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Thu May 11 2000

Sum: Maternal Input and Cognition

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  1. Thora Tenbrink, Maternal Input and Cognition

Message 1: Maternal Input and Cognition

Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 12:26:27 +0200
From: Thora Tenbrink <>
Subject: Maternal Input and Cognition

For Query: Linguist 11.947

Some time ago, I posted a query concerning the investigation of maternal
speech in connection with cognitive development.
I wish to thank everybody who supplied me with relevant and helpful
information and who indicated their interest.

Here's a list of publications relevant to the topic: 

Flynn, Valerie (1998). Pragmatic Aspects of Mothers' Speech: Consideration
of Context, Child Age, 
Frequency of Utterance, and Attentional Focus. Ph.D Diss., Northern
Illinois University, available at

Kavanaugh, R.D. (1979). Observations on the role of logically constrained
sentences in the comprehension of before and after. Journal of Child
Language 6, 353-359

Kearins, J. M (1981) Visual spatial memory in Australian Aboriginal
children of desert regions. Cognitive Psychology 13, 434-460

Nelson, K. (1996) Language in Cognitive Development: The Emergence of the
Mediated Mind, Cambridge University Press.

Regier, Terry (1997) Constraints on the learning of spatial terms: A
computational investigation. In Medin, D., Schyns, P., and Goldstone, R.,
editors, Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 36: Mechanisms of
Perceptual Learning. pp. 171-217, San Diego: Academic Press.

Rogers, Don. 1978. Information about word-meanings in the speech of parents
to young children. In Robin N. Campbell and Philip T. Smith (eds), Recent
advances in the psychology of language. Language Development and
Mother-Child Interaction. New York: Plenum Press. (pp 187-198) 

Smiley, P., & Huttenlocher, J. (1995). Conceptual development and the
child's early words for events, objects, and persons. In M. Tomasello & E.
Merriman (Eds.), Beyond names for things: Young children's acquisition of
verbs (pp. 
21-62). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Stoel-Gamon, C. & Scliar-Cabral, L. "Emergence of the reportative function
in child speech", in G. Nickel (ed.) Proceedings of the 4th AILA World
Congress, HochschulVerlag, Stuttgart, 1976: 389-398. 

Tanz, Christine (1980). Studies in the acquisition of deictic terms.
Cambridge University Press.
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