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  1. Elizabeth Hume, Perception in Phonology meeting information

Message 1: Perception in Phonology meeting information

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 15:55:11 -0400
From: Elizabeth Hume <>
Subject: Perception in Phonology meeting information


A Satellite Meeting of the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Center for Cognitive
Science, Ohio State University

Date: July 30, 1999, 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Location: Radisson Miyako Hotel, 1625 Post Street, San Francisco
(415) 922-3200. (

Lodging: Information regarding lodging can be found on the ICPhS
website (http://Trill.Linguistics.Berkeley.EDU/icphs/).

Registration: Registration fees for the satellite meeting are $15.00
(US) for students and $25.00 (US) for others (registration includes
buffet lunch and reception). Please *preregister* by Friday, July 9th by
sending a check, payable to the OSU Department of Linguistics, to the
address listed just below. Be sure to include your name, affiliation,
status, and e-mail address.

Registration address:
The Role of Perception in Phonology Satellite Meeting
Department of Linguistics
Ohio State University
222 Oxley Hall
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1298

For further information contact Beth Hume (
or Keith Johnson (

Preliminary Schedule:

Session I:
8:00-8:30	Breakfast

8:30-9:00	Elizabeth Hume & Keith Johnson (Ohio State
		University): The role of speech perception in phonology.
9:00-9:30	Jaye Padgett (UC Santa Cruz): Contrast dispersion and
		Russian palatalization.
9:30-10:00	Richard Wright (UWashington): Perceptual cues in
		contrast maintenance.
10:00-10:15	General discussion

10:15-10:30 	Break

Session 2:
10:30-11:00	Patrice S. Beddor (UMichigan): Conditions on
		perception and their consequences for phonology.
11:00-11:30	Douglas Pulleyblank (UBC): The interaction of
		perceptual salience and phonological prominence: the
		case of glottalization in Wakashan.
11:30-11:45	General discussion

11:45-1:30	Poster Session and Buffet Lunch

Poster Session
o	J. Fraser Bennett (SIL and UTexas, Arlington):
	Glottal epenthesis in Thai as a perceptually-motivated
	displaced contrast
o	Paul Boersma (Amsterdam): Why a separate
	perception grammar?
o	Heidi Fleischhacker (UCLA): The prothesis-
	epenthesis pattern: a perceptual account.
o	Sarah Hawkins and Noel Nguyen ( UCambridge &
	UGeneva): Towards a non-segmental model of word
o	Alexei Kochetov (UToronto): What makes a coda
o	Tivoli Majors (UTexas, Austin & UMissouri, St.
	Louis): Perceptually motivated phonology: The case
	of stress-dependent harmony.
o	Betsy McCall and Kyoko Nagao (Indiana University
	& Konan University): A perception-based account of
	mimetic palatalization in Japanese.
o	Olena Ovcharova (Ohio State University): A
	perception-based study of consonant deletion in
o	Thomas Sawallis (Florida Gulf Coast): A valid
	method for cross-language comparison of acousitc
	cues weights.
o	Stephen Winters (Ohio State University): Testing the
	relative salience of audio and visual cues for stop
	place of articulation

Session 3:
1:30-2:00	Edward Flemming (Stanford): Perceptual learning and
		perceptual distinctiveness in phonology.
2:00-2:30	Randy Diehl (UTexas): Discovering phonological
		universals in the perception of speech analogs.
2:30-3:00	Robert Remez (Barnard College): The multimodal nature
		of speech.
3:00-3:15	General Discussion

3:15-3:30	Break

Session 4:
3:30-4:00	Jennifer Cole (Illinois): The perceptual bases of back and
		nasal harmony.
4:00-4:30	John Ohala (UC Berkeley): Auditory factors in
		asymmetry of direction of some sound changes
4:30-5:00	Donca Steriade (UCLA): A perceptual account of
		directional asymmetries in assimilation and cluster

5:00-5:15	General Discussion

5:15-6:30	Reception
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