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  1. Alicia Bothwell, General Linguistics: New Outstanding Dissertations from Garland

Message 1: General Linguistics: New Outstanding Dissertations from Garland

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:51:53 -0400
From: Alicia Bothwell <>
Subject: General Linguistics: New Outstanding Dissertations from Garland

New book in phonology, prosody, semantics, pragmatics

The Intonation of English Statements and Questions: A Compositional
Bartels, Christine
Hb: 0-8153-3356-0: 306 pages: $69.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

English sentence prosody provides cues to both focus structure and
speaker attitude. Taking the phonological model of intonation
developed by Pierrehumbert (1880 et seq.) as point of departure, this
work illuminates the communicative function of English pitch contours
by (1) giving a detailed survey of phrase-final contours found in
statements and questions, and (2) investigating what attitudinal
features determine choice of phrasal tones in these utterance types.

This comprehensive study will be of interest to linguists in a number
of fields, ranging from prosody to semantics, pragmatics, and
discourse analysis.

New book in phonology, morphology

Phonological Relations between Words
Benua, Laura
Hb: 0-8153-3810-4: 180 pages: $60.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This work develops a parallelist theory of word formation based on the
notion of paradigmatic identity. Words related by morphology may be
phonologically similar, beyond what is expected on the basis of their
shared constituents, and achieving this similarity can lead to
phonotactic violations.

Following an elaboration of the theoretical framework, case studies
are presented to show how paradigmatic faithfulness can supercede
phonotactics and force related words to be identical in featural
content or prosodic organization.

New book in generative syntax

Clauses without 'That': The Case for Bare Sentential Complementation
in English Doherty, Cathal
Hb: 0-8153-3775-2: 160 pages: $65.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This Study investigates the syntax of complement and relative clauses
in English which lack overt complementizers (clauses without that).
The central analytical claim is that these clauses differ in phrase
structure from their synonymous counterparts with overt
complementizers. In particular, novel evidence from adjunction facts
is used to demonstrate that clauses without that are more
appropriately analyzed as bare sentences of the category IP rather
than CP with a phonologically null head, a proposal which has since
been adopted in many economy-driven approaches to phrase structure.

This book will be of interest to a broad variety of readers: scholars
working in all areas of generative syntax, specialists in English and
Germanic syntax, in addition to researchers in non-standard English
and Hiberno-English.

New book in prosody 

Prosody and Focus in European Portuguese
Frota, S�nia
Hb: 0-8153-3776-0: 208 pages: $70.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This work is an investigation of the relation between prosodic
structure, intonational structure and (some instances of) focus
realisation in European Portuguese (EP). The prosodic account has
been developed within the relation-based framework of prosodic
hierarchy theory and the autosegmental-metrical theory of intonational
phonology. The approach is both theoretical and laboratory phonology

Throughout the work, the EP findings, as well as the proposals set
forth, are discussed from a cross-linguistic perspective, with special
reference to languages like English, Dutch, German, different
varieties of Italian, and Bengali. Also relevant to a general
understanding of the prosodic reflexes of focus are languages like
Hungarian, Korean, Basque and Wolof.

New book in phonology, phonetics, morphology

The Articulatory Basis of Locality in Phonology
Gafos, Adamantios I.
Hb: 0-8153-3286-6: 276 pages: $65.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This work elucidates the nature of the notion of Locality in
phonology, describing the minimal conditions under which sounds
assimilate to one another. The central thesis is that a sound can
assimilate to another sound only if gestural contiguity is established
between these two sounds. The argument supporting the central thesis
of this book is unique in bringing evidence from articulatory
dynamics, electromyography, and cross-linguistic sound patterns to
converge on the same notion of locality in phonology.

This book will be of particular interest to researchers in phonetics,
phonology, and morphology, as well as to cognitive scientists
interested in how the grammar may include constraints that emerge from
the physical aspects of speech.

New book in syntax, universal grammar

The Structure and Interpretation of Imperatives: Mood and Force in
Universal Grammar
Han, Chung-Hye
Hb: 0-8153-3787-6: 272 pages: $70.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This book is a cross-linguistic investigation into the structure and
interpretation of imperatives and related constructions. The
framework used is the Principles and Parameters approach to generative
grammar. The central proposal of the book is that the syntax of
imperatives across languages includes an imperative operator, which is
a set of morphosyntactic features. This proposal is supported by
various empirical and conceptual arguments, including a detailed study
of the syntactic evolution of imperatives in the history of English.

New book in phonology, optimality

Laryngeal Cooccurrence Restrictions
MacEachern, Margaret R.
Hb: 0-8153-3267-X: 180 pages: $50.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This study presents an analysis of laryngeal cooccurrence restrictions
within an Optimality Theory framework. The languages examined here
include Quechua, Aymara, Basque, Sanskrit, Ofo, Gojri, Old Georgian,
Hausa, Tzutujil, and Shuswap. In each of these languages, particular
segments are prohibited from cooccurring within the morpheme or word.
The book will be of interest to phonologists concerned with word- or
morpheme-level cooccurrence restrictions, the Obligatory Contour
Principle, or Optimality Theory.

New book in syntax, 

Clausal Structures of Spanish: A Comparative Study 
Ord��ez, Francisco
Hb: 0-8153-3788-4: 224 pages: $70.00:
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This work studies various aspects of word order and clause structure
in Spanish that have proved problematic for syntactic theory. These
aspects are explored theoretically in light of the antisymmetry
approach of Kayne (1994) and empirically by examining parallel
structures in related languages.

This book will be of interest to syntacticians and comparitivists, as
well as scholars of Romance languages.

New book in pragmatics

Issues in the Semantics and Pragmatics of Disjunction 
Simons, Mandy
Hb: 0-8153-3791-4: 260 pages: $75.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This book opens by accounting for the felicity conditions on clausal
disjunction in terms of general principles of information update, and
goes on to demonstrate that these conditions provide the basis for an
account of both the presupposition projection properties of
disjunction, and the possibility of anaphora between disjuncts.

This book will be of interest to researchers and graduate students in
linguistics and the philosophy of language.

New book in phonology, phonetics, morphology, typology and universals

Nasalization, Neutral Segments, and Opacity Effects 
Walker, Rachel L.
Hb: 0-8153-3836-8: 288 pages: $75.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

This book explores cross-linguistic variation in nasalization
spreading known as nasal harmony; it presents a survey of nasal
harmony patterns in over 75 languages, and builds on the findings of
this study to achieve a unified phonological understanding of the

This book will be of interest to researchers in phonology, phonetics,
morphology, and typology and universals, as well as scholars
interested in Amazonian and Bantoid languages.

New book in syntax, semantics

Layers of the Determiner Phrase 
Zamparelli, Roberto
Hb: 0-8153-3769-8: 336 pages: $75.00
Garland Publishing
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

The main topic of this work is the interaction between syntactic
structure and meaning within the noun phrase, with data drawn
primarily from English and Italian. The book proposes a strict
mapping between semantic types and syntactic projections (or "layers")
within the noun phrase, and assigns different positions to 'strong'
determiners (in the sense of Milsark, 1974), and determiners which may
appear in predicate nominals.

The analysis is cast in Government and Binding theory, with notions
from the minimalist program of Chomsky (1992, 1994), and from Montague
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