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Wed May 3 2000

Qs: Pro-drop Germanic Languages

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  1. Hank Mooney, Pro-drop Germanic Languages

Message 1: Pro-drop Germanic Languages

Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 14:43:42 -0700
From: Hank Mooney <>
Subject: Pro-drop Germanic Languages

In a recent query about pro-drop languages, the conclusion was arrived
at that most of the world's languages *are* pro-drop, making
non-pro-drop languages the exception. Thinking about the languages I
know something about, I could not come up with a Germanic language (I
use the term in the widest sense, inlcuding Norwegian and it's
relatives) that is pro-drop. Standard German is not, despite a highly
developed system of verbal inflection. Does anyone know if *any* of the
Germanic languages is pro-drop?

Hank Mooney
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