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Thu May 4 2000

Confs: Afroasiatic Languages (CAL 5), Paris France

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  1. Jacqueline Lecarme, Afroasiatic Languages (CAL 5), Paris France

Message 1: Afroasiatic Languages (CAL 5), Paris France

Date: Thu, 04 May 2000 15:00:29 +0100
From: Jacqueline Lecarme <>
Subject: Afroasiatic Languages (CAL 5), Paris France


		 5th International Conference on
		 Afroasiatic Languages
			 Paris, France

			 28-30 June 2000

The 5th International Conference on Afroasiatic Linguisitics will be
held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 28-30, 2000, at Universit�
Paris VII-Denis Diderot, 2 place Jussieu (M�tro Jussieu).

Invited speakers for CAL5 are Mohand Guerssel (UQAM), R.J. Hayward
(SOAS), and Alec Marantz (MIT).

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Wednesday, 28 June 2000		
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8.45-9.00	Jochem Hoock, Vice President of Denis Diderot University
 Opening remarks

9.00-9.45	Jamal Ouhalla, QMWC London
 Complementizers and Clitic-Second in Berber

9.45-10.00	Girma Halefom and John Lumsden, UQAM
 Decomposing the Perfect Conjugation

10.00-10.45	Tal Siloni, Tel Aviv University
 Case Checking in Phonology

10.45-11.00	Pause

11.00-11.45	Lina Choueiri, University of Southern California
 Yes-No questions, focus, and PF movement

11.45-12.00	Adam Ussishkin, University of Santa Cruz
 Templatic Effects as Fixed Prosody: the Verbal System 
 in Semitic

12.00-14.00	Pause

14.00-14.45	Melanie Green and Phil Jaggar, University of Sussex and SOAS
 Exhaustive Listing vs. New Information Focus in Hausa:
 morphosyntactic-semantic correlations?

14.45-15.00	Eugene Buckley, University of Pennsylvania
 Emergent vowels in Tigrinya templates

15.00-15.15	Pause

15.15-16.00	David Swinburne, Tel Aviv University
 Context-dependent Prepositions: the Semantics of `Be'

16.00-16.45	Sabrina Bendjaballah, Institut f�r Sprachwissenschaft, Vienna
 The internal structure of the determiner in Bedja

16.45-17.30	Edit Doron, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
 Transitivity Alternations in the Semitic Template System

17.30-17.45	Pause

17.45-18.45	Invited Speaker: R.J. HAYWARD
 Omotic: the 'empty quarter' in Afroasiatic Linguistics

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Thursday, 29 June 2000		
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9.00-9.45	Abdelkader Fassi Fehri, IRA - Universit� Mohammed 5
 Transitivity, Aspect, and Number

9.45-10.00	Chris Reintges, Leiden University
 A Configurational Approach to Second Tenses in Coptic Egyptian

10.00-10.45	Ivy Sichel, City University of NY Graduate Center
 Phrasal Movement in Hebrew DPs

10.45-11.00	Pause

11.00-11.45	Tabea Ihsane, Universit� de Gen�ve
 'That's a demonstrative: that's a head !'

11.45-12.00	David Le Gac, Universit� Paris 7
 Tonal Alternations in Somali

12.00-12.45	Denise Perrett, SOAS
 The Dynamics of Tense Construal: clause chaining in Hadiyya

12.45-14.00	Pause

14.00-14.45	Outi Bat-El, Tel Aviv University
 Anti-faithfulness: An Inherent Morphological Property

14.45-15.30	Irena Botwinik-Rotem, Tel Aviv University
 The thematic and Categorial Status of Ps: the Dative,
 Directional, Locative Distinction

15.30-16.15	Karim Achab, McGill University
 Ordre des mots, topicalisation et alternance d'�tat en berb�re

16.15-16.30	Pause

16.30-17.15	Degif Petros Banksira, MIT
 Phonemic Decomposition

17.15-18.00	Ur Shlonsky, Universit� de Gen�ve
 The form of Semitic noun phrases

18.00-18.15	Pause

18.15-19.00 Invited Speaker: Mohand GUERSSEL, UQAM
 Branching rimes

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Friday, 30 June 2000		
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9.00-9.45	Elabbas Benmamoun, University of Illinois
 Lexical Relations and the Role of the Imperfective
 Template in Arabic Morphology

9.45-10.00	Mara Frascarelli, Universit�di Roma Tre
 Somali waxaa Cleft Constructions: A Small Clause analysis

10.00-10.45	Fran�ois Dell and Mohamed Elmedlaoui, EHESS-CNRS and
 University of Oujda
 Syllabification in Moroccan Arabic and how it differs
 from that in Tashlhiyt Berber

10.45-11.00	Pause

11.00-11.45	Philippe Schlenker, ENS France and USC
 Indexicality, Logophoricity, and Plural Pronouns

11.45-12.00	Kimary Shahin, Birzeit University, Israel
 Vowel Innovation in Arabic: Inductive Grounding and
 Pattern Symmetry

12.00-14.00	Pause

14.00-14.45	Nora Boneh, Universit� Paris 3
 On Information Packaging Strategies and Syntactic
 Structure in Modern Hebrew

14.45-15.00	Robert Ratcliffe, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
 The Plural System of Moroccan Arabic in Diachronic Perspective

15.00-15.15	Pause

15.15-16.00	Alhaji M. Gimba, UCLA and University of Maiduguri, Nigeria
 Verbal Plurality in Bole

16.00-16.45	Ali Idrissi, UQAM
 Word Formation and Transfer in Templatic Morphology

16.45-17.30	Ilan Hazout, University of Ha�fa
 Argument Control and Purpose Phrases in Hebrew

17.30-17.45	Pause

17.45-18.15	Business Meeting

18.15-19.15	Invited Speaker: Alec MARANTZ, MIT
 Roots: The Universality of Root and Pattern Morphology


Maher Bahloul, King Saud University
The Syntax of Negative Adverbs in Arabic

Maarten Mous and Rint Sybesma, Leiden University
Object positions in Iraqw and the composition of the sentence

Naima Louali and Gilbert Puech, ISH Lyon 2 
Pr�sence et interpr�tation phonologique d'une voyelle radicale dans les
formes nominales et verbales du berb�re

Moha Ennaji and Fatima Sadiqi, University of Fes
Subject and Dative Clitics in Berber

Mohammed Diriye Abdullahi, Universit� de Montr�al
Is Somali a Tone Language?

Georgine Ayoub, Universit� Paris 7
Les modes de l'�nonciation en arabe litt�raire et en arabe libanais

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