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Fri Jun 25 1999

Confs: GLOW Program & Registration

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  1. Yasuaki Abe, Nanzan GLOW Conference Program + Preregistration Info

Message 1: Nanzan GLOW Conference Program + Preregistration Info

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 12:45:37 +0900
From: Yasuaki Abe <>
Subject: Nanzan GLOW Conference Program + Preregistration Info

GLOW Conference
Nanzan University, Nagoya, JAPAN
September 19 - 22, 1999
Generative Linguistics in the Old World
Program and Preregistration Information

11:00-	Registration
1:00 	Opening Remark

1:15 	Artemis Alexiadou and Elena Anagnostopoulou
	U. Tubingen/AUTH and U.Crete
	"Case, Agreement and (Non-)Deficient Tense"

2:15	Hiroyuki Ura
	Osaka University
	"Closeness and the Role of Case in Checking Theory"

3:15 	Break

3:30 	Jonah Tzong-Hong Lin
	University of California, Irvine
	"Unselectiveness of Subject and Object in Chinese and
	a Typology of Phrase Structure"

4:30	Mikinari Matsuoka
	McGill University
	"Two External Arguments in One Clause"

5:30	Break

5:45	L.M.Savoia and M.R. Manzini
	Universita Degli Studi di Firenze
	"Towards an Elimination of Ranking in Syntax:
	Object Clitics"

9:00	Coffee

9:15	Yoshihisa Kitagawa and Jiyoung Yoon
	Yokohama National University and Indiana University
	"Smaller Clauses"

10:15	Carlo Cecchetto
	Universita di Siena
	"Unlabelled Objects and Detachment
	towards the 'Wrong' Direction"

11:15	Break

11:30	Hajime Hoji, Satoshi Kinsui, Yukinori Takubo
	and Ayumi Ueyama
	University of Southern California, Osaka University,
	Kyushu University, and Kyoto University of Foreign
	"Demonstratives, Bound Variables, and 'Reconstruction' Effects"

12:30	Lunch Break

1:45	K.G.Vijayakrishnan
	Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages,
	"Laryngeal Neutralization and Alternation in Bangla
	and Meitei"

2:45	K. David Harrison
	Yale University
	"Harmony and Underspecification in Tuvan"

3:45	Break

4:00	Invited Lecture
 |	C.-T. James Huang
 |	University of California, Irvine
5:30	"Passives East and West"

6:00	Dinner Party

9:00	Coffee

9:15	Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai
	National Tsing Hua University and
	University of California, Irvine
	"Lexical Courtesy Revisited: Evidence from Tsou
	and Seediq Wh-Constructions"

10:15	Meltem Kelepir
	Massachusetts Institute of Technology
	"Scope of Negation:
	Evidence from Turkish NPIs and Quantifiers"

11:15	Break

11:30	Keun-Won Sohn
	Hanyang University
	"Deletion or Copying? Right Node Raising in Korean
	and Japanese"

12:30	Lunch Break

1:15 	Business Meeting

2:00	Kazutaka Kurisu
	University of California, Santa Cruz
	"Morpheme Realizations and Phonological Exponence"

3:00	Jay I. Rifkin
	Massachusetts Institute of Technology
	"The Cross-linguistic Consequences of Prosodic Word

4:00	Break

4:15	Youngjun Jang
	Chungang University
	"A Scalar Approach to ANY in English and Korean"

5:15	Uli Sauerland
	COE, Kanda University of International Studies
	"Structure and Derivation of Restrictive Relatives"

9:00	Coffee

9:15	Hisatsugu Kitahara
	Keio University
	"A Derivational Interpretation of Scrambling Sites"

10:15	Adolfo Ausin
	University of Connecticut
	"Spelling out Multiple Spell-out"

11:15	Break

11:30	K. A. Jayaseelan
	Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages,
	"A Focus Phrase above vP"

12:30	Lunch Break

- -----------------------------------------------------------
 Nanzan Workshop on Argument Structure
- -----------------------------------------------------------
1:45	Anoop K. Mahajan
	University of California, Los Angeles
	"Complex Predicates and Case in Hindi"

2:45	Akira Watanabe
	University of Tokyo
	"Parametric Variations in Noun Incorporation"

3:45	Break

4:00	James Higginbotham
	Oxford University
	"On the Syntactic Representation of Tense and Aspect"
- ------------------------------------------------------------
5:00	Closing Remark
If you plan to attend the conference, we encourage you to preregister.The
registration fees are as follows:

prereg.: regular Y6,000 ($40), students Y3,000 ($20)
on site: regular Y8,000 ($60), students Y4,000 ($30)

Please find more info at

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