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Wed May 10 2000

Confs: Fourth Utrecht Biannual Phonology Workshop

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  1. Rene Kager, Fourth Utrecht Biannual Phonology Workshop

Message 1: Fourth Utrecht Biannual Phonology Workshop

Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 12:37:38 +0200
From: Rene Kager <>
Subject: Fourth Utrecht Biannual Phonology Workshop

Program, Fourth Utrecht Biannual Phonology Workshop, 22-23 June, 2000.

Theme: Typology in Phonology

Organisers: Rene Kager & Wim Zonneveld (Utrecht Institute of
Linguistics OTS) Invited speakers: Ellen Broselow (SUNY Stony Brook)
and Paul Kiparsky (Stanford University)

Further information:

Thursday, 22 June 

10:00 Heather Goad (McGill University): "Asymmetries between child and
adult grammars: is maturation needed?"

10:45 Bruce Mor�n (Georgetown University): "Using optimality theory to
re-examine the nature of typology: an example from phonological weight theory"

11:30 coffee break 

12:00 Anthi Revithiadou (Leiden University): "'Impossible systems': a
typological survey of lexical accent systems"

12:15 lunch 

14:00 Evan Mellander (McGill University): "The uneven trochee and
quantitative adjustment"

14:45 Sharon Peperkamp & Emanuel Dupoux (Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives
et Psycholinguistique, Paris): "Two typological gaps in stress systems:
arguments from early language acquisition" 

15:30 discussion session: theme to be announced 

16:00 tea break 

16:15 Ellen Broselow (State University of New York, Stony Brook), invited
speaker: "Positional asymmetries: phonology on the edge"

Friday, 23 June 

10:00 Charles Reiss (Concordia University): "Possible and impossible
conditions on rules"

10:45 Kimary Shahin (Birzeit University): "Impossible underlying V

11:30 coffee break 

12:00 Olga Petrova, Rosemary Plapp, Catherine Ringen (University of Iowa),
and Szil�rd Szentgy�rgyi (University of Veszpr�m): "Why are there no
aspirated stops in Hungarian and Russian?"

12:15 lunch 

14:00 Wouter Jansen (University of Groningen): "A grounded account of
voicing in obstruent clusters"

14:45 Haruka Fukazawa (Kyushu Institute of Technology) & Linda Lombardi
(University of Maryland, College Park): "To be simple or not to be:
constraint structure in Optimality Theory"

15:30 discussion session: theme to be announced 

16:00 tea break 

16:15 Paul Kiparsky (Stanford University), invited speaker: "Types of vowel

Ren� Kager

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The Netherlands

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