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Fri Jun 18 1999

TOC: WORD 50.1, April, 1999

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  1. Ruth M. Brend, WORD, April 1999

Message 1: WORD, April 1999

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 16:02:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ruth M. Brend <>
Subject: WORD, April 1999

Table of Contents, WORD 50.1, April, 1999

Robert de Beaugrande, Sentence first, verdict afterwards: On the
 remarkable career of the "sentence"
Helen Chau Hu, Cohesion and coherence in translation theory and pedagogy
Walter Petrovitz, The syntactic representation of understood subjects

Lyovin, An introduction to the languages of the world (Bender)
Andersen, Empirical studies in diathesis (Bubenik)
Dinneen, General linguistics (Galeas)
Martinez-Gil & Morales Front, Issues in the phonology and morphology of the
 major Iberian languages (Dukes)
Goddard, Handbook of North American indians: Languages (Grant)
ter Meulen, Representing time in natural language (Hewsen)
Verdonk & Weber, Twentieth century fiction: from text to context (Hidalgo)
Wright & Hope, Stylistics: A practical coursebook (Hidalgo)
Harris, Signs of writing (Kaye)
Lawson, More names and naming: An annotated bibliography (Kaye)
Ammon et al, Europdische Identitat und Sprachvielfalt (Pasch)
Jackendoff, The architecture of the language faculty (Prideaux)
Rowley, Morphologische Systeme der nordostbeyerischen Mundarten (Quinn)
Pollock, Langage et cognition: Introduction au programme minimaliste de la
 grammaire generative (Rolfe)
Durand & Laks, Current trends in phonology: Models and methods (Rose)
Hegedus et al., Indo-European, Nostratic, and beyond: Festschrift for Vitalij
 V. Shevoroshkin (Schuhmacher)
Kunitzsch, Reflexe des Orients in Namengut mittelalterlicher europaischer
 literatur (Schuhmacher)
Edmondson & Solnit, Comparative Kadai: The Tai branch (Vajda)
Maiden & Parry, The dialects of Italy (Vizmiller-Zocco)
Hughes, English in speech and writing; Investigating language and literature

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