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Fri Jun 4 1999

Confs: Strong Position programme

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  1. Tobias Scheer, Strong Position programme

Message 1: Strong Position programme

Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 01:15:29 +0200
From: Tobias Scheer <>
Subject: Strong Position programme

 Round Table

 of the GDR 1954 Phonologie

 The Strong Position
 Lenition and Fortition

 Nice/ France

 June 24-25


We are pleased to announce the programme as shown below. All relevant
information regarding the conference venue, fees etc. is available at

the organisers
Joaquim Brandco de Carvalho
Tobisa Scheer
Philippe Sigiral

 Thursday 24 June 1999

 9.15	Opening

 9.30	Phil Carr & Tajul Aripin Kassin, Newcastle & Toulouse 2
 On Phonological Domains: evidence from Malay
10.10	Tomas Riad, Stockholm
 Scandinavian vowel harmony

10.50	Pause

11.10	Frangois Dell & Mohamed Elmedlaoui, CNRS & Oujda/Morocco
 La syllabation en berbhre: oy en est-on?
11.50	Juliette Blevins, Cambridge
 Understanding phonotactic constraints

12.30	Dijeuner

14.00	Statement of the problem: The Strong Position
14.15	Larry Hyman, Berkely
 Lenition and Fortition in Bantu
14.55	Jean-Philippe Dalbera, Universiti de Nice
 Notes sur la notion de position forte en phonologie romane
15.35	Elsa Gomez-Imbert, CNRS
 Renforcement consonantique en barasana

16.15	Pause

16.40	Lucia Molinu, Grenoble 3
 Le statut de la position initiale de mot en sarde :
 un miroir diformant ?
17.20	Patrick Honeybone, Edge Hill
 Prosodic weakness and phonological weakening; some problems of
18.00	Robert Kirchner, UCLA
 Aperture-Based Lenition Contexts

 Friday 25 June 1999

 9.30	Cicile Fougeron, Paris 3 & Geneva
 Aspects phonitiques de la position forte:
 renforcement articulatoire et coordination temporelle
10.10	Jean-Pierre Angoujard & Delphine Pourin, Universiti de Nantes
 La linition : une analyse rythmique et diclarative

10.50	Pause

11.10	Patrick Sauzet, Paris 8
 La localiti en phonologie : constituance et attenance
11.50	Philippe Sigiral & Tobias Scheer, Universiti de Nice & Paris 7
 Is the Coda Mirror a phonological object?

12.30	Dijeuner

14.00	Piter Szigetvari & Piter Dienes, Budapest
 Consonantal lenition types in VC skeletons
14.40	Joaquim Brandco de Carvalho, Paris 5
 Linition/ fortition, traits glottaux et modhle syllabique
15.20	John Harris, University College London
 Positional strength within the foot

16.00	Pause

16.30	Round Table: Lenition, Fortition, the Strong Position
 free discussion

Giovanna Marotta, Pisa
L'intonation de la modaliti interrogative dans l'italien regional de
Lucques (Toscane)
Lisa Lavoie, Cornell
Phonetic Evidence for Consonant Strength in American English and Mexican

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