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Fri May 12 2000

Jobs: French Language Teacher, United Nations NY

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  1. Mr.Richard Malikongwa, French Language Teacher at United Nations, New York USA

Message 1: French Language Teacher at United Nations, New York USA

Date: 11 May 2000 14:47:59 -0000
From: Mr.Richard Malikongwa <>
Subject: French Language Teacher at United Nations, New York USA

Rank of Job: UN Language teacher
Areas Required: French language teacher
Other Desired Areas: 
University or Organization: United Nations
Department: Office Of Human Resources Management
State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Final Date of Application: 26 May 2000
Contact: Mr. Richard Malikongwa

Address for Applications:
Room DC1-200, Cluster 6, OHRM, United Nations Secretariat, Fax: 1
(212)963 3726 / 7989
New York
NY 10017

Note: Information on this and other langauge posts at the United Nations
is posted at this web site address:



1. A competitive examination for the recruitment of French Language
 Teachers will be held on 23 June 2000 in New York and Geneva.

2. The purpose of this examination is to establish a roster from which
 present and future vacancies for French Language Teachers in the Staff
 Development and Learning Service of the Office of Human Resources
 Management in New York and the Training and Examinations Section in
 Geneva, will be filled.

3. Full-time French teachers with the United Nations must teach the
 specified number of course hours per week as determined by the duty
 station concerned and devote a specified number of work hours to course
 preparation and correcting students' work. In addition, each full-time
 French teacher is assigned tasks such as drafting and updating of
 teaching materials and examinations, preparation of examinations, design
 of specialised courses and communication courses, consultations with
 students, and participation in meetings and seminars. At United Nations
 Headquarters (New York), full-time teachers participate in the
 preparation, administration, and correction of the United Nations
 Language Proficiency Examination as part of their assigned tasks. The
 teacher is expected to use word-processing and database software in
 performing these duties. The teacher is also expected to carry out other
 training activities whenever called upon to do so. 

4. The examination is open to staff members of the United Nations
 Secretariat 1/ who meet the eligibility and qualification requirements
 and to qualified external applicants. 2/ French teachers working
 part-time at Headquarters may also apply.

5. Applicants must have completed their military service or have been
 exempted therefrom or have otherwise fulfilled their legal obligations
 in the matter.

6. Applicants who are not staff members of the United Nations
 Secretariat applying for the examination must:

 	(a)	Have French as their main language and be fluent in English;

	(b)	Hold an advanced university degree (Masters) in applied
 linguistics, linguistics, language teaching, languages or 
 similar field. All the degrees should come from a university 
 or equivalent institution at which French is the language of 

 	(c)	Have at least five years' recent and consecutive experience 
 within the last eight years in teaching French as a second 
 language or foreign language to adults, preferably in a 
 professional setting;

	(d)	Have word-processing skills; 

	(e)	Experience using video, computers and/or multimedia to teach 
 French is highly desirable;

	(f)	Knowledge of other official languages of the United Nations
 (Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Spanish) is desirable. 
 The Board of Examiners, appointed by the Assistant 
 Secretary-General for Human Resources Management, requires 
 that candidates be able to support their claims to knowledge 
 of languages. For this purpose, candidates are required 
 either to attach to their application photocopies of diplomas
 or certificates from language schools or to explain in 
 paragraph 31 of the Personal History Form (P.11), 
 how they acquired their knowledge of the languages claimed. 
 Applicants are advised to submit photocopies of any 
 documentation, not originals.

7. All applications will be reviewed by the Board of Examiners.
 Candidates who are invited to sit for the examination will be notified
 in writing by 9 June 2000 of the Board's decision. The fact that a
 candidate has not received a written response from the Board by 16 June
 2000 indicates that the candidate has not been selected by the Board to
 sit for the examination. THE BOARD'S DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

8. The written examination will consist of the following four parts:

Part 1:		Essay questions on modern language teaching methodology,
 communication skills and writing skills training, preparation 
 of teaching material, and the use of technology for language 
 teaching (2hours).

		It should be noted that this paper is eliminatory. 
 Only candidates who are successful on Part1 will have their 
 other papers marked.

Part 2:		A. Knowledge of French language syntax and usage (30 minutes)

		B. Several practical problems and a lesson plan (1 hour
		 and 30 minutes)

 The use of a dictionary or any other reference material will NOT be
 permitted during the examination. 

9. On the basis of the results of the written examination, the Board of
 Examiners will invite selected candidates to the second part of the
 examination which is projected to take place within six to eight weeks
 following the written examination and will consist of the candidates
 teaching a class before the Board of Examiners. Only those candidates
 who have been selected by the Board for the second component will be
 notified in writing. It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep
 the United Nations informed in writing or by fax of any changes of
 address, telephone or fax number since the time of the written
 examination. The Board of Examiners will review their observations and
 discuss them with each of the candidates. The Board will then interview
 each candidate. The interview is an integral part of the examination.
 Therefore, candidates who are invited to an interview should NOT assume
 that they will automatically be offered a teaching assignment.

