, Late Reg Student NLG 500): 
 I am a full time student and will take care of accommodation

[] Bare (Early Reg NonStudent NLG 500 Late Reg NonStudent 
 NLG 600): I will take care of accommodation myself. 

[] With Simple Accommodation 
 (Early Reg Student NLG 650 Late Reg Student NLG 750): 
 I am a student and want to be lodged in a student room. 

 Breakfast not included. Bring sheets and towels 
 or purchase them.

[] with Simple Accommodation (Early Reg NonStudent NLG 750 
 Late Reg NonStudent NLG 850): 
 I am not a student but still I want to be lodged in a
 student room.

 Breakfast not included. Bring sheets and towels 
 or purchase them.

For those who would like more luxurious accommodation, we have made a
deal with the Mitland Hotel. The special LC'99 price for single rooms
is NGL 150.50 per night, for double rooms NLG 181.50 per night.
This includes breakfast, use of swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath. 

You can make your booking through us. Please fill out the information 
below (this assumes you have the `bare' arrangement, of course): 

[] I would like to book a single room at the Mitland hotel

[] I would like to book a double room at the Mitland hotel. 

My day of arrival is: (choose one) Sun 1Mon 2Tue 3Wed 4

My day of departure is: (choose one) Thu 5Fri 6Sat 7

For further information you can visit their web site, or get in 
touch directly with them via email or phone (they prefer to get 
their bookings through us, though). 

 or phone +31302715824.

 Hotel Mitland is a four star hotel, located east of the city center, 
 in a green scenery. It will host most of the invited speakers. 
 Public transport will get you to the Logic Colloquium location 
 in about 20 minutes, but walking may get you there just as quickly. 
 We have negotiated a special discount on the normal prices in Summer. 
 Please make your arrangements through us. Payment should be arranged 
 directly with the hotel. 

Early registration period ends April 30, 1999. 


I will pay my registration fee of NLG _______ by:
[] banktransfer to RABO Bank, Kamerlingh Onneslaan 210, 1097 DG 
 Amsterdam; account # of "Stichting Wiskunde en 
 Informatica Conferenties" 
[] credit card, number:
 [] American Express
 [] Visa
 [] EuroMasterAccesscard
 Name Cardholder:
 Address Cardholder:
 Expiry date:


NOTE: For early registration, the copy of your bank remittance 
 must reach us by April 30, 1999. 
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