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Mon May 15 2000

Qs: Unserdeutsch,Classifying derivational affixes

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  1. Ana Deumert, Unserdeutsch
  2. Laura Wagner, Classifying derivational affixes

Message 1: Unserdeutsch

Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 09:42:53 +0200
From: Ana Deumert <>
Subject: Unserdeutsch

Dear Linguists,

I am currently working on a research project on 'Namibian Black German' and
its possible P/C status. As in Raboul children of mixed descent were
educated in Namibia in a specific bording school environment (i.e. the
Catholic Mission school in Windhoek). One of my informants, an 80-old
Herero women who attented this school, speaks a type of German noticeably
different from that of other Black Namibians (who had aquired German in the
work environment). I have read about Unserdeutsch (in Muehlhaeusler 1984
and earlier publications) and would like to have a closer look at possible
parallels. Does anyone know how one might be able to get hold of Volker's
M.A. thesis on 'Unserdeutsch', or does anyone know of any more recent work
in on this variety?

I will of course post a summary of the reponses to the list.


Ana Deumert
University of Heidelberg
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Message 2: Classifying derivational affixes

Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 09:40:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: Laura Wagner <>
Subject: Classifying derivational affixes


We are researching the processing of derived words and are interested
in the differences in processing between class I and class II
derivations. We are having trouble classifying a few of the suffixes,
however, and were hoping for some help.

Does anyone know in which derivational class the following suffixes

 -ance for the words avoidance, acceptance 
 -age for the words postage, package, footage, coverage
 -ary for the words missionary, visionary


Elyssa Niswander
Laura Wagner
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