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Fri May 21 1999

Confs: International East Asian Psycholinguistics

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  1. JJ Nakayama, International East Asian Psycholinguistics Workshop

Message 1: International East Asian Psycholinguistics Workshop

Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 11:27:20 -0400
From: JJ Nakayama <>
Subject: International East Asian Psycholinguistics Workshop

International East Asian Psycholinguistics Workshop
The Ohio State University

Language Acquisition (August 3, 1999)

9:00-9:05	Opening Remarks (Peter Culicover, Center for Cognitive 
 Science & Dept. of Linguistics)
9:05-9:45	Yasuhiro Shirai (Cornell University)
		"The Acquisition of Causative Morphology in Japanese: 
 A Prototype Account"
9:45-10:25	Ping Li (University of Richmond)
		"Morphological Generalization and the Acquisition of 
 Semantic Structures"
10:25-10:40	Break
10:40-11:20	Thomas H-K Lee (City University of Hong Kong)
		"Modality and Aspect in the Final Particles of Child Cantonese"
11:20-12:00	Koichi Sawasaki and Mineharu Nakayama (The Ohio State
		"Empty Pronouns in L2 Japanese"
12:00-1:30	Lunch
1:30-2:10	Youngon Choi, Reiko Mazuka & Reiko Yamada (Duke University 
 & ATR)
		"Acquisition of l/r by Japanese and Korean Children"
2:10-2:50 	Sungshim Hong (Chungnam National University)
		"Acquisition of Prenominal Modifiers"
2:50-3:00	Break
3:00-3:40	Chungmin Lee (Seoul National University & University of
 California at Los Angeles)
		"Acquisition of Topic and Subject Markers in Korean"
3:40-4:20	Kazumi Matsuoka (University of Memphis)
		"The Acquisition of Japanese Case Particle ni and the 
4:20-5:00	Hiroko Hagiwara (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
		"Recent Advances in the Neuroscience of Language and 
 their Implications to the Studies of Language Acquisition 
 and Sentence Processing"

Sentence Processing (August 4, 1999)

9:00-9:05	Opening Remarks
9:05-9:45	Sun-Ah Jun and Amy Schafer (University of California at Los
		"Effects of Accentual Phrasing on Adjunct Attachment in Korean"
9:45-10:25	Kathleen Ahrens (National Taiwan University)
		"Timing Issues in On-line Sentence Processing"
10:25-10:40	Break
10:40-11:20	Yuki Hirose (City University of New York)
		"Resolution of Reanalysis Ambiguity in Japanese 
 Relative Clauses"
11:20-12:00	Chu-Ren Huang (Academia Sinica)
		"The Nature of Categorical Ambiguity in Mandarin Chinese"
12:00-1:30	Lunch
1:30-2:10	Keiko Uehara (City University of New York)
		"Case Interpretation in Japanese Sentence Processing"
2:10-2:50	Hiroko Yamashita (University of Illinois)
		"The Role of Word-order and Case Markers in the Processing 
 of Japanese"
2:50-3:00	Break
3:00-3:40	Richard Lewis and Mineharu Nakayama (The Ohio State University)
		"Determinants of Processing Complexity in Japanese 
 Embeddings: New Theory and Data"
3:40-4:20	Reiko Mazuka (Duke University)
		"Processing Japanese Sentences with the Verbs of Giving 
 and Receiving"
4:20-5:00	Tsutomu Sakamoto (Kyushu University)
		"Processing of Filler-gap Constructions in Japanese"

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