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Tue May 16 2000

TOC: Italian Journal of Linguistics

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  1. Susanna Campigli, Italian Journal of Linguistics

Message 1: Italian Journal of Linguistics

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 10:31:23 -0400
From: Susanna Campigli <>
Subject: Italian Journal of Linguistics


"Italian Journal of Linguistics" TOC





We are pleased to announce that, while starting its second decade of life,
"Rivista di Linguistica" has now taken a new name:

 "Italian Journal of Linguistics / Rivista di Linguistica"

Periodicity : twice a year.

It is normally the case that one issue per year (on the average even more)
be thematic.
The annual costs for the year 2000 are:
	100.000 Italian Lira ( 47 US $ ), Italy
	140.000 Italian Lira ( 65 US $ ), elewhere.
To subscribe please contact :
	PACINI EDITORE SPA Via Gherardesca 1, Pisa Italy
	Ph.39-50-313011 fax 39-50-3130300
	e-mail address : mmori&

For the summaries of the back issues, see the back list of "Rivista di
Linguistica / Italian Journal of Linguistics" at the appropriate LINGUIST

In particular, the thematic issues were devoted to:
- "Anaphoric Relations in Sentence and Text" (1990)
- "The Morphology of Compounding" (1992)
- "Experimentally induced Morphological Errors" (1992)
- "The Syntax of Sentential Negation" (1993/94)
- "On Linguistic Categorization" (1994)
- "The Phonetic Origin of Sound Change" (1995)
- "The Maltese Noun Phrase Meets Typology" (1996)
- "Interpreted Logical Forms" (1996)
- "Prosodic Phonology" (1997)
- "Metaphony and Vowel Harmony in Romance and Beyond" (1998).

Here follows the content of the last three issues:

VOLUME 10, Number 1 (1998)

 Metaphony and vowel harmony in Romance and beyond
 (guest-edited by Ignacio Hualde)

- Josi Ignacio Hualde, Introduction
- Andrea Calabrese, Metaphony revisited
- Jennifer Cole, Deconstructing metaphony
- Josi Ignacio Hualde, Asturian and Cantabrian metaphony
- Benjamin P. Sanders, The Eastern Andalusian vowel system: Form
 and structure
- Jeszs Jiminez, Valencian vowel harmony
- Richard D. Janda, German Umlaut. Morpholexical all the way down
 from OHG through NHG (Two St|tzpunkte for Romance metaphony)
- Tomas Riad, Balance and harmony in Scandinavian dialects

VOLUME 10, Number 2 (1998)

- Dennis Delfitto & Norbert Corver, Feature primitives and the
 syntax of specificity
- David Eddington, Spanish diphthongization as a non-derivational
- Livio Gaeta, Stress and loan words in German

VOLUME 11, Number 1 (1999)

 Gender and Number in Normal and Impaired Language Processing
 (guest-edited by Marica De Vincenzi & Elisa Di Domenico)

- Elisa Di Domenico & Marica De Vincenzi, Introduction
- Ch. Clifton, L. Frazier, P. Deevy, Feature manipulation in sentence
- M. De Vincenzi, E. Di Domenico, A distinction among F-features: The 
 role of gender and number in the retrieval of pronoun antecedents
- Ch. Faussart, C. Jakubowicz, M. Costes, Gender and number processing in
 spoken French and Spanish
- C. Luzzatti, R. De Bleser, Gender and number processing in Italian
 agrammatic speakers: Further evidence for dual route models of processing
- J. Nicol, M. O'Donnell, Pronominal feature distinctions in English
- J.M. Igoa, J.E. Garcia-Albea, R. Sanchez-Casas, Gender-number
 dissociations in sentence production in Spanish

VOLUME 11, Number 2 (miscellaneuous) is expected to appear June 2000.

The complete list of summaries of the back issues may be requested at: 




	Anaphoric Relations in Sentence and Text
 (guest-edited by Maria Elizabeth Conte)

	L'universel et le particulier dans le tra�tement des d�terminants
 - Thematic Section - (guest-edited by Stanislaw Karolak)

 	Italian as contact language
 - Thematic Section - (guest-edited by Raffaele Simone)

	The Morphology of >Compounding
 (guest-edited by Sergio Scalise)

 	Experimentally induced morphological errors
 (guest-edited by Cristina Burani)

	The Syntax of Sentential Negation (I)
 (guest-edited by Liliane Haegeman)

	The Syntax of Sentential Negation (II)
 (guest-edited by Liliane Haegeman)

	Linguistic Categorization
 (guest-edited by S. Giannini & R. Lazzeroni)

	The Phonetic Origins of Sound Change
 (guest-edited by Carol A. Fowler)

 	Analogical Modeling
 - Thematic Section - (guest-edited by William G. Eggington)

	The Maltese Noun Phrase Meets Typology
 (guest-edited by Albert J. Borg & Frans Plank)

	Prosodic phonology
 (guest-edited by Irene Vogel)

	Metaphony and vowel harmony in Romance and beyond
 (guest-edited by Ignacio Hualde)

	Gender and Number in Normal and Impaired Language Processing
 (guest-edited by Marica De Vincenzi & Elisa Di Domenico)

	Adverbs and Adverbial Modification
 (guest-edited by Norbert Corver & Denis Delfitto) (available in July)

The complete list of summaries of the issues so far published may be
requested at: <>
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