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Sat May 20 2000

TOC: Indo-European Studies Bulletin

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  1. Deborah W. Anderson, Indo-European Studies Bulletin

Message 1: Indo-European Studies Bulletin

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 10:25:11 -0700
From: Deborah W. Anderson <>
Subject: Indo-European Studies Bulletin

A new issue of the Indo-European Studies Bulletin has just
appeared. The IES Bulletin is affiliated with the Indo-European
Studies Program at UCLA.

Volume 9, Number 1 (March-April 2000) of the IES Bulletin (48 pages),

Articles and Review Articles:
- Article: "A Review of Recent Research in Slavic Studies" by Rick Derksen
- Review Article: "Notes on Indo-European Reduplication" by Joshua Katz
- Review Article: "New Information on Bronze Age Cultures of the Eurasian
 Steppe" by J. Davis-Kimball
Notes and Brief Communications
Conference Reports:
- Eleventh International Congress of Celtic Studies, Cork, July 25-31,
 1999 (Eska)
- Complex Societies of Central Eurasia in III-I Millennia B.C.,
 Ekaterinburg, Aug. 25-Sept. 2, 1999 (Hanks and Jones-Bley)
- Electronic Publication of Ancient Near Eastern Texts, Chicago,
 Oct. 8-9, 1999 (Anderson)
- Hamp Lectures on the Albanian Language, Ohio State Univ.,
 Nov. 29-Dec. 4, 1999 (Joseph and Maynard)
Book Reviews: 
- Estudios de Linguistica Latina edited by Benjamin Garcia-Hernandez
 (reviewed by Brent Vine) 
- Historical Linguistics by Lyle Campbell (reviewed by Brent Vine) 
- An Introduction to the Languages of the World by Anatole Lyovin (reviewed
 by Jay Friedman)
Electronic Resources
Upcoming Conferences
New Books
New Journals
Books for Review

The IES Bulletin is published twice yearly by the Friends and Alumni
of Indo-European Studies. The Friends and Alumni of Indo-European
Studies is a support group for the Indo-European Studies Program at
UCLA. Contributions go toward the publication and mailing of the
Bulletin, prizes at the annual IE conference for Best Paper by a New
Scholar, as well as for bringing speakers to UCLA during the academic
year and at the annual conference.

The membership runs from 15 May-15 May. Contribution levels are $10
(student in U.S./Canada), $15 (student outside U.S./Canada) $20
(regular member in US and Canada), $25 (regular member outside US and
Canada). Checks, made payable in US dollars to "FAIES/UCLA Foundation"
should be sent to:

2143 Kelton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Credit cards are also accepted. For further information on how to pay
by credit card or for any other questions, please contact D. Anderson
at or FAIES, 2143 Kelton Ave., Los
Angeles, CA 90025. Note: We are unable to accept Eurochecks at this
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