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Wed May 26 1999

Qs: Movement, H E Palmer

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  1. Eugene, Cognitive category of movement in English
  2. Roesel, Harold E Palmer

Message 1: Cognitive category of movement in English

Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 02:48:42 +0400
From: Eugene <>
Subject: Cognitive category of movement in English


My Research is primarily concerned with cognitive category of
movement, expressed mainly by verbs and by so called phrasal verbs
(like go out, move in), in particular, in modern English.

I am focusing on a two-fold problem of a)what is category looks like
in general, in other languages, too, and b)how it is currently
represented in English.

I am familiar with R.Langacker's "Space Grammar" and L.Talmy's "Motion
Situation", which prove to be a lot of help in my research.

I also try to apply some "mapping techniques" as developed in
L.Yanda's, A.Herskovits and my own articles.

Since I am rather at the initial stage of the research I would
appreciate any help and recommendations as to how to narrow down the
scope of verbs/words that serve to describe movement, how to
distinguish them from those that are definitely non-movement verbs and
any hints as to how to classify this material into groups.

Because I work mainly within the framework of cognitive paradigm any
new publications on the topic of Linguistic Categories (especially
on-line) would be of much help, too.

 Please, reply directly to me at <> .
 I'll post a summary.

 Many thanks.

Catherine Golubkova,
Moscow Linguistic University,
PhD (The Department of English Lexicology),
Doctorate Degree expected end of 2001.

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Message 2: Harold E Palmer

Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 11:25:27 +0000
From: Roesel <>
Subject: Harold E Palmer

Dear linguist,

I am trying (and have tried since 1996) to get hold of a paper by H E
Palmer published in 1934 titled "An essay in lexicology in the form of
specimen entries in some possible new-type dictionary". My library has
not been successful so far!

It was published as a report to the 11th annual conference of the
I.R.E.T. The University of British Columbia at Vancouver seems to hold
a copy of it. If you have this report, could you share a copy? Please
contact me, if refunding of copy costs is required in advance.

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