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Wed May 10 2000

Confs: Athabaskan Prosody/Athabaskan Language

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  1. S. Hargus, Workshop on Athabaskan Prosody and Athabaskan Language Conference

Message 1: Workshop on Athabaskan Prosody and Athabaskan Language Conference

Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 14:05:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: S. Hargus <>
Subject: Workshop on Athabaskan Prosody and Athabaskan Language Conference

Please note: the workshop will take place on Friday, June 9, as planned,
but the conference will now take place on only Saturday, June 10.

The program can also be found on the conference web site:


 Workshop on Athabaskan Prosody
 Moricetown, B.C.
 June 9, 2000


Presentations are 30 minutes with 10 minutes for questions.

9	Welcoming remarks: ____________ (local person), Tonia Mills (UNBC)

9:15-9:55 Jeff Leer, University of Alaska Fairbanks: How stress shapes the
stem in Athabaskan

9:55-10:35 Sharon Hargus, University of Washington: Quality and quantity
issues in Witsuwit'en word stress


10:50-11:30 Bill Poser, Carrier Sekani Tribal Council and UBC: An acoustic
study of Dakelh (Carrier) pitch accent

11:30-12:10 Gary Holton, University of Alaska Fairbanks: Tone and
intonation in Tanacross

Lunch break 

1:30-2:10 Suzanne Gessner, University of British Columbia: Properties of
tone in Chipewyan

2:10-2:50 Siri Tuttle, UCLA: Locations and realizations of prominence in
Athabaskan languages


3:10-3:50 John Alderete, University of British Columbia: Word level
prosody in Tahltan, a historical and phonetic exploration

3:50-4:15 Discussion (Michael Krauss, University of Alaska Fairbanks,
invited discussant)

 Athabaskan Language Conference
 Moricetown, B.C.
 June 10, 2000


Presentations are 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. In the
morning, two sessions will be run concurrently, one set of primarily
academic presentations and another set of primarily pedagogical
presentations. Some slots for pedagogical presentations are still

9	Welcoming remarks

9:15-9:45 Sally Rice, University of Alberta: Posture and existence
predicates in Dene Sounline (Chipewyan): Lexical and semantic density as a
function of the STAND/SIT/LIE continuum

9:15-9:45	(Language program report)

9:45-10:15 Ted Fernald, Swarthmore: Athabaskan Satellites and ASL

9:45-10:15	(Language program report)


10:30-11:00 Gunnar Olafur Hansson, University of California Berkeley:
Chilcotin Vowel Flattening and Sibilant Harmony: Diachronic Cues to
a Synchronic Puzzle

10:30-11:00 Lynda Holland, Holland Educational Consulting: Lost and
Found: The Dene Elder's Project, Voices from the Past

11:00-11:30 Edward Vajda, Western Washington University, Ket verb
morphology and its parallels with Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit: Possible
evidence of a distant genetic link

11:00-11:30	(Language program report)

11:30-12 Sally Rice et al., Cold Lake Chipewyan revitalization

Lunch break

1:30-2 Alfred Joseph, Tse-Kya (Hagwilget) Band: The role of the
Witsuwit'en and Gitksan languages in Delgamuukw v. The Queen

Multi-media fair: 2-4:30

John Alderete and Tanya Bob, University of British Columbia:
Transcriber 1.4.2 as a tool for annotating large sound files in

Eric Lockard, Salina Bookshelf: The Navajo Language: A Grammar and
Colloquial Dictionary on CD ROM

J. Randolph Radney, Trinity Western University and the Canada
Institute of Linguistics: Overview of LinguaLinks

5:30	Farewell feast (All clans feast/barbecue, Moricetown campground)

Sunday, June 11 

No formal conference events are scheduled. However, the local organizing
committee will be organizing a community tour and an interpretive walk to
Moricetown Lake.

Sharon Hargus Department of Linguistics (206) 685-4263
 University of Washington FAX (206) 685-7978
 Box 354340 
 Seattle WA 98195-4340
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