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Fri May 14 1999

Qs: Kashmiri, Fictional dialogue, Roviana

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  1. Bruce T. Moren, Kashmiri speaker
  2. Michele.Neylon, Analysis of fictional dialogue
  3. Peter Ninnes, Roviana

Message 1: Kashmiri speaker

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 14:36:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Bruce T. Moren <>
Subject: Kashmiri speaker


I am looking for a native speaker of Kashmiri (Dardic Indo-Aryan
language spoken mostly in the Kashmir province of India) to verify the
stress assignment on the words below. Notes about transcription: [I]
is "barred I", [^] is schwa, [C] is the lax mid back vowel "reverse
C", [S] is "esh", and main stress is marked with an apostrophe before
the stressed syllable.

['ba.tI]		'food/cooked rice'
[']		'understand'
[']		'sometime'
[']		'darkness'
['^^.nI]		'mirror'
['ki.taab]		'book'
['baa.sun]		'to seem'
[mC.kI.'laa.vun]	'to finish'
['baa.laa.d^r]		'balcony'
['dee.v^^.lii]		'the Hindu festival of lights'
['k^^.phii]		'enough'
['aa.raam]		'rest'
[mu.']		gloss?
[vah.'raa.vun]		'to spread'
['gi.dun]		'to play'
['y^m.bIr.zal]		'narcissus'
[boo.'dees.var]		'Lord'
['na.kI.voor]		'nostril'
[So.'kIr. vaar]		'Friday'
[vuS.'naa.vun]		'to warm'
[pham.'vaa.rI]		'fountains'
[dar.'vaa.zI]		'door'

Thank you in advance for your help.

Bruce Moren

 Bruce Moren
 Linguistics Department
 University of Maryland
 1401 Marie Mount		
 College Park, MD 20742-7515
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Message 2: Analysis of fictional dialogue

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 18:49:24 +0100
From: Michele.Neylon <>
Subject: Analysis of fictional dialogue

Dear linguists:
I am looking for any references related to the analysis of fictional
dialogue, or the representation of dialogue in fiction. References of
any type would be greatly appreciated. I will post a summary.

Mr. Michele J. Neylon,
Dept. of Languages & Cultural Studies,
University of Limerick,
Tel.: +353-61-202670
Fax: +353-61-202572
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Message 3: Roviana

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 13:07:29 +1000
From: Peter Ninnes <>
Subject: Roviana

I would like to know if anyone is currently working on the Roviana
language from the Western Province, Solomon Islands. Can anyone tell
me what work has been done recently? Has the Roviana dictionary
[Waterhouse, J. H. L. 1949. A Roviana and English
Dictionary. Epworth, Sydney (Revised and enlarged by L. M. Jones)]
been reprinted or revised? I have put a very basic English-Roviana
word list on the web if anyone is interested.

Is anyone else working on electronic resources for this language?

Peter Ninnes

Dr Peter Ninnes
Lecturer in Sociology of Education
School of Education Studies
University of New England
Armidale NSW 2351

Ph (02) 6773 3087 (within Australia) 61 2 6773 3087 (International)
Fax (02) 6773 3350 (within Australia) 61 2 6773 3350 (International)
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