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Wed May 10 2000

Books: NELS Proceedings, Phonology

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  1. Elliott A Moreton, Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 28
  2. Elliott A Moreton, Phonology: Transderivational Identity, L. Benua's Dissertation
  3. Elliott A Moreton, Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 29

Message 1: Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 28

Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 14:21:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Elliott A Moreton <>
Subject: Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 28

(NELS 28 Conference proceedings, mixed)

P. Tamanji & K. Kusumoto (eds.). Proceedings of the Northeast
Linguistics Society (NELS) 28, University of Toronto. Book, 2 volumes
(not sold separately), $30. For ordering information, visit our Web

* Agbayani: Generalized Pied-Piping and Island Effects *
Anagnostopoulou, Iatradou, Izvorski: On the Morpho-Syntax of the
Perfect and How it Relates to its Meaning * Authier: When Syntax
Overrules Semantics * Boskovic: LF Movement and the Minimalist Program
* Buckley: Integrity and Correspondence in Manam Double Reduplication
* Causley: Variable Markedness and Fixed Hierarchies * Cho: A New
Analysis of Korean Inalienable Possession Constructions * Davis &
Matthewson: Determiners, Finiteness, and the Entity/Event Distinction
* Davis & Toretta: An Optimality-Theoretic Account of Compensatory
Lengthening and Geminate Throwback in Trukese * Ernst: The Scopal
Basis of Adverb Licensing * Harley & Noyer: Mixed Nominalizations,
Short Verb Movement and Object Shift in English * Izvorski:
Non-Indicative Wh-complements of Possessive and Existential Predicates
* Karimi & Lobeck: Specificty Effects in English and Persian *
Karvonen and Sherman: Opacity in Icelandic: A Sympathy Account *
Kural: Passives Without Argument Incorporation * Law: A Unified
Analysis of P-Stranding in Romance and Germanic * Lechner: Phrasal
Comparatives and DP-Structure * Massar & Gerken: Abstract Output: An
Optimality Theoretic Analysis of Children's Omissions from
Prosodically Complex Structures* McGinnis: Locality and Inert Case *
Meinunger: A Monoclausal Structure for (Pseudo-) cleft Sentences *
Nakamura: Global Issues * Ota: The Emergence of the Unmarked in Early
Prosodic Structure * Reuland: Structureal Conditions on Chains and
Binding * Rooryck and Vanden Wyngaerd: The Self as Other: A Minimalist
Approach to Zich and Zichzelf in Dutch * Di Sciullo and Tenny:
Modification, Event Structure and the Word/Phrase Assymetry* Shaer:
Adverbials, Functional Structure and Restrictiveness * Sharvit:
Possessive Wh-Expressions and Reconstruction * Silverman: Alveolar
Stops in American English, and the nature of allophony * Simpson:
VP-final modals and Pied Piping in S.E. Asian * Stepanov: On
Wh-Fronting in Russian * Tesar: Using the Mutual Inconsistency of
Structural Descriptions to Overcome Ambiguity in Language Learning. *
Wu: Topic, Floating Quantifiers and Partitivity *
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Message 2: Phonology: Transderivational Identity, L. Benua's Dissertation

Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 14:23:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: Elliott A Moreton <>
Subject: Phonology: Transderivational Identity, L. Benua's Dissertation

(Dissertation, phonology)

L. Benua (University of Massachusetts). Transderivational Identity:
Phonological Relations between Words. Book, $20. To order, visit our
Web page:


This dissertation sets out a theory of phonology-morphology
interaction consistent with parallelist Optimality Theory. The core
idea is that word formation rules -- e.g., affixation of _cat_ to
yield _cats_ -- are mirrored by an identity relation between the
derived word and its base word. This phonological relation, which
holds between two surface forms, is called output-to-output (OO)
correspondence, and is conceived as part of the Correspondence Theory
of faithfulness proposed by McCarthy & Prince (1995). Thus, like
input-to-output (IO) faithfulness, OO-faithfulness is regulated by
ranked and violable constraints in a monostratal grammar.
OO-faithfulness competes with IO-faithfulness (and with markedness
constraints) in the optimization of pairs of related words, or

