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Sat Jun 19 1999

TOC: U of British Columbia WPL, March 1999, Vol I

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  1. Suzanne Gessner, University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics

Message 1: University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 16:03:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Suzanne Gessner <>
Subject: University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics

University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics
Current Research on Language and Linguistics
March 1999 - Volume I
Edited by:
Marion Caldecott, Suzanne Gessner & Eun-Sook Kim

Table of Contents
Bob, Tanya:
Tahltan morphophonemic processes in Optimality Theory
Caldecott, Marion: 
Applying licensing by cue to Saanich
Gessner, Suzanne: 
Tone assimilation in Navajo
Gillon, Carrie & Cody Shepherd: 
Intonational pauses and right-dislocation in Navajo
Hirose, Tomio: 
Plains Cree palatalizations in OT
Kaneko, Ikuyo: 
Igede vowel hiatus resolution in Optimality Theory
Kim, Eun-Sook: 
Hypocoristics in Nuu-chah-nulth
Oh, Sun-Young: 
Laryngeal features of stops and pitch accent in Korean
Watt, Linda: 
Roots, lexical suffixes and stress in Skwxwu7mesh
Davis, Henry: 
Subject inflection in Salish
Nakamura, Yumiko: 
Possessor-raising in Bantu languages
Ritchie, Matthew: 
Overt object agreement morphology in standard modern English
Strauss, Uri: 
The negative imperative ban in Hebrew
Wiltschko, Martina: 
The syntax of pronouns and determiners: 
A cross-linguistic study

Also available:

Papers from the Workshop on Structure & Constituency
in Native American Languages
Edited by:
Leora Bar-el, Rose-Marie Dechaine & Charlotte Reinholtz

Table of Contents:
Blain, Eleanor:
Complementizer ka- in Nehiwawewin (Plains Cree)
Camacho, Jose & Liliana Sanchez: 
Three types of conjunction in Southern Quechua
Dechaine, Rose-Marie: 
What Algonquian morphology is really like: 
Hockett revisited	
Johns, Alana: 
The decline of ergativity in Labrador Inuttut
Long, Michelle: 
Obviation and clausal relations in Plains Cree
McGinnis, Martha: 
Is there syntactic inversion in Ojibwa?
Russell, Kevin: 
What's with all these long words anyway?
Sanchez, Liliana: 
Why does Southern Quechua agree in person nominally?
Sandalo, Filomena: 
Categorical projection and phrase structure in Kadiweu

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