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Wed May 12 1999

All: LINGUIST Mirrors in Western Europe

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  1. The LINGUIST List, LINGUIST Mirrors in Western Europe

Message 1: LINGUIST Mirrors in Western Europe

Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 10:34:04 -0600
From: The LINGUIST List <>
Subject: LINGUIST Mirrors in Western Europe

Early last month, in LINGUIST 10.497, we notified the list that the
Western European mirror, which the linguistics program at the
University of Tuebingen had so kindly set up and maintained for us,
had ceased operation because of disk-space problems. We asked for
your help in finding some other site at which a mirror could be set
up, so that we could maintain easy access to our site for our
colleagues in Europe.

As a result of this call, two universities, the University of
Stockholm and the University of Edinburgh, proposed to set up LINGUIST
mirrors to replace Tuebingen. We were happy to hear that more than
one site was planning this, since it would give us all a back-up site
in Europe, in case of future problems.

Meanwhile, however, there had been considerable protest in Europe to
the linguistics program at Tuebingen, and through the intervention of
faculty, the sysop at Tuebingen was convinced to reverse his decision
to close down the mirror site.

We are thus delighted to be able announce that we now have no less
than three LINGUIST mirrors in Western Europe, each of them a result
of the generosity of the linguists at these universities. At the
University of Tuebingen we must thank Graham Katz and the Lehrstuhl
fuer Computerlinguistik; at the University of Stockholm we must thank
Ljuba Veselinova and Oesten Dahl; and at the University of Edinburgh
we must thank Cedric Macmartin.

The mirrors may be found at the following URLs:

	The University of Edinburgh:

	The University of Stockholm:

	The University of Tuebingen

Our thanks to everyone

Anthony, Helen and Andrew
Moderators, LINGUIST
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