LINGUIST List 11.1089

Fri May 12 2000

FYI: IPA Eye Chart, Software/Tagged American Corpus

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  1. Michael Bernstein, IPA Eye Chart
  2. barlow, Software - Tagged Spoken American Corpus

Message 1: IPA Eye Chart

Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 13:23:08 -0400
From: Michael Bernstein <>
Subject: IPA Eye Chart

You can now download the Cascadilla Press IPA eye chart for free
from our web site in pdf format. The web address is:

 Michael Bernstein
 Cascadilla Press
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Message 2: Software - Tagged Spoken American Corpus

Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 07:22:25 -0500 (CDT)
From: barlow <>
Subject: Software - Tagged Spoken American Corpus

Athelstan has released the Corpus of Spoken Professional American English 
(CSPAE), a 2-million word tagged corpus. (For comparison the Brown Corpus and 
LOB Corpus, popular corpora from the sixties, each contain around 1 million 

The corpus, based on transcripts of conversations of various types occurring 
between 1994 and 1998, consists primarily of short interchanges by 
approximately 400 speakers that are centered on professional activities 
broadly tied to academics and politics, including academic politics. The 
corpus, which has been constructed from a selection of existing transcripts of 
interactions in professional settings, contains two main sub-corpora of a 
million words each. One sub-corpus consists mainly of academic discussions 
such as faculty council meetings and committee meetings related to testing. 
The second sub-corpus is constructed from transcripts of White House press 
conferences, which are almost exclusively question-and-answer sessions.

These transcripts have been chosen because they appear to be relatively 
unedited and thus include hesitations, false starts, and so on. CSPAE can be 
used to carry research on lexical and grammatical aspects of spoken discourse 
such as the use of utterance-initial "well". However, since these 
transcriptions were not produced with the needs of discourse analysts in mind, 
they are not suitable for close discourse analysis. There are no indications 
of pause length or of back channel information. 

The tagging of the corpus was performed by Tony McEnery and Paul Baker using 
the CLAWS program at UCREL, Lancaster University. The CLAWS 7 tags in this 
corpus are similar to those used in the tagging of the British National 

The complexity of this tagged corpus can be handled by using the Tag Search 
and Suppress Tag features of the concordance program MonoConc Pro 2.0. The 
concordancer and the tagged corpus can be purchased together (as Concordance 
Pack II) for $149.

The educational price of CSPAE for a single user is $79. Tagged and untagged 
files are included. The untagged version is available for $49. 
See for commercial pricing. 

Michael Barlow 


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