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Sat May 6 2000

Confs: Tone Symposium

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  1. david odden, Tone Symposium

Message 1: Tone Symposium

Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 16:36:53 +0200
From: david odden <>
Subject: Tone Symposium


A conference on Tone will be held at the University of Troms�, June
5-7, 2000. The first day of the conference will be workshops on three
typologically diverse areas of tonology conducted by specialists in
the typology of Chinese (Mathew Chen), Scandinavian (Gjert
Kristoffersen), and African languages (David Odden). The remaining
days of the conference will be presentation of papers.


June 5
David Odden, Overview of African Tone
Matthew Chen, Overview of Chinese Tone
Gjert Kristoffersen, Overview of Scandinavian Tone
Ove Lorentz "Tonogenesis in Pitch-Accent Languages"

June 6
Tomas Riad "Diachronic Traits in the Scandinavian Tone Accent
David Weber "A Synopsis of Bora Tone"
Akin Akinlabi & Mark Liberman "Tonal Complexes"
Cheryl Zoll "Tone Mapping as Clash and Lapse Avoidance"
Justin Watkins "Phonation type phenomena in Burmese Tone"
Mary Bradshaw "Tone and its Phonological Interaction with
Constance Kutsch Lojenga "Depressor Consonants in African
Bill Idsardi & Peter Avery "Tonal Representation and Consonant-Tone
Farida Cassimjee & Charles Kisseberth "Opaque and Depressed:
 Tone in Giryama"

June 7:
Paul DeLacy "Heads, Non-Heads, and Tone"
Inga McKendry "The Tone System of SE Nochixtlan Mixtec: an
 Autosegmental Approach"
Marcelino Liphola "Syntax and Tone in Shimakonde"
Torben Andersen "Tones of Nouns in Mabaan"
Aaron Broadwell "The Verbal Tonology of Two Zapotecan Languages"
Mike Cahill "Tonal Diversity in Languages of Papua New Guinea"
Carlos Gussenhoven "The Dutch Dialects Of Maastricht And Roermond:
 What To Do With A Lexical Tone In An Intonationally Rich Language"
Linda Heijmans "Production and Perception of Lexical Tone in the
 Dutch Dialect of Tongeren"
Ben Hermans & Marc Oostendorp "On the Interaction Between Vowel
 Quality and Tone Quality in Limburg Dialects"

Information about the conference, accomodations, registration, and the
schedule can be gotten by emailing to or online
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