10.Travel expenses to and from the place of the second part of the
 examination but NOT to and from the place of the written examination
 will be reimbursed by the United Nations.

11.On the basis of the overall results of the examination, the Board
 will recommend to the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources
 Management the names of candidates who qualify for inclusion in the
 roster. Vacancies at United Nations Headquarters, New York and the
 United Nations Office at Geneva will be filled from the roster in order
 of where the vacancy occurs. All candidates admitted to the second part
 of the examination will be informed in writing of the Board's final
 recommendations in respect of their candidature. The Board's
 recommendations are NOT subject to appeal. The Board DOES NOT release
 individual scores/results.

12.Successful candidates selected from the roster to fill the vacancy
 are normally offered a one year appointment as French language teachers.
 Upon satisfactory completion of the trial period, their appointment will
 be extended. The fixed term appointments of teachers whose performance
 and conduct proves unsatisfactory will not be extended. 

13.The salary scale for staff in the Language Teacher category
 comprises 12 steps, each corresponding to an annual increment awarded if
 performance is satisfactory. The base salary is subject to United
 Nations staff assessment which operates like an income tax. The whole
 amount of the assessment is withheld at the source and salaries received
 are therefore net figures. In the event that a staff member's salary is
 subject to national income taxation as well as staff assessment, the
 United Nations will, within certain limits, refund the amount of such
 income payable in respect of the United Nations salary.
 The table below illustrates the annual salary scale for staff in the
 Language Teacher category at Headquarters (in United States Dollars);

Steps	Gross	Grosspension	Totalnet Netpension	NPC

I	52 181	51 153	40 614	40 614	0
II	53 961	52 864	41 931	41 931	0
III	55 741	54 574	43 248	43 248	0
IV	57 520	56 285	44 565	44 565	0
V	59 300	57 995	45 882	45 882	0
VI	61 158	59 706	47 199	47 199	0
VII	63 067	61 422	48 516	48 516	0
VIII	64 975	63 202	49 833	49 833	0
IX	66 884	64 982	51 150	51 150	0
X	68 793	66 762	52 467	52 467	0
XI	70 701	68 542	53 784	53 784	0
XII*	72 610	70 322	55 101	55 101	0

Increments; Salary increments within the levels shall be awarded
 annually on the basis of satisfactory service.
* Long-service step:

The qualifying criteria for in-grade increases to the long-service step
are as follows:

	(a)	The staff member should have had at least 20 years of service
 within the United Nations common system and 5 years of 
 service at the top regular step of the current grade;

	(b)	The staff member's service should have been satisfactory.

14.Language Teachers at Headquarters are also entitled to the following

	(a)	Dependency benefits: at present $US 1,188.00 per year for each
 eligible child; except for first dependent child of a widowed 
 or divorced staff member $US 3,038;dependent spouse $US 3,038 
 secondary dependent $US 1,181;

	(b)	Participation in the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund;

	(c)	The yearly schedule of work for language teachers consists of 
 three terms of 13 weeks each. There is a summer recess and 
 there are scheduled breaks between terms. Leave taken during 
 the recess and the breaks in excess of the annual leave 
 entitlement provided in the Staff Rules is treated as special 
 leave without pay.

15.Candidates should obtain the application form for admission to the
 examination (personal history form, P11) from the following address and
 return the completed form to the same address no later than 26 May 2000 to;

	2000 Competitive Examination for French Language Teachers
	Room DC1-200, Cluster VI, Operational Services Division
	Office of Human Resources Management
	United Nations Secretariat
	New York, N.Y. 10017
	U. S. A.
	Fax: (1-212) 963-3726/7989

 Applications must be sent by mail or fax. No applications sent
 electronically will be considered.

16.Candidates who do not submit appropriate documentation and a fully
 completed and signed application form will not have their application
 reviewed and consequently, will be eliminated from the examination process.


	1/	Staff members from subsidiary organs of the United Nations as 
 well as staff members whose service is limited to the United 
 Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Centre for 
 Human Settlements or special missions are considered external 
 candidates for the purpose of this examination. Such 
 candidates, if successful, will be offered a new appointment 
 with the United Nations subject to normal United Nations
 recruitment procedures and standards.

	2/	According to the United Nations Staff Rules, candidates 
 bearing a close relationship (father, mother, son, daughter, 
 brother, sister) to currently employed United Nations staff 
 members shall not be offered an appointment with the United 
 Nations Secretariat. Consequently, applications from such 
 candidates for this examination will not be considered.

	3/	Main language is to be understood as the language in which the
 candidate is best able to work.

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