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Wed Jun 9 1999

All: LINGUIST and the Y2k Bug

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  1. LINGUIST Network, LINGUIST and the Y2k Bug

Message 1: LINGUIST and the Y2k Bug

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 08:53:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: LINGUIST Network <>
Subject: LINGUIST and the Y2k Bug

Dear Subscribers,

LINGUIST has had some bad news. The developers of listserv software
have admitted that the version which LINGUIST runs is not Year 2000
compliant. As most of you know, listserv is an email-list management
program--the only one, to our knowledge, able to handle a list the
size of LINGUIST. And, as most of you can easily imagine, a Y2K Bug
could play havoc with a date-oriented operation like LINGUIST. So we
have no choice but to upgrade to the newest version of listserv. But
an upgrade costs $2500.

Our recent fund drive netted us $12,000, enough to pay 2 student
editors for 1999-2000, but not enough to appease the Y2K Bug as well.
So we are coming to you for help. If you feel you could donate a
little money to help us purchase the upgrade, please donate 
by credit card at or send a check to:

The LINGUIST Editorial Support Fund
c/o Helen Aristar Dry
Dept. of English Language and Literature
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

We are heartily grateful for the support of the 74 donors, listed
below, who have already contributed this year, making it possible for
us to fund fellowships for next year's LINGUIST editors. Their
generosity is what makes it possible for us to continue year after year. 

However, LINGUIST has 11,900 subscribers. Probably some of you have
been meaning to send us a donation but haven't gotten around to it yet
(and we DO know how that happens, term-endings being what they
are). If you will contribute something now to help us with this unexpected
Y2K expense, we will be sincerely grateful.

-Anthony, Helen, Andrew
LINGUIST Moderators

Our sincere thanks to the 1999 contributors listed below:

Mainstays (over $100)

 Linguistic Association of Great Britain
 Ann-Marie Andrew
 Alan K. Engel
 Graeme Forbes
 Carolyn Hartnett
 Elizabeth Liddy
 Rebecca Larch Moreton
 David Parkinson
 Carlota Smith
 Catherine Walter
 Jung Ju Yoon

 Supporters ($50 - $100)

 Stefano Bertolo
 Corina Chen
 Virginia Clark
 Linda Coleman
 Hortensia Curell
 Laura J. Downing
 Susan Fischer
 Charles Gribble
 Carolyn Grinnell Kirkpatrick
 Nancy Hansmann
 Richard Hudson
 Suzanne Kemmer
 Andrew Mackie
 Lisa Reed and Marc Authier
 M. Lynn Murphy
 Kunio Nishiyama
 Barbara Olson-Herrarte
 Ingo Plag
 Catherine Rudin
 Andreas Schramm
 George A. Senf
 Ute Smit
 Pius ten Hacken
 Elly van Gelderen
 Doug Whalen
 Ronnie Wilbur
 Dovie R. Wylie (in memory of Keith Denning)

Donors ($1 - $50)

 Ozark Center for Language Studies
 University of Canterbury
 Francesca Bargiela
 Elena Bashir
 Katherine Bassein
 Anthony Davis
 Elaine J. Francis
 Rosa J. Garcia
 Frank Gladney
 Henry M. Hoenigswald
 Alice Horning
 Mary Jane Hurst
 Yuri Kite
 Harriet Klein
 Michael Kliffer
 Scott and Rebecca McGinnis
 Edith Moravcik
 Andrea G. Osburne
 Lynn Santelmann
 Ronald Schaefer
 Angelick van Hout

Institutions (over $100)

 Cornell University
 Max Planck Institute
 Arizona State University
 City University of Hong Kong
 Harvard University
 Nanyang Technical University
 Ohio State
 Pacific Search Consultants
 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
 Rutgers University
 Stanford Univ., Computer Sci Dept
 U of Canterbury
 U of Michigan, Dept of Asian Langs
 U of Minnesota, Asian Lang Dept
 University of Maryland, Baltimore County, D of Ed
 University of North Texas
 University of S. Carolina
 University of Surrey

1999 Supporting Publishers

Major Supporters ($500)

 * Blackwell Publishers
 * Edward Arnold Press, Publishers of linguistics and psychology
 * Elsevier Science
 * Holland Academic Graphics (HAG)	
 * John Benjamins Publishing Company
 * Kluwer Academic Publishers
 * Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
 * Lincom Europa
 * MIT Press (Books Division)
 * Mouton de Gruyter
 * Multilingual Matters, Ltd.

Other Supporting Publishers

 * Cascadilla Press
 * CSLI Publications
 * Finno-Ugrian Society
 * IULC Publications
 * Pacific Linguistics
 * Summer Institute of Linguistics
 * Utrecht Institute of Linguistics - OTS
 Vaxjo: Acta Wexionesia

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