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Thu May 6 1999

Sum: Language & Identity Resources

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  1. Natalia Neumann, Language and Identity

Message 1: Language and Identity

Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 12:14:28 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
From: Natalia Neumann <>
Subject: Language and Identity

Dear all,

Back in January I posted a query about material on 
Sociolinguistics: Language and Identity, especially in 
relation to German.

Thanks for replying (in no particular order):
-Rudolf Muhr
-Rachel Giora
-Raphael Berthele (spezieller Dank!)
-Michael Toolan
-Francisco Yus
-Johnny Thomsen
-Michal Lisecki
-Sharon Shelly
-Nancy Stenson
-Sylvie Dubois
-Peter Oehl

(Sorry if I forgot to mention somebody's name/reference.)

References mentioned to me were:
-Muhr,R. (1993), Internationale Arbeiten zum Oesterr. 
Deutsch und seinen nachbarschaftlichen Bezuegen (Vol.1),
Oesterr. Deutsch: Linguistische, sozialpsycholog. und 
sprachpolitische Aspekte einer nationalen Variante des 
Deutschen (Vol.2),
Oesterr. Deutsch und andere nationale Varietaeten 
plurizentrischer Sprachen in Europa (Vol.3)
-Ariel,M. Giora,R. (1992b),Gender versus group-relation 
analysis of impositve speech acts in: Hall, K., Bucholtz, 
M. and Moonwomon,B. (eds), Locating Power: Proceedings of 
the Second Bekeley Women and Language Conference, April 4/5 
1992, Bekeley: Berkeley Linguistic Society
-Ariel, M. and Giora, R. (1998), A Self versus Other point 
of view in language: Redefining femininity and masculinity, 
Internat. Journal of Sociology of Language, 129, 59-86
-Gumperz, Language and social identity,
 Discourse strategies
-Goffman, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
-Holm,A.e. (1992), Language values of students in 
upper-secondary education in the Faroe Islands, Lancaster 
-Trudgill,P. (1995), Sociolinguistics: an introduction to 
language and society, Penguin
-Dicker, S. (1996), Languages in America, Multilingual 
-Edwards,J. (1985), Language, Society and Identity, 
-Journal of Sociolinguistics, 1/1, 1997
-Raphael Berthele PhD thesis, 
-Anderson,B. (1996), Die Erfindung der Nation: zur Karriere 
eines folgenreichen Konzepts, Campus Verlag
-Chatterjee, P. (1995), The nation and its fragments: 
colonial and postcolonial histories, OUP


Natalia Neumann
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