This theory is motivated by a class of cases in which identity of
related words surpasses what is expected from shared underlying form.
In these cases, a derived word violates a phonotactic pattern to
better resemble its base word -- e.g., _c"ond"ens'ation stresses its
second syllable, and violates a constraint against stress clash, to
achieve identity with its base _c"ond'ense_. Previous analyses of
these patterns rely on serial ordering, allowing _c"ond'ense_ to serve
as an intermediate stage in the derivation of _c"ond"ens'ation_.
OO-correspondence obviates serialism, explaining so-called "cyclic
effects" as the product of constraint ranking in fully parallel

This dissertation will be published by Garland Press in 2000.
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Message 3: Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 29

Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 14:19:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: Elliott A Moreton <>
Subject: Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 29

(NELS 29 Conference proceedings, mixed)

P. Tamanji, M. Hirotani, & N. Hall (eds.) Proceedings of the
Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS) 29, University of Delaware.
Book, 2 vols. (not sold separately), $36. For ordering information,
visit our Web page:

* Agbayani: The Locality and Optionality of Scrambling * Ahh: Vowel
Length-Driven Syllable Weight * Alexiadou: Remarks on the Syntax of
Process Nominals: An Ergative Pattern in Nominative-Accusative
Languages * Alexiadou and Anagnostopolou: Non-active Morphology and
the Direction of Transitivity Alternations * Anagnostopulou: On
Clitics, Feature Movement and Double Object Alternations * Baker and
Stewart: Verb Movement, Objects, and Serialization * Bird:
Multidimensional Exploration of Online Linguistic Field Data * Blight:
Subject Positions and Ellipsis * Boeckx: Expletive Split: Existentials
and Presenatationals * Branigan and Mackenzie: Binding Relations and
the Nature of 'pro' in Innu-aimun * Co^te: Edge Effects and the
Prosodic Hierarchy: Evidence from Stops and Affricates in Basque *
Drozd and Koster: Dutch Children's Comprehension of Bound Variable
Constructions * Duffield and Matsuo: On the Acquisition of Ellipsis
and Anaphora by First and Second Language Learners * Elbourne: Some
Correlations between Semantic Plurality and Quantifier Scope * Ernest:
Adjuncts, The universal Base, and Word Order typology * Fernald: An
Anaphoric Account of Stage-Level Predicates * Gafos and Lombardi:
Consonant transparency and vowel echo * Hansson: 'When in Doubt...':
Intraparadigmatic Dependencies and Gaps in Icelandic * Jun:
Generalized Sympathy * Karvonen and Sherman: Opacity in Icelandic: A
Sympathy Account * A. Kathol and Vanbik: Morphology-Syntax Interface
in Lai Relative Clauses * Kim: Constraints on the Formation of Korean
and English Resultative Constructions * Kim: Tone Spread Decomposed *
Kochetov: Constraints on Distribution of Palatalized Stops: Evidence
from Licensing by Cue * Kondrashova: Barenaked Tenses and Their
Morphological Outfits * Landou: Control and Extraposition: The Case of
Super-Equi * Lee: Evidence for Tense in a "Tenseless" Language *
J. A. Legate: On the Interpretation of Indefinites * Miller-Ockhuizen:
Reduplication in Ju| 'hoansi: Tone Determines Weight * Monachesi:
Syntactic and Prosodic Properties of Italian Restructuring Verbs *
Moren: Syllable Weight Asymmetries in Distinctive and Coercive
Environments * Ochi: Multiple Spell-Out and PF Adjacency * Rooryck and
Wyngaerd: Puzzles of Identity: Binding at the Interface * Sauerland:
Why Variables? * Schmitt and Munn: Against the Nominal Mapping
Parameter: Bare Nouns in Brazilian Portuguese * Shimoyama: Complex NPs
and Wh-Quantification in Japanese * Soh: Object scrambling in Chinese:
A comparison with scrambling in Dutch and German * StjepanoviD:
Multiple Sluicing and Superiority in Serbo-Croatian * Toivonen:
Swedish Place Expressions * Tokizaki: Prosodic Phrasing and Bare
Phrase Structure* Tortora Agreement, Case, and i-subjects * Toyoshima:
Move 1st: A Dynamic Economy Plan * Vegnaduzzo and Szalai: Sequence of
Aspects (and Lack thereof) in Naudm * Villalta: Resolution of Scope
Ambiguities in 'How Many' Questions * vukiD: On Case and the Minimal
Link Condition * Zhang: The /n/-/ / Asymmetry upon /\ /-Suffixation in
Beijing and Elsewhere -- A Phonetically Based OT Analysis * Zhou:
Mandarin Negations as Negative Aspectual Elements *
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